The Best Trading Platform For Cryptocurrency


Many people want to become a part of the crypto community since the industry is expanding and digital assets are gradually adopted in various spheres of activity. For example, now you can buy property and goods on the internet with crypto, while many construction companies accept digital assets as a means of payment for real estate objects.

Another way to use crypto is trading and investments. Due to the high volatility of digital assets, it is possible to make a fortune in the price change of an asset. However, you should not perceive it as a casino - crypto trading is not just luck - it requires thorough studying, practicing different strategies, knowing the market trends, etc. 

Buying cryptocurrency is possible on a centralized exchange, simple exchange, or decentralized services. The best trading platform for cryptocurrency is a centralized exchange. Such services operate officially and comply with anti-money laundering requirements and customer verification, protecting users against hacker attacks. 

Here we will talk about one credible exchange that will become your favorite once you try to use it. It's WhiteBIT.

Key Features of the WhiteBIT platform 

WhiteBIT is a relatively young cryptocurrency trading platform founded by two Ukrainians and registered in Estonia. The project team aimed to expand the crypto industry and the use of blockchain in real life, making it clear and easy for non-tech-savvy folks. The company has got clients from all over the world, in more than 150 states. WhiteBIT offers:

  • Lower fees for transactions
  • The opportunity to connect your bank cards and buy digital assets with fiat money
  • Transparent conditions for working
  • High level of safety for users' funds. 96% of your investments are held offline.
  • Lightning-fast transactions 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Over 400 trading pairs are available

Using this cryptocurrency trading platform, you receive access to all its features such as smart staking, trading with margin, p2p, spot, etc. 

The platform also offers a demo account where you can trade without risk of losing your own funds. Demo trading provides domestic exchange coins for you to practice trading strategies. This option is beneficial for beginner traders. Check out the White BIT blog to find the guides on buying cryptocurrency, trading, staking, etc.

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