China to sent aid to Afghanistan: Wang Yu


BEIJING: Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Wang Yu on Monday announced that China's first batch of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan will be departed before the winter.

In a meeting with Afghanistan's Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi, Wang Yu said that China paid close attention to the needs of the Afghans and decided to offer the humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, adding, “After the first batch of aid, follow-up materials and food will also arrive one after another.”

Muttaqi thanked China's aid and said that it had come at the right time, noting that the two countries had always been friendly and helped each other. “The Afghan government will make sure the aid is delivered to the people who need it the most,” Afghan acting FM asserted.

Afghanistan's acting Foreign Minister further said that Afghanistan would continue to develop good neighbourly and friendly ties with China, adding that the country would need more humanitarian aid from the international community especially from its neighbouring countries.

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