Pakistani health-tech startup secures six-figure investment


As accessing medicines online becomes a preferred option for a growing number of consumers as a safer and convenient way to shop, emeds pharmacy has launched its digital pharmacy, which offers a safe way to access medicines. A first of its kind in Pakistan, is bolstered by a team of qualified medical and pharmaceutical experts, a user-friendly service and state of the art digital technology which emeds claims will revolutionize the way medicines are acquired in Pakistan.

VM Interactive’s COO Alex Kalavrezos says: “Having seen the Pakistani tech industry grow leaps and bounds and with the government focused on taking the tech industry to another level, the chance to invest in the health-tech sector during this time was an opportunity not to be missed.

emeds’s COO Faizan Sajid says: “The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the already fragile health sector of Pakistan and has highlighted the need of technology in the industry. Having worked with VMI on health-tech projects in UK it became imperative for us to bring a system to Pakistan that we feel will make healthcare accessible to the masses. We feel that the confidence shown by VMI in us and our industry can be a stepping stone for improving our healthcare system.”’s ordering platform offers the convenience of uploading a prescription and ordering medicine online with the click of a few buttons. Their systems also offers users with a patient area which maintains a record of the user’s order history, prescriptions and refill reminders so that patients are never left without their medicines. Once a user has uploaded it’s prescription, it is examined by the licensed pharmacists for appropriate dosage, duration, and other points of validity, ensuring the safest way of ordering medicines.

Authorized and regulated by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP), emeds already lists more than 8,000 prescription and non-prescription over-the-counter products.

By providing access to these vital everyday medicines, the service hopes to help make access to genuine medicines easy while innovative systems and thorough procedures ensure that only authentic medicines are sourced. In a country where fake medicines is still an issue at large, the team behind ensure that each and every medicine is sourced through a process which guarantees authenticity of medicines. Unlike other online pharmacies, emeds considers itself unique within the market place in that they personally dispatch orders unlike other online pharmacies who merely just use third party pharmacies without any system for quality assurance.

Emeds Pharmacy is a digital retail pharmacy operating from Lahore, Pakistan under its own license issued by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP). Their team consists of technology and medical health experts making emeds a pioneer in the health tech sector in Pakistan.

VM Interactive LTD (VMI) is a UK based digital tech company specializing in ecommerce and digital startups. From their head office in London, the team behind VMI have helped launched and accelerate many successful start-up projects in both US and UK and have always maintained close ties within the Pakistan tech industry.

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