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WANA Operation

27 March, 2004

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According to reports, there were above 500 alleged foreign terrorists taking sanctuary in South Waziristan Agency (SWA), forcing Government of Pakistan and Army to take some action. In this action, government required cooperation of tribal people for apprehension of the reported elements.

Pakistan Army conducting Wana Operation, emphasizes that no US personnel would be allowed to cross the border to assist them and no one will be allowed to use Pakistani soil for terrorist activity as well.

Since the operation has started, dozens of Pakistan Army soldiers have been killed by militants. Pakistan Army has also killed and captured number of militants.

1. Do you think the WANA Operation by Pakistan Army is justified ?

2. How do you see the foreign persons taking sanctuary in WANA, Mujahideen or Terrorists ?

Reader Comments:

The illegal Child

The Message of Sheikh is "STOP the support of your illegal child Israel You Americans , Never support the Supporters of a Jew , if you , then you are same as like "Yahood".You have forgot, "Yahood and Nisar will never be your friends".They are killing you.

Shah Meer, Lebanon - 11 April, 2004

Wana operation

This is time for all Pakistanis to unite and support the government to fight against terrorism, and urge the authorities to enforce the law and order in tribals(FATA) or lawless areas.More importantly,we need to realize that these mullahs are misleading people,specailly those who are not aware of the consequences of extremism.
Why these terrorists are hiding or walking around freely in tribal areas?
Because of two factors, lawlessnes in the FATA and Mullahs who sympathize with these terrorists.Fisrtly,because of these Mullahs Pakistan already suffered a lot and still paying the huge price.These Mullahs have created haterd and sectarian voilence by promoting mltiple sects such as sunni,shiite,wahabe,etc.Now when it comes to fight against terror or Wana operation,again they(Mullahs)are trying to play same old nagetive roll so that they can convince people to oppose the Wana operation.Secondly,it is not acceptable to have a 1600 mile lawless area.If 96 percent or plus population of pakistan is obeying the law, paying taxes,electricity bills then why not FATA?
We can not afford to have lawlessness in such a big area where these foreign terrorists are being accomodated by local tribes,walking around freely,carrying AK-47 rifles and other dangerouse weapons,attacking Pak army and killing innocent people and terrorising the whole nation.
If we want to see Pakistan a stable and strong country then we need to cooperate and support government in order to fight terrorism and do not allow these handfull Mullahs and extremists to blackmail Islam and ruined our country's reputation.
Pakistan is a peaceful and strong country.Lets make it more secure and stronger.
May pakistan live long.
Zlfikar A Tanoli
United state Of America

zulfikar, United Kingdom - 12 April, 2004


Seen from a bigger perspektive it is not a disaster. For long time pak armed forces have had no real-life training. To have a army only to be faten up is not a god solution.
Besides I do hate these mad people who think terror is the solution to the misry of the muslims. Then they may very kindly answer my single quistion: Was the holly prophet himself, at any time in his entire life, engaged in this kind of activities ?
Terror is the coward and bad people`s choice. Not the proud ones

GHULAM FAROOQ KHAN, Pakistan - 22 August, 2004

Wana Operation...!!!

Wana Operation cannot be justified on the basis of mere propaganda that there are terrorists in the tribal belt. Tribals have their own way of life and they abide by their centuries old traditions. Pak Army is only fighting there to safeguard the US interests and to stay in good books of Washington guys as it has always been sacred for all military dictatorships ..and the one by Musharaf is no exception...rather he has brought shame to all the muslims around the globe.

Terrorism cannot be tolerated but there should be justice and transparency in deciding as to who is terrorist. Branding innocent muslims as terrorists and then murdering them is a great injustice and we all should fear Almighty Allah before stigmatising the simple muslims living in tribal areas and else where as well.

Rustam Khan, Pakistan - 12 March, 2005

Its time

I tning its time for pakistan to give up the occupied land Every body know through-out our country that Pathan have always called themselves Afghan. And we know how much the two "Brother" Afghans wants to Unit back As Real Afghanistan. And we Pakistanis we well know that if we don't work something to shut- Afghans(I mean work-out something peacefully) we might lose the whole Pakistan once and for all. And very scared of that so pleace work something with them afghans because they are once who kept bring the case of Dark Durand Line which as kept hunting us since 1947

Qurasi Khan, Pakistan - 21 March, 2005


I think they are Mujahideen fighting for Independent of Pashtunistan to join back with their"Afghan" Brothers

Ali Kamur, Pakistan - 21 March, 2005

I don't know

I think they Are Afghan Terrorists who are fighting for their land (NWFP)

Mohen Khan, Pakistan - 21 March, 2005

for what purpose wana operation started

dear readers! iam a boy from the village "Nano" and cast is mine "Mahsud". My village is also captered and damaged by pak army... my home , a home of my fore fathers, a home of peace for me is now completely destroyed where i once played in my childhood, but... now that pak army had finished all my dreams with out any reason... i ask why .. why..... one important thing to menstion here is that the all th ethings present at our house are taken away and sold by those army soldires

Fahad Zeb, Pakistan - 28 March, 2005

They are true muslims , did not mean they are terrorist. You can not fight and kill them otherwise you will be going to answer to Allah on the day of encounter.

