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Is a Pakistani Christian equal to a fellow Muslim?

19 December, 2005

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"A young Pakistani student belonging to the Christian faith has posed an interesting question through a petition in the Lahore High Court. The question is: Am I, a Pakistani Christian equal to a fellow citizen who is a Muslim ?For those of the readers who missed the news item reported by an English daily, this young student belongs to a low income group, is a practicing Christian and extremely bright. She has been competing to get into the King Edwards Medical College but was beaten on the list by 20 marks by a Muslim student who got the extra 20 marks for being Hafiz--e-Quran. So, now this young Christian girl has filed a plea in the Lahore Court declaring that she and the Muslim student had equal marks but the latter got the advantage of religion. The young Christian student claims that ``this is discrimination against religious minority students and a violation of fundamental rights granted by the Constitution of Pakistan." The petition admitted by the Lahore High Court demands that either the LHC should rule to abolish the policy or should declare that a parallel policy should be made to award twenty additional marks to religious minority students on the basis of their religious knowledge. Fifty eight years after the creation of the country to ask such a question through the courts is both tragic and hopeful".

Constitution of Pakistan, Part II, Chapter -1, Fundamental Rights, Article 22 says:-
(1) No person attending any educational institution shall be required to receive religious instruction, or take part in any religious ceremony, or attend religious worship, if such instruction, ceremony or worship relates to a religion other than his own.
(2) In respect of any religious institution, there shall be no discrimination against any community in the granting of exemption or concession in relation to taxation.
(3) Subject to law: (a) no religious community or denomination shall be prevented from providing religious instruction for pupils of that community or denomination in any educational institution maintained wholly by that community or denomination; and
(b) no citizen shall be denied admission to any educational institution receiving aid from public revenues on the ground only of race, religion, caste or place of birth.
(4) Nothing in this Article shall prevent any public authority from making provision for the advancement of any socially or educationally backward class of citizens.

What do you think of above?

Reader Comments:

Part II:

Is Pakistan Constitution WRITTEN under The name of ALLAH(s.w.t) TUHEED The ONENESS and Singularity of ALLAH(s.w.t) and RESALAT of Prophet Mohammad (s.w.w)as in accordance To The Khatim-un-Nabieen Prophet Mohammad (s.w.w) being The Ending-Stamp The Very Last Prophet upon The Prophethood that No-Other Prophets would Follow after Prophet Mohammad (s.w.w) Then The Christians Protection in Pakistan would be under The Islamic-Laws otherwise under The Western-Laws. In Holland there is No-Quota-System for Muslims BUT in Pakistan there is Quota-System for The Non-Muslims while in Holland there is No-Muslims REPRESENTATIONS or SEPERATE-DEPARTMENT But in Pakistan this is granted.

