PM vows to pursue motorway rape incident case to conclusion


LAHORE: Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed his commitment to pursue the recent motorway rape incident case to the conclusion and getting the culprits punished in accordance with the law.  

He expressed the determination while presiding over a high level meeting in Lahore on the law and order situation in Punjab, availability and prices of essential goods and commodities, and welfare projects.

He showed his serious concern over the incidents of rape of children and women.

As the meeting was also briefed on the progress of recent motorway rape case, it was discussed and deliberated on the introduction of one emergency number throughout the country as well as the establishment of a central database of crimes.

Prime Minister ordered a strict crackdown against the narcotics sellers and land grabbing mafia.

Imran Khan also directed the provincial administration to ensure the availability of essential commodities, especially wheat.

He directed to establish more Panagahs and Langar Khanas as per the requirements. He said provision of the facilities of justice, education and health, empowering the people at local level and giving them representation could ensure better governance and public service.

The prime minister made it clear that only the journey towards a welfare state is the journey towards the prosperity of nation.

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