Banners in favour of Armed Forces in Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: Banners inscribed with slogans in favour of armed forces appeared in different areas of Islamabad on Saturday. During a visit to different localities, dozens of banners were found hanging on poles installed at the road dividers and trees on Expressway and Faisal Avenue from Faizabad to Faisal Masjid, Dhokri Chowk, I-9 and Srinagar Chowk. So far it is yet to be established as to who hung these banners.

When contacted, police and the administration officials at first expressed their ignorance about the presence of the banners. However, when some newsmen approached them and inquired about the matter, the police sent a team to the areas which found the banners displayed there.

Under the law, permission is required from Directorate of Municipal Administration Islamabad for displaying or hanging of banners in Islamabad.

Apparently, the banners were hanged in reaction to criticism on the armed forces at the PTI’s rallies.

Earlier, officials of different government departments also staged a demonstration in favour of the armed forces on Friday, the police said, adding that over 50 officials of the National Assembly Secretariat also took part in the demonstration in favour of the armed forces and against those who were criticising them. The protesters marched from Parliament’s Gate 1 to the VIP Gate in the afternoon.

A group of Pak Secretariat’s officials also staged a similar demonstration at Pak Secretariat, they added.

Meanwhile, wall chalking was also found against Pakistan Army and its chief in Bahria Town Phase 8 in Rawalpindi, police said. A case was registered with Rawat police under PPC 124-A, the Punjab Prohibition of Expressing Matter on Walls Act 2015 and the Punjab Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance 1960.

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