In Pakistan Nobody INSULT;'s Christianity BUT in The WEST and also Holland The Christian-System The Christian-Rules and The Christian-Laws DISRESPECT Muslims and ISLAM because WEST versus ISLAM but in ISLAM Muslims RESPECT The Christians and Bible and Jesus with The Fatih that if Adam could be created by ALLAH(s.w.t) that Adam Creation Had NOT Required by ALLAH(s.w.t) to Have for Prophet-Adam(a.s)Any-Father or Any-Mother and If Prophet-Adam First-Human-Being could be CREATED without Father or Mother THAN The ALLAH(s.w.t) could also CREATE Prophet.Isa(a.s)without FATHER but Isa(a.s) Had The Mother Mariam whom Never got TOUCHED by The Man(Intercourse) and Isa(a.s) was BORN without The Father My Question to Christian World-Wide is that Is The Isa(a.s) The Christians MEAN to say was with Symbolic-Father or Cosmological-Father or Biological-Father BUT nor The less Isa(a.s) Had The Biological-Mother Mariam a Pious Holy-Vergin-Woman whom was Pure SELECTED and GUIDED and GUARDED and GRANTED with The Birth of Isa(a.s) in Repitation of ALLAH(s.w.t) Powers Like in The CREATION of Adam & Eve in The WONDERS of ALLAH(s.w.t) Mujaza(Miracles) Since ALLAH(s.w.t) could CREATE The WORLD and The LIFE could also CREATE The LIFE and DEATH The DEATH is The Answer To The Creation of BIRTH The Isa(a.s) Has NOT died on This Earth and that is WHY Isa(a.s) Would RETURN To This Earth to Obtain His Worldly-Death through His RESRUCTION and RESRUCTION is NOT The CONSTRUCTION in Accordance To The Christinity The RETURN of Isa(a.s) on This Earth means also that Isa(a.s) did NOT DYE on This EARTH and is RESTING ABOVE TILL THE DAY OF RESRUCTION.
The Concept of 3 become's 1 with The Christianity is that 3-Elements into 1-Component while ALLAH(s.w.t) PERCEPT with in ISLAM as Hakikat True-Sence in Existance is that ALLAH(s.w.t) is in The 1-Element and 1-Component that is to say 1-hiz and 1-juz and in Christinaity it has been Defined by The Priesthood into 3-hiz converting into The 1-juz while Three can never become One because The One remains as One OTHERWISE One can not be ONE. This is The REASON of Cruelty from The WEST versus ISLAM that The Christinaity is TRYING to FORCE The Threenees of God upon The Onesness of ALLAH(s.w.t) To The REST of The World. The Justice can only be OBTAINED Through The Oneness of God which is The ONENESS of ALLAH(s.w.t) in ISLAM The LAWS are God-Given from The Paradise and in The WEST The Laws are Kingdom-Given by The Man thus Man-Made-Laws versus God-Made-Laws and that is Why The Justice can not be Prevailed under The Wordly-Systems from The WEST contra ISLAM.

I have got My Father's Property Claims in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and Holland and World-Wide BUT for me it has become almost next to impossible because This World is Dictated under The WEST and since NOT under The ISLAM My Inheritence-Rights are NOT being Given to Me. One God One Law Three Gods Three Laws ISLAM has got One-ALLAH(s.w.t) thus One-Law and Christinaity has got THREE-Gods thus Three-Laws of No-Justice WEST-Justice=Injustice-REST.

(Chairperson&Founder of IPN)

Al-Haj.Faridullah.KOCH(Chairperson & Founder of The Islamitsiche Partij Ned, Netherlands - 11 January, 2006

Salaam Aleykom

She should be given the exact same rights as a Pakistani muslim. I am a pakistani muslim, and I am given exact same rights in a christian nation, why should she be subject to racism when racism is the most heinous acts in islam?

Shujaat, Pakistan - 12 January, 2006

In Holland is also HATE against Muslims and ISLAM without any Justice so What in Pakistan vice versa

Bismillah Airahaman Airahiem


Brother Mohammad ILYAS in Pak.

You could perhap`s consult Quran or The Ulamas NOT Just in Pakistan but World-Wide that in ISLAM it is all about The Wahadaniet The Tuheed of ALLAH(s.w.t) and thus ALLAH(s.w.t) perfers after The ISLAM The Completion of MESSAGE in ISLAM with DISTINCTION in place of Christianity or Jewish Religions because These Two Jews and Christians have tried to INTERPRET or TRANSLATE ALLAH(s.w.t) Tuheed The Wahadaniet The ONENESS and SINGULARITY into PLURALITY and that is why ISLAM should always got to have The Upper-Hand in The Islamic-States or The Muslim-Countries. Brother you are refering to Islamic-States Constitution which is Shariya and under Shariya Christians and Jews MUST be Protected under certain Conditions of Jazia (Extra Taxes) BUT in Pakistan The Christians are Permitted for Alcohol-Licencing which means Pakistan as Islamic Republic of Pakistan has become The PROVIDER These kind of SECULARISTIC-Human-Rights come from Capitalistic-Freedom-Rights which are NOT in accordance to The LOGICS of ISLAM The Christians and Jews under The Islamic-States or Countries MUST always be Secondary and Not Primary. I have Respect for Quran-Hafiz because in ISLAM it is The Rank of General and Imam(Mulivi) is Captain and IF Pakistan would have ever any Hafiz-ul-Quran as Preseident or Any-General as Hafiz-ul-Quran Then The System of Pakistan would become in Real Justice BUT Now Pakistani Laws are derived from The British-Rule and NOT Islamic-Code as basis in The Islamic Government in The Islamic Rule of Government No-Sharab(Alcohol) can ever be Permitted it is Harm Sura Al-Madiah Ayet 50 & 51 & 52 & 53 & 54 About Jews and Christians and Ayet 46 & 47 and Ayet 48 in response to Ayet 42 & 43 & 44 answer to The Christian hue and cry is Ayet 58 and for Christians & Jews it is Ayet 60 due to Ayet 59 and that is why Hafiz since Protects ISLAMIC-TEACHINGS has The Rank of The General and Not Any Mushriq.

