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The Mumbai Massacre : Who? How? Why?

04 December, 2008

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A heinous crime has taken place in Mumbai. Innocent human beings have been killed by some monsters in the name of some dubious causes. Pakistan Tribune shares the grief of the victims and offers heartfelt condolences to the aggrieved.

At the moment there are a lot of conflicting reports coming out of the India. There is a crossfire of blames and counter-blames between India and Pakistan. Intense emotional rhetoric is further fogging up the already murky situation enveloping the two nuclear armed states. It is time to cool it off, troubleshoot and, if possible, nip the evil in the bud to avoid a repeat of the incident on either side.

Despite having immense internal problems, starting from Kashmir and spreading as far away as Nagaland and Assam, India feels that the roots of all her troubles lie in Pakistan. While Pakistan, a country most violently hit by terrorism, which has lost thousands of its citizens to terrorism and whose President’s wife was assassinated by similar criminals, feels that India is being unjust in its accusations and that both countries are victims of the same criminals who do not wish to see the two neighbors supping at the same table.

Pakistanis further say that there are also Islamist terror camps in Bangladesh, where the 10,000 strong JMB group receives ample funding and arms from sympathizers across the Muslim world. And that even in India, a massive country with large rural areas under-patrolled by police, Islamist terrorist camps have been found in the Karnataka jungles of the Southwest. What is more, the Maoist Naxalite movement operates in thirteen of India’s twenty-six states and is a robust organization with anywhere up to 20,000 members. In April 2006, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself called the Naxalite threat the “biggest internal security challenge ever faced by our country.” The Pakistanis assert that there’s plenty of indigenous terrorist training capacity, not all of it controlled by or even backed by Pakistan. And that the insurgency in the North of Pakistan is being fueled and funded by Indians through their Consulates from across the border in Afghanistan.

  • Who did it, how they did it, why they did it and what is the solution? Speak out.
  • Reader Comments:

    Two main issues

    Ridicules, India don't have to involve, and Pakistan being played earlier by Americans. It is not reasonable to listen to Americans now, the game is very old, put pressure internally and externally on Pakistan will only bring in, disaster for India. China knows the game and people of Pakistan are not stupid. It is time, India must realize that we all need to sit down on a table and resolve our every issues including Kashmir. America is suffering heavily, seems like a curse, India don't have to dirty their hands. Pretty soon America will be involved fixing their economy for long time and all books will be re-written. Evil thought will only bring bad for the people of India or Pakistan. Let us not forget that the European had transferred their wealth to Turkey too, not because they want to, but they had to. Look what India and Pakistan have done, for the last 61 years, and we all know in our heart, the level of trust and imagine that who suffer the most, the people of India and Pakistan. Pakistan posed no threat to anybody or any country. The knowledge and education must be transferred. In Asia we countries in our lack of education and our own agenda had not grown as European nations and we should all learn and educate ourselves. India progress is linked with its neighboring countries in Asia where you can make the difference and raise the standard of education and living so you can be competitive in every aspect of life. Why not an Indian or Pakistani find a cure for cancer if given a chance to live a normal life without the external and internal threat. Research is only possible if your mind is free. The evil imagination of country like America now suffering big time and European countries already know the outcome and backing out. Every think-tank of India and Pakistan must sit down and re-think the act of our past in thorough manner. The mistakes must not be repeated and the new thought of cooperation of trade, education, knowledge must be transferred and filled into the missing gaps of past. Let us not concentrate on our religious differences but accept the concept among the religions of the world and its respect which teaches the same commandments which we all know in our hearts, they are truly pure and true. Pakistan has to do more in educating its people the real meaning of Islam which they know in their hearts and do ignore the need of secular education which is evenly necessary to compete in the world which will help them earn the same level of money help maintain their image of respect and brotherhood. With due respect to the idea of Jihad “on an individual basis “to perform a negative act which involved killing of one and more person is, for my point of view is “Shirk” Only Allah give and take life of any person. I think for the misinterpretation of Islam and many more are out there, which are viewed poorly mainly due to the lack of a true institutions or the University which could be comprised of many individuals who are Ulamas, Sufis, the Imams or the contributors, the teachers, philosophers of Islamic Ideologies. Every Muslim's country must send number of (Individuals) to this common ground institution and many institutions must teach the soul of teaching of true interpretation of Islam. How just Ghamdi and other individuals on TV everyday teaching can be trusted and viewed without the involvement of the many institutions of Islam. I have seen many looking at the Saudis and their teaching influenced most of the people in Pakistan very much, which my point of view is not appropriate and acceptable.

    Aslam Sheikh, Pakistan - 24 December, 2008

    Know the tree from the fruit!!!

    Hi guys,
    Let us think this way. What is the export of PAk to the world. TERRORISTs!!!. Yes . Pak goverment is exporting it for long time. They are doing it with help of fund of state govt and state intellgence service (ISI). It is the time to stop once and forever. If they can not stop it others will and should stop it. By any means or it will be a treat to the civilized world. There is a limit to every thing. Let us stop it.

