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WANA Operation

27 March, 2004

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According to reports, there were above 500 alleged foreign terrorists taking sanctuary in South Waziristan Agency (SWA), forcing Government of Pakistan and Army to take some action. In this action, government required cooperation of tribal people for apprehension of the reported elements.

Pakistan Army conducting Wana Operation, emphasizes that no US personnel would be allowed to cross the border to assist them and no one will be allowed to use Pakistani soil for terrorist activity as well.

Since the operation has started, dozens of Pakistan Army soldiers have been killed by militants. Pakistan Army has also killed and captured number of militants.

1. Do you think the WANA Operation by Pakistan Army is justified ?

2. How do you see the foreign persons taking sanctuary in WANA, Mujahideen or Terrorists ?

Reader Comments:

Ms Nazia, Arms are in that region for a long time. They were not brought by those people. Gov may start a drive and collect all the ammunition, but we are gainst the operation carried out on the US orders. Islam strictly prohibits against handing over of a muslim to a non-muslim in any circumstances.

Ali Malik, Pakistan - 31 March, 2004

Reality is uncovering facts

well i just want to say taht watever is happenning in waziristan,is just tip of the ice berg. can some one answer just a simple question that why these terrorists have dumped this much of weapons and ammunition, if they were our guests or if they had no such intentions and that they were innocents. iam proud to be one of those supporting our president, musharraf. my prays are for him and our armed forces for bringing justice and law to the no man's land.
Nazia, Pakistan

nazia, Pakistan - 31 March, 2004

Well Done President

I support Musharraf 100%; never have we seen this much investment in the history of Pakistan. Never have we seen this much confidence in the government; these so-called "Muslims" running around killing Pakistanis (both innocent and soldiers) aren't Muslims at all; they call themselves true Muslims? Oh yeah and that's why they killed 12 of our soldiers and countless innocent people all across the country. People it's time to wake up and smell the tapal tea; we need to kick these Arab loving, rag wearing people out of our country. Jinnah wated Pakistan to become a moderate Islamic state not some fundo backward arab state and by the look of things it seems like Musharraf has made his dream come true. If things stay they way they are and if people continue to denounce these evil people, eventaully they will leave and have no place to go! It's time for a change and it starts by saying "I SUPPORT YOU MR. PRESIDENT!"

Pakistan Zindabad!
President Musharraf Zindabad!

Aleem, Canada - 31 March, 2004


I believe Musharraf took a brave step in entering the Wana area. The army and the FC probably did not achieve their objective in its entirety. But this is a good start.
It would be good if the government is more transparent in its actions. Why couldn't Musharraf have a town meeting with the people in Pakistan like what he did with IndiaToday recently. Our government and politics must move away from autocracy and bring in more consensus building. I suspect that if the MMA reps in the parliament were taken into confidence prior to the Wana operation, every one would be happier. Perhaps a non-military solution could have been achieved - witness how the kidnapped troops were recovered with help from the local scholars.
We Pakistanis love Pakistan. We want to be rid of these criminals on our eastern border. More power to you, Inshallah, Mush!

US, United Kingdom - 31 March, 2004

I support the action

Kill the terrorists, thier supporters and sympathizers in Pakistan.


Tariq Shah, Pakistan - 01 April, 2004

finally pakistani government was forced to do something about those whose intention is to destroy peace in afghanistan they should let this poor nation to have some time to rebuild their life and the country according to the great Prophet 'peace be upon him' the definition of a 'Muslim' is the one with whom other muslims are safe from his hands and tongue and as we are witnessing that hundreds of afghan muslims were killed either directly or indirectly due to so-called Taliban and Al-Qaida network, what the Taliban regime brought to the country was destruction wildness and regression to stone age in the name of God ,the people who had no idea of anything except few religious matters took over people's health,economy,education water and electricity, mining,agriculture which is by itsel against islamic education because they were not suitable for these jobs, thanks to those people who got rid off this dark age. afghans expect from pakistani government to be sincere and honest and do not play double standard policy and get rid off those small pockets and remnants who are still active against the afghan people by any name.

sadiq, Aruba - 02 April, 2004

I think Pakistan should have taken this step long time ago against these fanatics. I always wondered about the people who caused trouble in Pakistan by car boms, etc. Now I know where all that came from. I don't care if USA is behind this, as long as we can have a clean and peaceful Pakistan....I totally support Musharaf on this Wana Operation.....

