Corona, a record 50 deaths in 24 hours


 ISLAMABAD: Corona cases are on the rise in the country as the lockdown eases, with a record 50 deaths in 24 hours today. Pakistan has the highest number of deaths due to the epidemic.

Special Health Assistant Zafar Mirza said In a press conference,  that the current situation was alarming and appealed to the people to take precautionary measures on Jumma tul Wida Friday.

Dr. Zafar Mirza said easing of lockdown was decided in the interest of the people. However people above 50 years of age should refrain from going to gatherings. and should take precautionary measures while shopping for Eid.  If citizens offer Eid prayers in their homes, it is better. This Eid is very different, don't hug each other on this Eid.

The total number of deaths from the virus in the country has reached 1067. According to the National Command Operations Center, 2,603 ??new cases came reported in last 24 hours. This is the largest number of Corona victims reported in a single day. The total number of victims stands 50694.

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