Bilawal hits out at PML-N, says its 'duplicitous policy' cannot work anymore


PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari said Thursday PML-N's "duplicitous policy" can no longer work and asked the Shabaz Sharif-led party to aid the PPP in its bid to oust the government.

Bilawal, addressing a workers' convention in Rahim Yar Khan, said: "Your duplicitous policy will no longer work, either you should play your role as an Opposition party or accept that you are the government's facilitators." 

Bilawal said his party would force PML-N to play its role as an Opposition party and oust Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar.

"You cannot back out from using your vote [against the government] after seeking respect for [people's votes]."

The PPP chairman said the Opposition should unite and struggle against the government, as he predicted that Buzdar was a mere "puppet" and he would be sent packing soon.

"The people will never forgive you [PML-N] if you back out now [...] you will have to do something now, otherwise your hypocrisy will be exposed before the people of Punjab," Bilawal said.

Bilawal urged PML-N to join forces with PPP to oust Buzdar and Prime Minister Imran Khan, as when the “puppet’s puppet” falls, so will the prime minister — implying that the chief minister is the premier’s “puppet”.

The PPP chairman said only together can the Opposition save Punjab, as he told PML-N that Buzdar could only continue his reign as the chief minister if the Shahbaz Sharif-led party had its own interests behind his rule.

“You have to do one of two things — either resign or use your vote.”

Bilawal warned that the PPP would take revenge from the prime minister sooner or later and mentioned that when the time comes, PM Imran Khan "would be standing alone with no one by his side."

The PPP chairman said his party would form a government in the Centre and the provinces, as Pakistan was aspiring for a “people’s government”.

“The incumbent government has not fulfilled any promises [...] all of Imran Khan’s promises turned out to be false.”

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