ONETRIP INSURANCE - A Leap from Traditional Vehicle Insurance to a 100% digital solution.


Modern technology is all about efficiency and speed; it is about ensuring easy and effective communication, connecting you and equipping you with a digital product that would provide more control to the kind of care and service that your client receives.

The advent of technology has simplified our lives immensely, coming technological and scientific changes will make life in the future better. Making right use of technology can take you to the next level as it saves time, energy and money. Sales through technology can bring revolution.

With changing business dynamics around the world dominated by the rise of tech based transformation, (usage of financial products through digital process), the stage is set for insurance to be offered in a brand new shape. This might also be a beginning of a new era to the insurance industry.


OneTrip Insurance is a new, completely digital platform to get your automobile Insurance. This is an annual coverage where you are allowed to pay the premium on a monthly basis. The client can also get a tracker installed in the vehicle and that too on monthly instalments.  All services being offered are backed by Askari General Insurance Company Limited.

The complete process is web based, whether you want to purchase a new policy, need proof of insurance after office hours or want to file a claim on a non-working day, we are here for you, anytime, anywhere, 24/7-365.

Client has full control over policies through our platform offering streamlined and seamless customer experience with access to view all documentation, upload soft images of required documents, online claim lodging, a dedicated geotagged camera, fleet management, billing, reconciliation, usage, refunds, customer reminder notification, etc, are all a click away through role based access controls.

We have broken the years old manual system of car insurance and introduced to the industry a latest, easy to use, hassle free system where the client is actually controlling all the insurance for himself or for his company.

By all means equivalent to any international standards.

Client does not need to contact anybody, wait for a return call or a visit from anybody for anything. All real time data available in the portal hence offering a prestigious priority service to all our clients.


  • A 100% Digital Solution
  • Digital Pre Inspection followed by a physical pre inspection within 24 hrs
  • Full One Year Policy
  • Premium / contribution in 12 Monthly Instalments
  • Third Party Coverage max 100,000 per incident or actual whichever is lower
  • Repair / maintenance works through Panel Workshops and authorized 3S dealerships
  • Full Premium to be paid before lodging of a Claim.
  • Tracker available on monthly basis @ Rs. 1,333/- per month for First year. Maintenance charges of Rs. 3,000/- per anum after that.
  • Value of Vehicles (commercial & private) to be between Pak Rupees 0.5m and 20m
  • Tracker is mandatory only for those Toyota Corolla models which are not equipped with immobilizer keys.

What Do we Cover:

Under this arrangement, we are offering Commercial as well as Private Vehicle’s coverage.

A very user friendly process where it hardly takes ten minutes to get your vehicle insured.

Your Portal includes the following

  • Details of Insured Vehicles
  • Detail of every insured vehicle
  • Balance status
  • Detail of balance utilized 
  • Detail of balance utilized against every vehicle
  • Detail of claims by user
  • Detail of claims by vehicle
  • Expiry of coverage details date wise
  • E Premium Receipt
  • E Cover Note
  • E Policy

We are available 24/7 for any queries

Phone : 0321 1275747, 0333 2707802, 0318 5229846
Whatsapp : 0343 5301061

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