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National Rugby team defeats Islamabad Rugby team by 25-5

03 June, 2006

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan National Rugby team outclassed Islamabad Rugby team by 25-5 in a friendly practice match played here F-10 Rugby ground on Friday.

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As per details, the friendly match between the two teams was played in F-10 Rugby ground under artificial lights where Pakistan National Rugby team performed excellently. The players of Pakistan National Rugby team was represented by Junaid Malik, Rehan, Mansoor, Amrez Ahmad, Ikram Butt, Rashid Mehmood and Shahid Rafiq who hailed from United Kingdom.

Right from the start of first half, the players of National team dominated the game by exerting offensive strike and scored 15-0 at the end of first half, however the Islamabad Rugby team tried utmost to assert come back in the game but all resulted in futile attempt because the game ended with 25-5 inflicting defeat on Islamabad Rugby team.

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