TECH Technological University obtains official approval in Spain


TECH, the largest digital university in the world, adds to its centers in Europe and America its new headquarters in Spain.

TECH Technological University has become an official university in Spain. The recognition, which was ratified on March 20 in a parliamentary session, joins the already extensive network of university and vocational training centers that the group has: TECH Universidad (Mexico), TECH Universidad FUNDEPOS (Costa Rica), TECH Universidad UPAL (Peru), TECH Universidad UNIMETA (Colombia), TECH Global University (Andorra) and TECH FP (Spain). 

In this way, the NBA's official online university acquires full authority to offer bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees in Spain. Initially, it will offer 10 bachelor's degrees (Primary Education Teaching, Early Childhood Education Teaching, Law, Psychology, Criminology, Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resources, Audiovisual Communication and Speech Therapy), 6 master's degrees (Teacher Training, Business Management and Administration, Law, General Health Psychology, Occupational Risk Prevention and Artificial Intelligence) and 2 doctorates (Education Sciences and Economics). These degrees will be taught in the faculties of Economics and Business, Education and Psychology, Engineering and Social and Legal Sciences.  

In addition to the official programs, the university will also offer an extensive academic catalog of university-specific degrees available in 11 languages and taught in 150 different countries. All of them, grouped in different areas of knowledge such as Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Design, Engineering, Law, Law, Economics, Marketing, Business, Languages, Communication, Education, Arts and Humanities.

In this sense, and thanks to its wide range and academic quality, TECH has recently been considered by Forbes as "the best digital university in the world", being also a leader in employability: according to the consulting firm KPMG, 99% of TECH students get a qualified job in less than 12 months. Moreover, it is the best rated university in the world by its students, obtaining a 4.9 out of 5 after more than 2,400 ratings on the renowned review website Trustpilot, which corroborates one by one the authenticity of all the reviews it receives. 

The university as a driver of the local economy and job creation

Apart from the academic benefits that the officialization of TECH in Spain will bring, this university has already become a relevant economic engine on the national and international scene. With offices in more than 10 countries in Europe, Asia and America, TECH Technological University currently employs more than 2,500 people in different administrative and academic departments. A figure that will only grow in the coming years, with a development plan that envisages an increase in the company's human capital to reach 4,000 employees in 2028.  

Specifically, in the Canary Islands, "the official recognition of TECH in the islands implies the creation of up to 1,800 non-subsidized direct jobs in the islands in the next 4 years" said Manuel Sánchez-Cascado de Fuentes, CEO of the TECH Education group. In the same way, he emphasizes his gratitude to the current local Government for "its commitment to the transformative capacity of our project and the impact it will have on the productive fabric of the Canary Islands". 

In this sense, TECH Technological University "seeks to contribute to diversify the economy and job creation in various territories" Sánchez-Cascado said. Betting on highly skilled jobs and using key tools such as continuous training, technology and talent retention to boost the economic, social and labor sector of the countries. 

A successful combination that has already been fruitful in different territories. Countries such as Spain, Argentina, Mexico or Colombia and, recently, India, Morocco, Andorra or Italy are already benefiting from this commitment to innovation and employment, turning TECH into an engine for the development of local and national economies in different continents. 

Expanding academic excellence to all corners of the world 

TECH defines itself as "a university conceived by and for the digital era", offering an innovative proposal that prioritizes online education accessible to all corners of the world. A vision that is based on the adoption of completely technological pedagogical strategies, designed to facilitate continuous and fluid learning. This is through the Relearning methodology, which focuses on the reiteration of key concepts as a strategy for assimilation and consolidation of knowledge.

In addition, TECH has an enormous faculty of more than 6,000 professors of the highest international prestige. Lecturers, researchers and senior executives of multinationals, including Isaiah Covington, performance coach of the Boston Celtics; Magda Romanska, principal researcher at Harvard MetaLAB; Ignacio Wistumba, chairman of the department of translational molecular pathology at MD Anderson Cancer Center; and D.W. Pine, creative director of TIME magazine, among others. 

A firm commitment to educational quality has led TECH to become the largest digital university in the world, and to expand and offer its enormous academic catalog to more than 150 countries and 11 different languages. Being officially recognized in several countries in America and Europe: TECH University (Mexico), TECH University FUNDEPOS (Costa Rica), TECH University UPAL (Peru), TECH University UNIMETA (Colombia), TECH Global University (Andorra) and TECH FP (Spain).

"TECH group achieves official recognition in Spain after educational success in more than 150 countries"

Education for development and employment: TECH FP 

In addition to all this, this educational group is also the owner of the largest vocational training center in the world: TECH FP. An initiative that seeks to provide a revolutionary learning model, focused on employment and adapted to the requirements of today's business world. With this project, TECH aims to "train 40,000 professionals a year by 2026 onwards," Sánchez-Cascado said. 

To meet this ambitious goal, TECH Formación Profesional offers 36 programs of higher and intermediate levels and 38 in open examinations. In addition, it offers an extensive catalog of its own degrees designed to promote job placement and contribute to the social and economic development of the territories. 

A goal that is only possible by underpinning online education with professional practices, for which the TECH Education group has strategic partners as important as HM Hospitales, one of the most prestigious medical institutions in Spain.  

In addition to HM, TECH guarantees internships in the best and largest companies on the national and international scene. Eurostar Hotels, Club Metropolitan and the Valdeluz residences are some of those that stand out among an offer that includes more than 1,000 options.

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