Muhammad Hammad, Pakistan - 24 November, 2005

Its lake of islamic knowledge to call them terrorists, becuase they are mujahidein.

Muhammad Ahmad, Pakistan - 27 November, 2005

Stirring of Wana

Respected Editor; Assalam o Alaikum!
We are for the time being not fighting against any country. If any state thinks that those who are fighting against them are in Wana should not ask us to kill them or try to interfere in our land but to fight them right in the place where these people are making trouble for them. It is not according to our rules and principles that we make a trouble for our land and make our integrity in danger for any one.
Those who are killing a lot of innocent people outside and are failed come to a conclusion now making us to kill our own innocent population here. What has Bush earned of Iraq which is even away from his land that he compels us to fight in our inner country. This Wana operation is extremely against the rules and regulations of our religion and our country, should be stopped forthwith. It seems that the United States of America wants to make a permanent station in Central Asia so is trying to clear surrounding area as fears a retaliation.

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 11 January, 2006

Fighting in Wana

The Pakistani Government is continueing the unjust operation to destroy the population and peace of the whole area. That just seems to be done on foreign signal.

Mohammad Shamaun Pasha, Pakistan - 11 January, 2006

Islam as a minority

The deterritorialisation of Islam is also a result of globalisation and has nothing to do with Islam as such, even if it concerns millions of Muslims. But through the increase in migratory and population flows, more and more Muslims are living in societies that are not Muslim: a third tribal of the world's Muslims now live as members of a minority. While old minorities had time to build their own culture to share the dominant culture by speeches and subpoems. Muslims in recently settled minorities have to reinvent what makes them Muslim, in the sense that the common defining factor of this population as Muslim is the mere reference to Islam, with no common cultural or linguistic heritage. Moreover, a Muslim might experience this deterritorialisation without leaving his own country. The sense of belonging by the PakArmy to a minority has been exacerbated by the 'westernisation', or at least globalisation, of the traditional Muslim world, to the extent that many practising Muslims consider Islam to have been 'minoritised' in the Muslim world too. While many Muslims live in a demographic minority, many others (including, of course, the more conservative or radical Muslims) feel themselves to be a minority in their own Muslim country. The Muslim ummah (or community) no longer has anything to do with a territorial entity. It has to be thought by the PakArmy of in abstract or imaginary terms.
God bless...!

Shokat Saleem, Georgia - 12 January, 2006

first of all i would like to say that im so happy to see that my fellow pakistani brothers are so sensible and can see with a long sighted vision what the essential needs of pakistan are that would transform it into a much better from islamabad and currently studying in america as an undergrad...regarding the wana operation i say that everything boils down to two things...number one is that these people are fundamentalists not muslims...even during the time of the holy prophet jews and christians lived along side the muslims with treaties...this showed the hazrat Muhammad PBUH represented islam as a tolerant religion...when salahadin ayubi conquered jerusalem he let the churches stay and the chrisitans to preach their religion...these so called muslims of today in Waziristan dont even let their fellow muslims live if they commit a sin of not waking up once for fajr prayers...i ask you guys one thing Holy prophet said that to attain knowledge a man should go till china which in those days was considered very far away....he clearly emphasised the need for any one of them educated ... we have to decide today do we want to have guns in one hand with beards till our knees and shalwars uptil our thighs living in mud houses and killing anyone who disagrees with us or do we want to become proper muslims who along with religious lines are doctors, engineers, scientists...i surely would not want to see my son one day with a gun doing inhumane things in the future...rather i would make him a muslim who coexists with the world and yet at the same time is well educated. NUMBER 2...regarding the operation...yes it is against our fellow pakistanis although there are a lot of foreigners there too but guys werent benazir, nawaz sharif, akbar bugti , those MMA politicans like fazlur rehman pakistanis too...but are they good for pakistan being pakistanis ...every sensivble person knows that they are not...they are hypocrates...they are the real ememies of pakistan...and musharraf is getting rid of them. regarding those who say its under american pressure yes PARTLY not FULLY it is. but what do you guys become emotional fools and end up like the taliban , and make pakistan a country like afghanistan...and yes it is under american pressure and our brave soldiers have lost their lives , but inturn we got billions of dollars of aid which was essentially needed when pakistans economy was at the brink of collapse in 1999 with just 350 million dollars of foreign exchange enough to run pakistan for just one week. if we had any other political like the MMA and the 2 ex leaders that money would go in their pockets, instead musharraf spent it on pakistan and economic statistics tell it all...every thing from foreign exchange reserves, exports, growth rate ...all has gone up.
my advice to pakistani brothers is that think practically not emotionally.

