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Friday Apr 25, 2014, Jumada-al-thani 24, 1435 Hijri
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New Test Developed to Detect Esophageal Cancer

24 April, 2014

ISLAMABAD: Scientists in Britain have developed a test to detect cancer of the esophagus, which could improve survival rates .

Esophageal cancer develops in cells that line the esophagus, or food pipe, which connects the throat to the stomach. It is difficult to diagnose early and five-year survival rates are low.

But researchers at the Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research at University College London have devised an cheap and easy test that detects high l ... read more

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Diuretic Not Suited for Everyone With Heart Failure

ISLAMABAD: A diuretic commonly prescribed to people with congestive heart failure can cause life-threatening complications if those patients are also on another drug that's often used to treat the condition, Canadian researchers report.

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