Trade with Afghanistan through Torkham border suspended


KHYBER: Trade with Afghanistan through the Torkham border remained suspended for the second day on Monday as the protesting Khugakhel tribesmen and local administration failed to reach an agreement about the release of an elder and reopening of the main road leading to the border crossing.

A team of Khugakhel elders held a series of parlays with assistant commissioner, Landi Kotal, Akbar Iftikhar to help secure the release of Mufti Ejaz, a Khugakhel elder, and lift the road blockade.

That the administration wanted the elders to furnish firm guarantees about refraining for holding protests and blocking the road in return for release of the elder, who was arrested in Jamrud on Saturday evening under 3MPO.

They said the Khugakhel negotiators expressed their inability to shoulder the responsibility of furnishing guarantees about restraining their co-tribesmen from agitation.

As the talks failed, the Khugakhel tribesmen continued blockade of the main road, halting trade with Afghanistan.

The sources also said the administration was now contemplating use of force to dislodge the protesters from the road.

Meanwhile, a Nadra centre was gutted in Tirah valley the other day.

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