Relations with Afghanistan damaged and now with Iran: Imran Khan


ISLAMABAD: PTI founder Imran Khan on Wednesday reacted to the Iranian missile attack in Pakistan’s territory, he said no attention had been paid to the country’s foreign policy during the last 18 months. He said first relations with Afghanistan were damaged and now with Iran.

Talking informally to reporters in the court at the Adiala Jail, the former premier said Bilawal did not pay even a single visit to Afghanistan during his tenure as the foreign minister. The process of negotiations between Afghanistan and the US was to be carried forward by Pakistan. “The entire trade of Central Asia has to be through Afghanistan. Will we continue to fight for the rest of our lives?”

Quoting Quranic verses, he said no society can grow without justice. He said, “The PTI has been smashed to smithereens and deprived of the election symbol. Our candidates have been allotted dirty election symbols. Why there is no questioning about Maryam’s flats? Why Nawaz Sharif is not being asked?”

He said Maryam Nawaz and Zardari took vehicles from Toshakhana and asked why they were not being questioned.He said the Supreme Court has to look into the human rights violations.

He said the national scene on February 8 would be a surprise for many, adding the PTI would not boycott elections. He vowed to fight on.He said Nawaz Sharif was silent because he had accepted his enslavement.

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