Haier Pakistan donated protective surgical masks to Imran Khan


ISLAMABAD: Haier Pakistan is donating protective surgical masks to Prime Minister of Pakistan to help fight the on-going Coronavirus pandemic. This is just the first shipment of surgical masks. A second lot of more protective material for doctors and healthcare staff is also on the way from China like Surgical Masks, Goggles, Gowns and Gloves. This will be handed over to government of Pakistan. This solidarity and support by Haier Pakistan is unprecedented. Haier Pakistan takes pride in its Corporate Social Responsibility and aims to provide our best to serve the people as much as possible.

Haier Pakistanis committed and ready to support our people in any possible way to ease their pain. Our sincere prayers and sympathies are for the affected people and their families and may all of them have strength to combat this epidemic. We all stand together in this fight and we are prepared to take it to the very end to ensure that we win the war on Coronavirus.

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