Yasir, Pakistan - 02 April, 2004

Mr. ALi
well i would like to comment that this operation which is going on in wana, is quite justified for the reason that as long as anyone who lives in our country with peace, we have no problem with them. if these finatics who called themselves muslims, are muslims in real how can they fire on our soldiers haan? they were the ones who initiated all this. This is our country and our army has all the rights to do surveillance and search operation. we cannot and will not allow any foreigner to do any kind of damage to our country.This is high time to think with rationale not by emotions. Wasnt it more than enough that we served them for the last decade or so keeping them as our guests. they should be thankful to us rather going against us. instigating our people against the state/government. there own countries are not willing to accept them sir,
is Pakistan the country left for all such kind of people to come stay, and do wat evr they want at the stake of our country's honour, image and dignity. why shud be always scape goats in the name of religion?
the last thing you want my comments, they would not be handed over to anyone.......

nazia, Pakistan - 03 April, 2004

Well Done

The wana opperation seems a much-needed choice simply becuase the Islamic Law clearly defines that every muslim nation is solely responsible to protect its soil and people not allowing to become the haven for people who pursue activities that are totally inaccurate of what the Muslim teachings are. Muslims should protect lives not destroy it, muslims should respect the degnity of mankind not torture it for it the Almighty Allah that creates and takes and recreates whatever and wherever and in whatever form He wants to create and how come we human beings even think of destroying a life that Allah has created. What exactly our responsiblity as a muslim? I believe strongly it is to safeguard life to protect the dignity and sanctity of life not merely for the sake of it but to show and glorify Allah for Allah has said "I was a hidden treasure, and wanted to be known, so I created you". Pakistan Army is simply contributing in protecting life and saving the sanctity and dignity of mankind, well done.

Ali Baba, Afghanistan - 03 April, 2004

The Manipulators.

As much as one regreted the operation in Waziristan area.
I ask Bin Laden and Zahweri who gave them Divine rights?
If they assume that Allah will give them victory,then I
think they should fight USA on her soil and leave the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan alone.If they win on
the beaches of Virginia,they
will be the new rulers.But if
they lose,they will be only cleaning the deck of a boat on the river styx in Hades.I think it is time Osama does some soul searching along with George and they both end
this horrific dream.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 03 April, 2004

Ms Nazia! I think u believe a lot on khabarnama at 9:00 and don have the required knowledge bout history. Pakistan has time and agin handed over muslims to other countries and the same will be done in this case as well. Infact this has been done during afghan war by the Pakistan government. Secondly I am as much agaisnt these afghanis as u are as i am from NWFP and I know how much they care bout our hospitality of 2.5 decades NOT 1 DECADE. But, in Wana poor pakistanis were killed. People who have no interest in any war, who fight daily for some food to feed thier young, those who are living life without basic necessities of life. Sitting in Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi and commenting against those killed is a very easy job that u are doing in a marvelous manner, but the facts are totally different as posed by our pro american government. If there were forighners there, y weren't they caught, or has army failed miserable in the misplanned operation. Don belive what the gov says, if u have interst, go and watch ur self and I am sure u will be astonished. Ppl in NWFP love and care for Pak Army. But after this operation there are few left who do this. Wana operation is of similar kind that was executed in 1970 in Bangladesh. We don want another 1971, we want to progress.
As u said they are our part, Army has the right to search thier houses. But yes, they are part, as much as are Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. And u can't imagine the diference between the living standards in our modern cities and those backward areas. If they are our part and we have the right to search them, then they have equal rights to gas, electricity, media, hospitals and etc. They will going to stand one day against the gov if such attitude continues. Madam! If some one calls a crow white, then don convince him that his eyes are wrong, then just leave him and change the system !!.... think over my last statement.

Ali Malik, Pakistan - 04 April, 2004

Pakistan is much better now

Reply to Ali Malik : I am also from NWFP, and to tell you the truth that majority of residents of NWFP are happy that finally the Govt of Pakistan and Army has peneterated into these Tribal areas to get rid off thugs and criminals who had given sanctuary to these Terrorists. No wonder thousands of militia tribesmen have formed their own force specially to support Govt's operation in WANA.

Pakistan Army is also involved in the development work in Tribal area, such as, building roads, schools and health services, so I see a bright future than any bleak picture delineated by you with your emotional brush using blind colors.

Please, put aside your cultural pessimist egos and stop blaming the army for house search. They have all the rights to enter into those houses where people brutally killed our soldiers in uniform. They are brainwashed self claimed Jihadis first and then Pakistanis, and we don't want them in our country. They should live in Afghanistan or Saudi Arab or Chechnya if they are so fond of giving these terrorists sanctuaries, just because their stupid, bigotted, illiterate, airhead Maulvi has given a verdict of Jihad with his own limited knowledge of Islam.

