Protest outside Jemima house in London: Abid Sher Ali


LONDON: The ex-wife of former prime minister Imran Khan, Jemima Goldsmith, on Friday hit back at the PML-N after the party announced it would stage a protest outside her London residence in the aftermath of the PTI government's ouster.

On Thursday, PML-N leader Abid Sher Ali had said on Twitter that a protest would be held outside Jemima's London home. He had also shared an image bearing her full address and used derogatory language against the former premier.

"Protests outside my house, targeting my children, anti-Semitic abuse on social media ... It’s almost like I’m back in 90s Lahore," Jemima said in response to Ali.

She also tweeted the hashtag #PuranaPakistan (old Pakistan).

Ali responded to Jemima, holding the former prime minister responsible for the protest. "He (Imran) has ordered attacks and protests outside [the] homes of his political opponents. He incites hate, homophobia and terrorism on [a] daily basis," he said.

The PML-N leader added that the protest would be "peaceful and non-violent".

Journalist Hamid Mir also got involved, with words of advice for both the PTI and the PML-N.

"PTI must stop protesting outside the house of (Nawaz Sharif) in London and PML-N should not do the same outside the house of (Jemima). Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones on others," Mir said.

However, Jemima was not here for the journalist's justification and clarified that she and her children were not involved in Pakistani politics.

"With respect, the difference is that I have got nothing to do with Pakistani politics and neither have my children. They are low- key private individuals who are not even on social media," she said.

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