About Us

PakTribune is the first and the only dotcom in Pakistan for free, complete, and unbiased news. Powered by strong database architecture and equipped with state-of-the-art tools, PakTribune.com is designed by PakCyber, a leading IT, media and development consultancy firm.

PakTribune.com is different from contemporary Pakistani news websites for its independent and free from government influence coverage.

It is the first Pakistani website with news in English and Urdu. Currently it is read by more than a Million unique visitors (more than 7.5 Million impressions) per month from all around the world.

PakTribune has built-in interactive mechanism, making journalism a two-way communication and a valuable source of information for researchers, scholars, students and community activists.

Committed to keep its readers updated as the events unfold, within one month of its launch, PakTribune was selected as one of the largest and prompt news resources by Google News Resource and Moreover.com. PakTribune is providing news updates to scores of websites and news networks through its News Ticker Service.

Why PakTribune?

We believe in not only breaking the news but also in taking you along as the world changes from minute to minute. In order to serve you better we need your feedback. Our interactive environment will keep us in touch with each other on regular basis. Here are some of the easiest ways to remain in touch around the clock.

My PakTribune: It only requires a simple registration, giving you a 'User Name' and 'Password', and you are on the road to information that matters.

News Alerts: Through this sub feature, members can subscribe keywords and get instant updates via email the moment a story is updated.

News Wire Service: Members receive the latest news - updated 24 hours - as our reporters gather them around the globe.

Newsletters: Subscribe to our daily HTML and text based Newsletters dispatched once in 24 hrs.

My Favourites: Bookmark news stories, pictorial, audio and video into properly managed folders. This feature eliminates the need to keep the news clippings.

Event Calendar: Post events, messages and announcements in public or private areas with or without your identity.

News Ticker: It enables you to generate a simple HTML code to display PakTribune news of your choice on your own website. This helps you keep the latest PakTribune news on your websites without updating. As soon as PakTribune updates its news ticker, all linked news tickers around the world will be updated automatically.

Speak Out:

Don't suppress your feelings on an issue under the sun. Use our special interactive feature to vent them and post comments on any topic. Users are expected not to use unparliamentry language, abuses and invectives or insult others on the forum.PakTribune creates new topics with brief history about them. Our editorial teams select comments and display them in public section for readers. The best phrases out of these comments are selected and put in Quotation boxes highlighting the punch line of each comment.

Discussion Forums:

Interact with a host of people around the world to broaden your horizon. Our team creates general forums under which visitors can discuss topics relevant to the particular forum. Each topic is open to public. Visitors can also start their own opinion poll if approved by the moderator of that forum.

Search Engine: We have developed our own local search engine giving our visitors an opportunity to instantly fetch the news or information of their choice from the archives. Our archives have the database of stored news since year 2001. We are the first Pakistani website, to have developed Pakistan's first Pictorial search engine.

Opinion Poll: Become part of the process to know if you form a majority or a minority.

PakTribune's Audience and Traffic:

We are living in a Global village, thanks to the Internet which provides every service with such a global coverage. However, every service should also have a target audience. PakTribune's audience comprise Pakistanis the world over, the international media activists, the news networks and all those interested in Pakistan's current affairs.

Launched for the first time to provide election coverage in October 2002, PakTribune got knocked over by 1.1 million hits in three days! PakTribune was the only website providing election results almost instantaneously through an automated database structure. The unofficial results received through the network of our 600 reporters/correspondents all over Pakistan helped us announce results every five minutes. All announcements on our website are still available for customized search and report generation facility.

Ufone, Pakistan's famous GSM provider chose us to stream the results on their network.

Google News Resource and Moreover.com acknowledged PakTribune's service in laudatory terms.

In addition, we are providing news feed to several corporate websites through our News Ticker Service.

Still, we think we have a lot to achieve and miles to go before we become #1 news resource from Pakistan on the Internet. We expect to achieve this distinction, INSHALLAH, with your kind patronage and co-operation.