Down with all these brain washed, self pro-claimed Jihadis.

Agha, Pakistan - 05 April, 2004

well, Mr. Ali
i guess my any comment on your remarks cud be again not satisfying, but iam glad that some like AGHA, belong to the area whom u r talking about, has given a clear picture of the reality. and it is to inform you that i am also from NWFP and know a lot more than just Khabanama at 9:00. it is just that the need is to see the other side of the coin.
anyway i apreciate that our generation is taking part in such useful discussions. it really improvise ones knowledge giving a room to give a chance of forwarding ur point of view.

nazia, Pakistan - 05 April, 2004

Mr Agha. isn't it too early to start development work in Wana. think bout it.... 1947 to 2004.... they lived like that till now, no one was concerned, no one bothered bout them, but suddenly.... U ppl got me wrong, I know Army got the right to search BUT NOT ON AMERICAN DICTATIONS. USA forced pak gov to carry out this operation. Then y only wana, the whole of NWFP is filled of weapons. For the first time in the history of pakistan, rockets have been fired on peshawar. think bout the situtation... we are moving to 1971 like situation. Pak army is conducting an operation inside pakistan. Its the biggest operation in our history. Go ahead, read history, whenever army is involved like this to cruch civilians, civil wars started. Infact there are better solutions to issue but they are only possible if we think like pakistanis and not obey US commands. And by the way, wht did pak army got from that operation, NOTHING. no one captured, army retreated after heavy loss. They lost...... we have to solve problems rather then crushing them. We can make a startegy to deweponize the whole of NWFP and not specific areas. Pak army should never be called to act against a paksitani, and if those fired back to ppl in uniform, u cannot stop any one from self defence. mind it, there were no forighners and that is the reason no one was caught and therefore not showed on pro gov media. we have to accept the hard fact that aur army killed our own ppl in Wana.. shame !!

Ali Malik, Pakistan - 05 April, 2004

wana operation

I strongly support Wana operation & i believe it is not only justified but also very important to get rid of all those people who claim that these brutals terrorists are our guests.These guests are destroying our country's reputation and they are creating problems, but they(terrorists)must know one thing for sure that because of killing of innocent people and fighting against pakistan army,presedent Musharraf's government is commited to fight terrorism and wheather government bring them to justice or justice will bring to them in thier caves either way justice must be done.Therefore,they must surrender because pakistanis will never allow them to use our land for these horrible and terrible acts of terror.
A wise person will never say that this operation is being carried out because of an American pressure,one should remember that these kinds of operations are for Pakistan's own intrest so that we can live in international community as a respectable and an honourable nation.It is very important for Pakistan to enforce the law and order in FATA and safe heaven must be destroyed no matter what it takes.Furthermore,the illegal weapons factories in tribal areas must shut down and drug trafficking must be stopped.
President of Pakistan is working hard to fight the terrorism therefore,it is an important for every Pakistan back at home and abroad to help the president in order to make pakistan strong,prosperous and stable country.
May pakistan live long.
Zulfikar A Tanoli

zulfikar, United Kingdom - 06 April, 2004

Does it make any diffenerce if we support Musharaf and his American masters or the so called terrorists ? ... NO it doesnt.

People whould not forget that the Wana Safe heaven was created by the Intelligence agenceis of Pakistan & US to counter the Russians and these are the same people whom they armed to the teeth at that time. Today they are the bad guys as they are not dancing on their tunes anymore.
Musharaf is not doing anything for Pakistan, its people or Islam ... he is just saving his own skin ... coz going against the US masters means an end like Gen. Zia !
- As Mr Tariq above said .. KILL ALL THE TERRORISTS ... what u asking is exactly the same what these terrorists have asked for - isnt it brother ?
- As for S; for muslims ... the words & laws of Quran are above all and constitution of Pakistan is also based on it. And when it says to save our holy lands from the dirty non-believers, it is on us to stop them at any cost ... this is what Al-Qaeda has always sought for ... here US is the imperial force trying to enforce their law on all the individuals of the world.
- PICES was installed at our airports to facilitate the Amercian Masters ... FBI is watching all Communications in our country. where as within US they (NSA & DOD) break their own laws by spying on their citizens ... by spying on UN Diplomats ..
- I am not a Madarsa literate (unfortunately) .. I am an MBA with good social knowledge .. but still I support the cause initiated by the so called terrorists.
- Its the western media who decides who did what ? ... they created the next target for US after the cold war ... and it was started long back in 1989 soon after the break up of USSR.
It is the Amercians who are sitting & waging war on our land ... and it is our duty to defend our integrity.
Unfortunately our Govt. has always been a puppet and to the US masters ... !

