PM Imran terms ‘audio leak’ an attack on judiciary by PML-N


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday termed audio leak of former chief justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar an attack on the judiciary by the opposition Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) to get favourable decisions by pressurising the superior court judges.

During a meeting with his spokespersons, PM Khan discussed various issues, including the recent audio leak of Justice Nisar, the unprecedented price hike across the country and the recently enacted electoral reforms laws.

A participant of the meeting told Dawn that the prime minister said the audio leak conspiracy was hatched by the PML-N. He directed the spokespersons to highlight the previous history of the PML-N as to how the party had attacked the judiciary and maligned judges.

“The government stands by the state institutions,” he was quoted as saying.

Prime Minister Khan asked his media team to apprise people that the PML-N had a history of threatening and maligning the judiciary. “But their [PML-N] bad tactics will not work this time,” he added.

Regarding the recently enacted laws concerning the use of electronic voting machines in the next general elections, the prime minister asked his spokespersons to take people into confidence on the matter that the use of EVMs would end rigging in future polls.

Meanwhile, the prime minister formed a 10-member advisory board of the newly established National Rahmatul-Lil-Aalameen Authority (NRA).

According to a notification issued by the Prime Minister Office, the members of the NRA board will work in honourary capacity. The board members are: Dr Attaur Rehman, Hamza Yousuf, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Dr Mohammad Faghfoory, Dr Joseph Lumbard, Dr Waleed el-Ansary, Barister Nudrat B. Majid, Dr Anis Ahmed, Basit Koshul and Dr Sahibzada Sajidur Rehman.

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