PM approves Civil Servants Efficiency and Discipline Rules, 2020


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved Civil Servants Efficiency and Discipline Rules, 2020 to ensure transparent and effective internal accountability of civil servants.

To speed-up the process of ensuring efficiency and discipline among civil bureaucracy, the tier of Authorized Officer has been eliminated, leaving only two tiers, which include Authority and Inquiry Officer and Committee.

The two-tier process will resolve the issue of decision of disciplinary proceedings at lower level by awarding minor penalties by the Authorized Officer, without seeking approval of the authority.

To facilitate just decisions of the cases, opportunity of personal hearing shall now be provided by the Authority or Hearing Officer.

For the first time, plea bargain and voluntary return have been included in the definition of misconduct and such Civil Servants shall now be proceeded against.

Similarly, procedural issues relating to provision of record, slackness on part of departmental representatives, suspension, proceedings against officers on deputation, leave, or scholarship have been clearly provided in the new rules.

Establishment Division has been authorized to issue subsidiary instructions and clarifications to avoid any delays.

In case of Pakistan and Provincial Administrative Services officers posted in provinces, a two months’ timeline has been provided to Chief Secretary for submission of fact finding report, failing which Establishment Division can proceed on its own.

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