Three US lawmakers test positive for coronavirus after Capitol riot


WASHINGTON: Three Democratic lawmakers have tested positive for Covid-19 following violent riots in US Capitol.

According to details, the lawmakers who have been diagnosed with coronavirus include Bonnie Watson Coleman, Pramila Jayapal and Brad Schneider.

The democrats who tested positive sheltered for hours with colleagues during last week's deadly assault on the Capitol.

The footages showed that most Republicans were not wearing masks during the riots.

Health experts fear more lawmakers may have contracted the disease at a time when coronavirus infections and deaths are on rise in the country.

Last week, a violent mob with tactical gear and rifles entered the US Capitol chanting slogans. Several armed supporters of Trump smashed windows of the building and clashed with police.

Washington DC police say four people have died during the clashes, while emergency for 15 days have been imposed in Washington State.

So far, US has reported 22.6 million infections and 367,000 deaths. 

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