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Sultan Golden seeks world record

09 November, 2006

KARACHI: The reputed motorcar and motorcycle-jumping specialist Sultan Mohammad Khan Golden is eyeing the motorcar reverse-speed world record set by John Smith of the USA.

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Smith had made the record in 1994 by covering 806kms distance, while driving the car in reverse, in 13 hours and 48 minutes.

During an interview with ‘The News’ on Wednesday Sultan claimed he would easily break the said record, adding he could do it in eight hours. “I have been undergoing rigorous training and I feel that I will easily break Smith’s record,” the burly Sultan stated.

He added he has been sponsored by Khalid Al-Awadi, a businessman and brother of a Kuwaiti minister, and is hopeful that he (Al-Awadi) would soon arrange a venue for the show.

Sultan has also to his credit the world record of jumping over 22 cars in 1987 during the national horse and cattle show in Lahore, where he covered 249 feet distance, leaving behind USA’s Ever Achieved Koddosely who had covered 246 feet while jumping over cars.

Sultan remarked that he is also going to improve his own record of motorcar reverse jumping, when he had made while jumping over 15 cars and during the process he had covered 150 feet distance in a show held on January 13,1995 at Faisalabad.

It is significant to mention here that Sultan was the world’s first man who introduced reverse car jumping which is really astonishing.

Sultan disclosed he is also preparing his son Ali Haider, just four years old, for jumping over 15 cars, saying, “I believe my son Ali will break the world record at the age of five years.”

To a question how a five-year-old child can drive a car, Sultan responded it depends upon the child, saying, Ali has qualities and he will break the world record made by an American child Chris Bromham on August 31, 1986 at the age of just twelve by jumping over 15 cars.

“My son is just four years old, but can drive car smoothly and after a year I will give him the chance to jump over 15 cars,” Sultan asserted.

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