How online casinos are evolving


Casinos have been ever evolving just as if the industry is its own ecosystem, from the very first casino opening in Venice, Italy, in 1638 to the high-tech virtual reality and augmented reality casinos online. But perhaps this evolution is due to the strange notion that the casino industry is in fact its own ecosystem which grows and evolves due to the system of people around it.

There is not a soul alive today that remembers the first casino opening but there are fascinating recordings and records of it. From Venice to the Wild West of America, the icy cold northern parts of Scandinavia, too the warm comfort of one’s home: the industry is ever evolving.

From real life saloons to online comfort

The vast span of time that have passed since the first casino venue opened have proven that just as the rainforest, an ecosystem is only as thriving as its visitors and inhabitants are happy. This is the major reason why live casino and online casinos are as big as they are. For the casino industry is the leading expert in user experience, user comfort, and user expectations.

Through their almost microscopically detailed market research and polls, the casino industry has always been the place to be if you want to feel appreciated and seen. Which is the leading component on why they are so successful and always on the frontlines taking the lead in front of other companies and industries in trying, implementing, and succeeding in new technologies and tech gadgets. Too please their users and make the most of their user experiences.

All the games in the world

There is no one on the planet that does not know what a casino is, and out of that number the majority are very aware of the vast library of the various games the online casino industry owns. Name any genera or niche genera and you can be sure that there is a slot or online bandit machine that have that theme. The same goes for the vast variations of the table card games like Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, then there’s of course Roulette and many more that only the vast space of the internet would be able to contain.

All these games have also evolved with the times, but live casinos make sure to have all variations at hand.

A timeline of the new online casino experience

Not long ago, approximately in 2010, online casinos made sure that their user’s comfort was increased. The industry giants managed to adapt their online casinos to be an immersive online place that their users and target audience could start enjoying on their mobile phones instead of having to sit at a computer by a desk or having the heavy laptop propped up on their laps. This new experience on the mobile phone was highly attractive to not only casino goers around the world who rejoiced at the new and improved online experience. But other industries carefully watched the success and soon followed suit.

Being the lead expert industry in user comfort that they are, the casino industry eagerly looked to the future and what they could do next.

Which led to the Augmented Reality apps and Virtual Reality Headset that brought the casino not only to the users’ phones, but their home. With the continuous expanse and improvement to the Virtual Reality industry so does the live casinos expand and improve their immersive new casino reality to continuously impress.

Real life casinos vs live online casinos

The time old argument of real-life vs live online is something that the rare industries does not fear, and among them stands the tall casino industry. Unshakable in their boots. An industry as large and widespread as the casino industry have nothing to fear from change, which the industry has proven again and again since that first saloon opened in Venice in 1638.

Casino goers have always come in all individual shapes and sizes with senses to match. Live online casinos are a hit amongst the widest of audiences since they bring a thrilling adrenaline pumping experience to the user’s phones, couch, or kitchen table. While even the virtual reality casinos can emulate the carpets, lights and the rows of slot machines leading to the blackjack and roulette tables. With the audio and life-like touch vibrations to match the virtual online casinos that even comes in for forms of live feeds from casinos around the world, there are almost as many casino goers who prefer to be on location. For one thing that the virtual reality has not yet been able to emulate, is the atmosphere thick of that casino smells and tasty drinks.

But it will certainly not be long until the casino industry have evolved beyond that too.

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