Egypt approved 10 slaughter houses in Pakistani


ISLAMABAD: Egypt has approved 10 slaughter houses of Pakistani companies for import of meat. An official announcement of the commerce ministry said that Egypt’s Veterinary Quarantine Department had given approval to these Pakistani slaughter houses for export of meat to Egypt.

“This has been done as a result of an audit conducted by the Egyptian Veterinary authorities,” the announcement further said.

The slaughter houses of the companies approved included Fauji Meat Ltd, P.K. Live Stock & Meat Company (Pvt), Tata Best Food Ltd, Al Shaheer Corporation (Ltd), the Organic Meat Company (Pvt), Tazij Meat and Food, Abedin International Abattoirs (Pvt), and Zenith Associates.

Adviser to PM on Commerce Razak Dawood said the move was a part of the government’s policy of geographical and product diversification. Last month, Jordan also approved three Pakistan-based slaughter houses for export of meat products.

Pakistan exported meat and meat products worth $78.283 million between July and September this year as against $75.376m over the corresponding months last year, indicating a marginal growth of 3.86pc.

Pakistan exported 18,344 tonnes of meat and its products in the first three months of this year as against 12,570 tonnes last year.

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