Hasan, Pakistan - 07 April, 2004

Who's a Muslim ?

I have only one question for all the supporters of these so called muslim Mujahideen or militants in WANA.

All these militants were also involved in the war against Northern Alliance Mujahideen, who happened to be muslims as well ...

Now please tell us if you guys also support their killings of muslims in Afghanistan and the killings of muslims in Pakistan by the same militants who trained terrorists like Riaz Basra

Have we gone blind ? How many muslims in Pakistan died on the basis of sectarian clashes. Where were these terrorists hiding after killing them and who's training them...

Aren't you happy to see that finally, on whatever condition, our soldiers are moving in and trying to clean up the mess..

Let's not go back to find why the came to this area and what was their purpose... just look into the future and see around that how their presence and providing training to terrorists in Pakistan are causing huge damage to us as a nation.
Don't you folks think that this clean up operation would bring more peace and harmony inside Pakistan ? May be for a time being they will retaliate and rebel, but in a long run.....
I am positive about it!

S, Pakistan - 07 April, 2004

I would invite people who are living in the past to wake up smell the air. Welcome to the world of post 9/11. People are talking here as if they have conducted a survey among the tribals and have accurate information of their background and loyalty. The situation in our western border is fluid. The elements fighting us tooth and nail in wanna, are NOT with us. They are AGAINST us, because of a simple fact: we did not commide suicide along the Taliban to save the holy soul of his Highness Sheikh OBL. Period.
These elments, regardless of what they did us in the past, are at present, disgruntled. They hate us and they want to settle a score. They're not boy scouts camping out in Wana, they are professional mercenaries who would bomb a church, or kill a President in pursuit of their agenda. They are cold and they are calculating. And we need to fight them. Its a very simple equation. All this excavation of history during the British Raj and the USSR days is irrelevant, because the tribals are different from these elements.

hamood, Pakistan - 08 April, 2004


Finally the Great Pakistani Army is carrying out operations against people who are more loyal to the Afghan warlords and criminal Arabs than us. Here in Pakistan, people from their area can go anywhere in Pakistan but we can't go to their area because its not safe for us. These are the areas where all of criminal elements of Pakistan and other countries take refuge. Its better to take care of them before they take care of us. DON'T INVOLVE RELIGION IN EVERYTHING!FEAR JUGDEMENT DAY BECAUSE YOU HAVE YOUR OWN INTREPRETATION OF ISLAM WHICH IS WRONG!!!!!

Nabi, Pakistan - 09 April, 2004

listen me

you all are saying that u do not know clearly i wanted to add some thing to clear this
When a child born he know nothing his parrents know how they will teach him
but in the case his parrents who are not so wealthy they sent their children to any madrisa to learn some thing and the child goes to mosque or madrisa where he got food and education but there molvees teach him only the lesson that we are only muslims and in world we have no other work except preaching islam and there are two ways to preache islam one is with love and second might is right and on these tips they make thier minjd and start there work and when they started all world say them terrorist
And let me add some thing more that when a boy free from his study he found no work and no bussiness he joined these jihadis troops to go in heaven
in these cases no one is defaulter only who is defaulter who has some force to create jobs and have some force to stop these main molvees who are prepairing these little students who are poor and could have wealth to spend for good schools and colleges
and second thing about wana operation this operation brought out to stop america to crush pakistan because pakistan is not so well structured country because pakistan have a Defence force not aggressive force and in this way we are very small number and we have no good eqipment as india has or america has
if we support these jihadees we have no force to face america or no way to run in another country
and this is the neccessory of the time to obey america
so Pakistan army is trying to stop these jihadees if we not stop them pakistan,s will be in thousends crises and i sure we will be like Iraq and Afghanistan and when we have these problems no one will come forward to help us.
So i think Jen musharaf is doing the best thing when we will able to face these all things we will start jihad and no one could stand against us and for doing these good tricks i sliute my Jenaral Musharaf
Pakistan Zinda Bad
Pak Army Zinda Bad
Jen Pervaiz Zinda Bad
He is second leader since 57 years
ok Allah Hafiz
Lt Muhammad Khan

Lt.Muhammad Khan sargodha, Pakistan - 11 April, 2004

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