Witnesses in billions dollar corruption cases were killed: Imran Khan


CHARSADDA: Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday claimed that witnesses in the billions of dollar corruption cases were killed and they did not die of heart attack. He said the incumbent rulers had got the NAB cases abolished against them as witnesses in their cases were killed one by one.

Imran Khan said if a peaceful revolution in the country is blocked, the game would get out of everyone’s control. He warned the ‘imported government and its backers to hold early elections to let the change come through the power of vote, saying the situation would get out of control if polls are delayed any further.

“If you stop this ‘peaceful revolution’, the game [situation] would get out of everyone’s hand. Let the change come through vote,” he said this while addressing a public gathering in connection with the by-election on the National Assembly constituency NA-24, Charsadda, where he is a candidate.

Imran, while addressing the coalition government and its backers, said, “No matter what you do, you cannot win this match as you have already lost this match… economy is sinking fast and the world is not willing to give them [government] financial aid for flood victims.”

The PTI leader said the government was taking television channels off air to stifle his voice. However, the rulers could not beat him whatever steps they took. He said Sindh was submerged by the floods but nobody was willing to donate for the flood-hit people as they did not trust Asif Ali Zardari. He added that he would hold another telethon to collect donations for the flood survivors.

The PTI chairman said there is still time to steer the country out of the quagmire by holding free and fair elections, adding that “the time is not far when he will give call to the nation to achieve real freedom”. Reiterating his demand for fresh elections, Imran Khan said the economy would continue to go down unless the polls are held. He said that he would soon give a call to the people to come out and demand free and fair elections

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