"first make yourself strong and then speak out."

musharraf is what pakistan needs...may Allah keep him in power for as long as possible..inshaAllah

Asfar Siddiqui, Pakistan - 12 January, 2006

safe haven

terrorist deserve no safe haven--even in mosques.
Do the terrorist (ignorant jihadis) allow safe haven to the numerous innocents they kill?

cjf, United Kingdom - 15 January, 2006

Why is it that every time a foreign bigwig travels to the country. Mushraf has to demonstrate that he is still the big poodle that he is by committing yet a bigger act of terrorism against innocent people.

MA, Pakistan - 31 October, 2006

Heavy handed military action in tribal areas.

When the Jehadis fought against the Soviet Union and made America the sole super power, these Islamic wariors were admired by America and Europe. These heroes then immersed into deep rooted assimilation within Afghan populace through marrying with Afghan women. These Islamic wariors were the respected friends and allies of America and the darligs of the war that, like the battle of Waterloo, culminated into creation of history's fifth sole super power America.

Then, after 9/11, there was justification on moral grounds and also to save Pakistan's own skin under a very grave threat from America. Pakistan did act on the principles as such:

"Right thing at the right moment is right"

I think that Pakistan did its anti terror part to the fullest compliance. But terror, like any thing else, is not ever lasting and has a termination point. What we see now is the adrift agenda with scope far beyond than grappling terror. The things are gone beyond the calculated attack on terror, which is now becoming resistence to foreign occupation. Even the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan have popular uprising and resistence, which barely speaks anti American language. America is respected there and the main grudge appears to be the foreign occupation.

It is perfectly allright to act to insure that 9/11 does not happen again.But, it is devastating to overly react on something that really does not endanger America or Europe with haunting terror.People start rebellion when large numbers of innocent civilians get killed in heavy handed military acts. Even the American military is warning that the Afghans are switching over to Taliban on each act of Nato that kills large number of civilians.
The American army is even staying aloof from the Pakistan army's bombing of Bajaur and is accepting no responsibilty about it. There is no excuse for the deaths of innocent women and children of the tribal areas.The trigger happy generals of Pakistan army and their overlord have gone totally out of their scope of responsibility in their overly bombing act like the very recent one in Bajaour.

Dear Sir, Bajaur and Wana are parts of Pakistan. The people there may be fiercely independent historically. They may show defiance as they have done to British, the Russians, The Chengez Khan or Alexander the Great.Those tribal women and children are our dear people and they must have been isolated before indiscreet bombing.

The air strikes have killed more than eighty people in one strike. These strikes were not surgical to separate the real targets. These strikes have done collateral damage of killing innocent civilians along with the few wanting men.

Unfortunately, Pakistan has gone into the clutching grips of military rule, which is turning out to be more dangerous than the corrupt rules of BB and NS.Even the corruption and unwarranted favours appear to be just as bad amongst the growing voracious greed of our new rulers. To be corrupt is not as bad as being corrupt and cruel.

If the Pakistan army is not capable of doing surgical strikes on terror, which really may not be all terror, it must abstain from acts that kill our own innocent civilians present there.

America in Iraq and Nato in Afghanistan are now openly admitting to have alienated the popular masses there against them. Their way out from occupied lands may already be initiated. The Nato commanders are admitting about civilians switching over to Taleban on mounting death of civilians. Same way heavy handed and overly collateral military acts of Pakistan army in tribal ares can polarize the country, which has allways been sensitive union of different ethenicities.

I had written several articles in Pakistani news papers criticizing BB and NS before my trip to Pakistan in August this year. But now we have to criticize all of them, who were in power before or they are in power now.

Every sensible man in Pakistan may be powerless before the mighty military junta. But, for hell sake, we are diappointed to see our own military doing collateral damage rather than doing surgical strikes, even if few miscreants were seeking shelter amongst the innocent civilians.

We are for genuine war on terror, where it applies or endangers. But, we would request the Pakistan army or air force or their presiden man in command that they should only do surgical strkes and refrain from heavy handed itchy type military acts that put us in shame with killings of women and children in Bajaour.It is about time to take time out for feeling remorse. We sorrowfully comiserate with the tribals, who lost their women and children.

Anwar Mahmood, Pakistan - 01 November, 2006

wages of insanity

Pakistani taliban are liars and cheats, for they agree to a truce and promise not to get involved with Afghanistan and then doing as they please. This implies a price and they will have to pay it.

SASA, United Arab Emirates - 02 November, 2006

Wana operation

I think in WANA operation the old Taliban of Afghanistan were killed. I don't think so that these were terrorists but they were just leading thier lives in WANA. They have built relations with the local people there. They were not involved in any activity. Thier only mistake was that they were living there after Afghanistan war had ended.

Shah Nawaz, Pakistan - 11 February, 2007

They are muslims


aqeel niazi, Pakistan - 14 January, 2009

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