Sonya Hussain rejected Mehwish role


Sonya Hussain revealed she turned down the role of Mehwish in Meray Pass Tum Ho, once she found out more about the drama. Sonya justified her choice of rejecting the role and said, "I have a problem when it comes to such roles actually. There is no acceptance of women in our society as it is, I didn't want to play a role that would perpetuate more issues."

"While I know it's a story and there are actors who play these characters, but I can't see women characterised in such a negative light. I just couldn't accept the role."

When asked if she regretted making that choice once the drama became a hit and the ratings were off the charts, Hussyn responded with, "Not at all. I took the decision after putting in a lot of thought behind it. I just couldn't accept it."

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