Nawaz Sharif not coming to Pakistan under secret deal: Sheikh Rashid


ISLAMABAD: Former interior minister, Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid, said on Friday that Nawaz Sharif was not coming to Pakistan under a secret deal in London.

He said closure of markets and shops at 7pm would be an ‘economic death knell’ for shopkeepers, for which the current ‘imported’ government would be responsible. 

The former minister pointed out that rupee had depreciated to a level of 210 to a dollar while it was trading at 220 to a dollar in Hawala. He warned that finance minister was about to give ‘another shot’ of price hike to the nation.

Sh Rashid said the US ambassador has arrived in the country and Chinese ambassador has left. India, he added, was demolishing the homes of Muslims, while the government intended to open trade with it.

In this scenario, Sh Rashid continued, Imran Khan is the only popular leader in the country, while the one-dozen political parties in the ruling coalition have fallen out of public favour. “Only Imran Khan has touched the hearts and minds of the people,” he said.

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