In Europe too Muslims are Not made Pilots in The Air-Force nor in The Private-Air-Lines.


Al-Haj.Mr.F.Koch(IPN), Netherlands - 12 January, 2006

To Tom Edgar a Man without God is Without Morals !

Bismillah Airahaman Airahiem

To Tom Edgar a Man Without God is Without Morals !

From Mr.F.Koch(IPN)

Mr.F.Koch(IPN), Netherlands - 12 January, 2006

To Billy Bob meanings versus USA !

Billy Bob meanings versus USA Sami-Redauqs-Ray-Alex-Jim-HenryWillard Payne also in The role of Tom Edgar while it is an ALTERNATIVE Argument rather than that of The Direct SOLUTION to The Cause requested hereby under The Duiscussion of Minority ISSUANCES. In America it is called Assertive-Action is in REACTION to GAIN Quota-System and in Holland it is called Positive-Discrimination which remains as TWISTED Negative-Acceptance. In Holland instead of Religious Rights IMMORAL-RIGHTS are granted The Question on The Man's Right instead of Hetro-Man an Homo is Promoted and on The Woman's Right instead of Hetro-Woman a Lesbian is Promoted. In Holland Muslims with Dutch Passports are never Selected as Pilots be in Air-Force or in Air-Lines.

Mr.F.Koch (IPN)

Mr.F.Koch(IPN), Netherlands - 12 January, 2006

Answer to Khalid Rahim in Canada Yes ISLAM God is Different from Christian God in terms of Faith &am

Bismillah Airahaman Airahiem

To Khalid Rahim in Canada


Brother Muslim God and Christian God may well be The SAME but in Christianity God is defined as 3 becoming 1 and in ISLAM 1 remains 1 and One is ONE. The Christians bring Shariq Partner to ALLAH(s.w.t)and that make's Christians God Different to Muslim's God while Muslims Faith is in The ONENESS of ALLAH(s.w.t) and Christians God is in The THREENESS while ISLAM God thus ALLAH(s.w.t) is in The SIGULARITY and Christian God is in The PLURALITY which is NOT The God of ISLAM or MUSLIMS thus Muslim's ALLAH(s.w.t) is DIFFERENT than that of The Christian's God. TUHEED is about The Wahadaniet of ALLAH(s.w.t) ALLAH is in ONENESS.

Read Simple Quran-Sura

Kul Hu Wala Hu-Ahad
Allah Husa-med
Lam U-led
Walam U-led
Walam Je-Kul-La-Hu

The Christian made God EXPLAINATION and REPRESENTATION into Threeness which is Polylistic-Monotheism opposite to ISLAM.


Mr.F.Koch(IPN), Netherlands - 12 January, 2006

ISLAM towards Secularism under Sharia or under Democracy of WEST Secularism ?

Bismillah Airahaman Airahiem

Brother Daud in USA and Mohammad ILYAS in Pakistan.


