Can I travel from Pakistan to Mexico?


For tourists or business purposes, citizens of Pakistan need not apply for a Mexico visa. They can hold a valid visa from the United States or permanent resident status in Canada, Japan, or Schengen.

Pakistani citizens need a Mexico tourist visa. You should check here, the details about Mexico visa for Pakistanis with the requirements and application process.

Mexico Visa for Pakistanis

Pakistani citizens planning to travel to Mexico for business or tourism purposes must visit the nearest Mexican Embassy and apply for a Visa. A Mexico tourist card will be required.

The document is also known as Forma Migratoria Multiple. It can be purchased at the airline or upon arrival in Mexico.

Mexico Visa for Pakistanis – Requirements

When you apply online for your FMM Card, the first thing to do is ensure that you can provide E-Visa everything it needs to get the process underway. Here are the things you'll need to do this:

  • You must have an airline ticket. This condition is only valid if you’re flying by air.
  • E-mail address: The FMM card will arrive via email in PDF format after you have completed an online application. Make sure to print at least one copy before you leave. We recommend that you keep track of the number on your tourist card if it is lost or stolen.
  • Payment methods - You have the option of using a credit card or a debitcard. Still, you also have the option to pay with PayPal, Alipay, or We Chat. You can choose the most convenient one.
  • Passport - To obtain a Mexico tourist card, you must have a passport. Mexico's visa policy requires that your passport be valid for at most six months after you arrive in Mexico.

There are many types of Mexican visas available for Pakistani travelers

Pakistanis traveling to Mexico for business or pleasure will need a different type of visa than those visiting the country for tourism. These are the most common types of Mexican visas:

  • For those who want to settle in Mexico permanently, a resident visa is available
  • Workers who are already residing in Mexico can apply for a temporary resident visa
  • Tourists are welcome to visit for short-term business, courses, transit, or volunteer work
  • For those with a Mexican work contract, a work visa is possible

Citizens will need to apply for one of the mentioned visas at a Mexican diplomatic office. Each visa type has its requirements and documentation, which applicants should verify in advance.

Pakistani tourist visa for Mexico

  • Attend your appointment. Bring all documents and your payment receipt, if applicable.
  • A photograph and fingerprints of the person will be taken on that day.

Mexico Visa for Pakistanis - Online Application Form

After you have read the above, all that's left is to complete the application form. The process should be easy.

The application page has three steps. The first step involves you to provide your personal information. Selecting a processing date and travel method is necessary. Keep in mind that your choices will determine the cost of your Mexico tourist cards. Here are your options for processing:

  • You can also choose rush processing to expedite the process. Your Mexico tourist card will be delivered within six hours. However, the fee is $40.
  • Standard processing - This option is most popular because it's the cheapest. Your application will be processed in 24 hours, and you only need to pay $20

You will need to pay more if you want to travel by car to Mexico. To be exact, an additional $29 for each processing option will result in a charge of $49, $69, and $89, respectively.

Step two requires you to submit your payment details and then review your completed form. An invalid visa can be issued if you make any errors. You will need to go over the entire process again for a new FMM Card.

The online application for a Mexico tourist card can be much quicker than waiting in line or filling out an application on the plane. You can only use the FMM card you get for one entry within Mexico for 180 days from the date you arrived in Mexico.

Is there a Mexican Embassy located in Pakistan?

Yes, the Pakistan Mexican Embassy can be found at House No. 37, Street No. 27, Sector F-6/2

Is Mexico Visa easy to obtain?

The requirements for Mexico tourist visas are simple. The application process for a Mexico visa is quite simple. The process takes approximately two business days and costs $44. Mexico tourist visa valid for 180 days, multiple-entry.

What is an FMM Visa for Mexico?

Mexican INM issues the FMM document. It is also known as a tourist card or "visa," but it is not a visa. For tourist or vacation purposes, it is issued to U.S., Canadian, and other nationalities. You can quickly obtain this card at any INM office near the border or online.

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