Defeat COVID -19 through Will and Unity

COVID-19 virus started in China, spread over 210 countries, engaged over 1705000 (and death toll recorded 105000 globally since December 2019. Turkmenistan, North Korea, Tajikistan and Yemen are free from VOVID-19   countries, probably due to less travelling history in these countries.  


How to Solve Education Crisis during These Hard Times of Coronavirus

There are different and new guidance implemented to help in curbing and protecting children and schools from the pandemic. The World Health Organization is in the front line providing the practical considerations that will help in keeping schools safe. There are precautions in place to assist in implementing and adapting to emergency plans for all educational facilities.



OneTripInsurance - Where Automobile Insurance is Re-Invented

Insurance Industry in Pakistan is taking a major initiative by introducing a world class product which allows customers to get their vehicles insured themselves via online


Tech Wars: Apple vs Epic Games -The battle of the tech giants begins

It’s one of the biggest battles to erupt in the tech space: Epic Games, the company that brought you Fortnite, has stepped into the ring to take on tech giant and household name Apple. 


Simmering cauldron of South China Sea

Role of Jewish lobby

Washington has a long record of bullying nations to meet its demands, changing regimes and of engaging in illegal wars of aggression in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.


Climate Change and Energy solutions

It is well known that the ravages of climate change and environmental degradation are most keenly felt