    Babu, United Kingdom - 24 December, 2008


    I want to know that is USA really thinking of eliminating terror from the earth, It looks no, it looks US is helping the other religious groups to add the problems for humans. I am mentioning about the hindu terror groups of India which wanted to be better terrorists then islamic terrorists these words are not mine but the most known Indian leader Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray on Tuesday said he would welcome emergence of Hindu terrorists.
    If they Hindu terrorists are behind the September 29 Malegaon blast, I would be glad. Terrorists should be born among Hindus, I have begun to feel, he said in an interview given to his party's mouthpiece 'Samaana'.
    Sadhvi Pragya Singh, Lt Col P S Purohit arrested in connection with the Malegaon blast have been victimised...What was their fault? Something might have been done to take on fanatic Muslims... he said.
    The global police agency Interpol says India has not shared any information with it about last month's deadly attacks in Mumbai Bombay.
    Is America still not believing that these terrorists may be behind Mumbai 26/11 attacks.
    The global police agency Interpol says India has not shared any information with it about last month's deadly attacks in Mumbai Bombay.

    BHAT, Pakistan - 24 December, 2008

    Follow China's peace advise

    India should follow China wisdom and first ponder into self deep.Should ponder it deep about terror causing financing of blasts in Pakistan by India in Swat, in Baloch incitement of troubles and various other financing of suicidal blasts in Pakistan.President Musharraf had taken those proofs to present them to America.

    But first, The Indians will enjoy this poem as advise guidelines to follow China for peace reasons:

    China advises peace

    Have dialogue, compromise
    That's the Chinese advise
    Wisdom is from China side
    China peace is far and wide

    China is much against war
    See how sweet Chinese are
    China is the peace flower
    Future's sole super power

    All know,it aint surprise
    Chinese really are so wise
    Welcome China, dear friend
    China's peace got no pretend

    Peaceful China is so sweet
    China peace, none can beat
    Yes, the world understands
    Listen to China,shake hands

    China peace is the treasure
    Follow China,you got pleasure
    China nation is rising sun
    China rise is now begun

    While others drop N flop
    China sure will go to top
    China is the nation grand
    Grandest,with peace in hand

    Listen one, listen crowd
    China makes us feel proud
    So make peace on top above
    China calls for peace N love

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 25 December, 2008

    Pak Problem

    Pakistan, it's army and ISI are the root of all terrorism. Civilians are powerless. Best solution is to give independance to Baloshistan; set up Pashtunistan out of NWFP and let Punjab remain alone - all as seperate countries.

    Arun, Hungary - 25 December, 2008

    Let's also ponder about this... can we try and make this the last one?

    I think as humans we deserve not to get killed by other humans in terrorist attacks like this one. And more importantly, as humans we must learn to respect the 'right to life' of other humans.
    Who? How? Why? are undoubtedly important questions if only we can learn how to stop this – not only in India but across the world. It is painful to imagine what befalls the families who have lost their dear and near ones in such "avoidable" incidents.
    All nations who believed in wars and had their defense apparatus suppress the political leadership have failed miserably in the past. The cost though for the entire human race has been humongous - the two world wars are testimonies to this fact.
    In between all the discussions focused on above points, it would be wise for all like-minded countries to come together and start a global exercise to destroy terrorism. Remember, the United Nations has its origins in the World Wars! Other way to stop this would be take this case as an example where all like-minded countries pool in their resources to do a thorough investigation. And whatever is revealed as the real fact should be addressed comprehensively and conclusively. Let's work together to make this world a safer place...

    An Indian, Hungary - 25 December, 2008

    reply :: fact please ::

    Facts please
    To all Indians: Before you open your mouth please present all the facts or get lost.
    Parvez, Pakistan

    Are you Musalman (Musal-e-Iman), Search your iman and then reply, Can you please help me the gather truth from your contry.. Pakistan

    Mae, India - 26 December, 2008


    vishal, Hungary - 26 December, 2008

    God is seeing everything and everybosy knows who is the sinner.. He will definitely punish the sinners

    , United Kingdom - 26 December, 2008

    Facts please

    To all Indians: Before you open your mouth please present all the facts or get lost.

    Parvez, Pakistan - 26 December, 2008

    why are not mention RSS? Are u forget godhra incident? Naxal is not a terrorist

    maeg, Hungary - 27 December, 2008

    hey brother war is not solution peace is good for india and pak both . in this time world is undergoing finance crises its batter both country gets together and talk together. Terrorist in pak or in INDIA both are harm full for both country.Terrorist is neither Muslim nor Hindu nor Christan they have no caste . They are bloody inhuman .ISSUE IS TERRORIST NOT WAR. Why not Work together and live together We PROGRESS U PROGRESS.INDIA-PAK Are two brothers .why to fight, lets fight against terrorist.

    Its not about showing mucelpower against two country .its about innocent people who are out their in both country . who are not waling war.WHY War, What will u get OUT OF WAR. PRIDE? on Dead bodies ,homes broken,mothers with their son's dead bodies?LAND?FILLED WITH Graves?


