Amir Khan requested overseas Pakistanis to donate to Imran Khan fund


KARACHI: Renowned British boxer of Pakistan origin Amir Khan has requested overseas Pakistanis to donate to Prime Minister Imran Khan's corona relief fund.

Amir praised Imran Khan for taking some good measures in response to the devastating pandemic. He said that he wanted to come to Pakistan and supervise relief work himself but the lockdown has prevented him from doing so. He said he has been able to distribute 10,000 ration bags in Pakistan.

But he was critical of Director General of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) and accused him of hindering the relief work conducted by his people who were gathering ration bags at PSB academy. However, he praised Fehmida Mirza and Zulfi Bukhari for facilitating his team.

He further said that he sees bleak future for amateur boxers. However, he said, professional boxers can earn well. Amir, however, doesn’t want his son to take up boxing, saying boxers have to endure a lot of injuries.

Meanwhile, he said that he was thinking of retiring next year. The 33-year-old added that he would be willing to start boxing academy in every city of Pakistan if government extended a helping hand.

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