    Terrorist and criminals are not of ours and not of yours they only kill innocent people of pakastan or india . why not to bring them to justis. i know its vary difficut for pakistan gov to do that because of extremist. but why not take help of UN Army to destroy this terrorist.
    its benificail for both country to remove this terrorist from the root. and move to words progress of both country. where every citizine get work and prosperity.

    luybtm, Hungary - 27 December, 2008

    One point

    I dont understand why some pakistanis are concerned about muslims in India. They beong to us not pakistan. I have lot many muslim friends here. We definitely dont prefer discussing about religion, rather we talk about our careers and our social well being. For those pakistani people Abdul kalam is a muslim and he was President of India, the most prestigious position in India. Our bollywood and other sports are dominated by muslims only.Hindus muslims, every body worships sharukh khan, and Ameer Khan. There is obviously no situation like this in pakistan. I am 26 years and came from middle class family, i am earning more that 60,000 per month in an Indian Multi national.I see Lakhs of youngsters like me who are well paid and well settled. Thanks to our country economy and Industrialists. Its time Pakistan start thinking in terms of properity, development and destroy terror elemets. I especially liked that quote in previous threads

    "Any religion, leader can be defeated only by its followers"

    sandeep, Hungary - 27 December, 2008

    Fuck Fear, Have Beer!

    Pak don't hav to fear abt war. Indian govt. is sensible, will never do such thing. Don't you worry!

    Kapil Bhai, Hungary - 27 December, 2008

    IT'S THE...... STUPID!

    What happened in Mumbai was most tragic, but at the risk of sounding like a broken record, and please pardon my borrowing a line from the 1st Clinton run, it is INDEED:


    The sooner India, the world's biggest democracy, shakes off it's positive allergy to SERIOUSLY discussing this important issue (remember the democratically held Kashmiri plebisite?) the sooner the that WHOLE region and by extension, the West can feel safer. Our courageous Musharraf and his multi one-way unanswered gestures (how unfortunate) may have left the scene, but PLEASE understand this:

    Cosmetic and mere lip service CBM's, stubbornly refusing to include near impatient and ready 3rd party mediators (US PRES. OBAMA being the latest) with the real hope that the issue will somehow be swept under the rug by the passage of time are a waste of both time and money. The problem ain't going away, and it will continue to be our mutual ball & chain into oblivion!

    HEEEELLLLLOOOOO???? Indian friends, is your government listening?

    N.Javed, United Kingdom - 27 December, 2008

    No doubts..Terrorist from Pakistani soil and with govt help

    The biggest proof is govt denial of Kasab being Pakistani (Same way Pak done during Kargil conflict).This shows govt hand in terror attacks in India which is killing innocent people! How will Allah forgive and offer jannat to Killers?

    Abhishek, Hungary - 27 December, 2008

    A lot to Thinks:
    Friends, Terrorism has no religion. A terrorist can neither be a Hindu nor a Musalman nor a Christian. No religion preaches violence and hatred.
    While Pakistan itself is fighting a big war against terrorism and losing a lot of lives in the cowardly acts of terrorism, it is in the greater interest of Pakistan and to that extent India also, that we jointly make an exercise to flush out terrorists and their breeding grounds.
    I am glad, I could use this (Pak Tribune) platform to convey my thoughts, belief of most of the Indian to the Pakistan, its people and media.
    I am glad, I could use this (Pak Tribune) platform to convey my thoughts, belief of most of the Indian to the Pakistan, its people and media.
    Manoj. Das, India

    , Samoa - 28 December, 2008

    Pakistan is the final loser

    Pakistan is the final loser. These culture of hate and terrorism by some elements within the country is like will eat away Pakistan. Every citizen of Pakistan has to realise that there are no good terrorist. They will look good for while when they are killing someone you hate. But soon, before you realize, they will be killing someone you love too.
    Put in strict law and order. Look at our Saudi Arabia's example .There are many Islamic fundamentalists in Saudi who want to "spread and protect" Islam by killing innocents..but the govt of Saudi Arabia shoots them at sight..because they know anyone can be next..
    There is nothing in the history of the world as "good lawlessness".
    Pakistan has to act now to prevent itself from breaking and failing within 25 years.

    Samir, Ukraine - 28 December, 2008

    I don't understand the teaching of Islam, does it teach or say's that no other religion other than Islam has the right to be on the earth.

    One thing is common for all Islamic countries, whether it is Pakistan, Lebanon or Arab nations, when there is some shameful activities such as terrorist attack is carried out in non-Muslim nations there is no protest seen in any of the Islamic countries.

    Remember after 9/11 attack on U.S, how the Afghanistan people celebrated like a victory and Same in Lebanon. Or take an example of recent Strikes on Israel by Palestine militant (Hamas) no Arab countries be it Egypt or Iran have not expressed concern over it, and when after to days Israel strikes Gaja to protect its citizens they are expressing concern.

    , Hungary - 28 December, 2008

    Whay are you guys creating war hystria. Aren't you just admitting that you were the reason for the Mumbai attacks? Read
    We are forced to go by convincing Western govts becuase that is the only language Pakistan understands, Pressure from countries that give Arms and Alms to Pakistan.

    Native, Hungary - 28 December, 2008

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