We as Muslims should get to The THINKING that to Have All Religions FREEDOM under The ISLAM-Model of SECULARISM or under The WEST-Model of SECULARISM or The WEST-CHRISTIANS that RULED in The Colonial-Times or ISLAM-MUSLIMS whom RULED in The DEFENCE of ISLAM But to Islamic Rules is Europe now COMPLAINING BUT They forget THEIR OWN RULING ERA take now America in Iraq or Afghanistan with Muslims as RULERS it was always PEACE and EASY-GOING under ISLAM.
The Question is We WANT European-Democracy The Model They have in Pakistan or The Model of Sharia-Democracy ?
The Political Agenda is in The Hands of The WEST versus ISLAM ghet This Christian Girl get Her American Rescue because America gave This Present Government to Pakistan then The USA or The UNO MUST SOLVE THIS CASE for This Christian Girl in Pakistan Why Not Americans give Scholarship to This Christian Girl and NOT AFTER THE COMPLETION OF HER MEDICAL DIGREE FROM PAKISTAN IMMIGRANT STATUS take India The Muslims Students have got The Same Problems in terms of Addmission into Professional Colleges and Universities IF They are ATTACHED to ISLAM but The Alcohol-Drinking-Muslims have No-Problems in India and same goes Here in Europe also in Holland.

From Mr.F.Koch(IPN)

Mr.F.Koch(IPN), Netherlands - 12 January, 2006


Mr Koch. Just another who would attack the Philosopher but not his philosophies.I could reply with.A man with religious beliefs is without brains. I won't because itis unnecessarilly ill mannered and also isn't true. I just believe they have reached the wrong conclusions as you, undoubtedly, believe have I.

I don't know what your definition of morals are but this Atheist has never taken illicit drugs, neither do I take alcohol, or tobacco. I was married to one woman for 46 years and the only woman with whom I have had physical relations. I have never been charged with a criminal offence aand to the best of my knowledge I haven't even inadvertently committed an offence. Religion doesn't preclude from anybody immorality. The Jails are full of Christian. Islamic, Jewish Offenders. Rapists,Murderers, Paedophiles have been represented by professers of all faiths including the Leaders of major religions.
This eighty year old Atheist doesn't mind if religionists offer proofs that are contrary to my convictions. I do find it offensive that you would accuse me of immorality when you don't even know me, nor for that matter any other Atheist. I don't know you but I imagine that I could reasonably presume your own morality would probably be inferior to that which I have pursued. But then maybe your idea of morality and mine are different. I wouldn't advocate the stoning to death of another human being(Bible) Nor would I support the Koran's injunction to slay "Unbelievers" Sura 9..5 or any of the multitude of morally objectionable passages in either book. Tom Edgar Glen Aplin Q Australia P S Am I the only one who submits his address?. Is everyone else frightened of something?

Tom Edgar, Aruba - 15 January, 2006

I INVITE Mr.Tom.Edgar to ISLAM become Muslim and Feel for Yourself The Difference !

Bismillah Airahaman Airahiem

Addressed to Tom Edgar in Australia and The Christians of The World I INVITE YOU TO ISLAM.
I must make clear that My answer to your article was NOT to personally INSULT you it was just The Literary Discussion When I say A Man Without God is Without Morals means Like A Book Without Text that means also Humanbeing Without The Tounge or Brains You had about is Brains also The Animals Have BUT work only on The INSTICTS and The Humans WORK through The LOGICS The INSTINCTS does Not have The Philosophy BUT The LOGICS does have The Philosophy. There is a Great Wrong in Saying that God is in The THREENESS and that God is in The PLURALITY and that is Why ISLAM is in Answer to This EXPLAINATION that The ALLAH(s.w.t) is in The ONENESS and SINGULARITY.

If You Believe in The Biggest Emperor God=ALLAH(s.w.t)of All The Emperors then You won't require Small Powers that of The Priest's Leadership on Humanity or General's Army Protection or Politician's Democracy than YOU WOULD ONLY BELIEVE in The FAITH of ALLAH(s.w.t) which is in ISLAM and is The ONLY Complete Message compared to Transitional-Orders of ALLAH(s.w.t)To FOLLOW The ONENESS of ALLAH(s.w.t) The Same ALLAH(s.w.t) ORDERED to Prophet-Abraham (a.s) and All The Prophets before The Advent of Prophet-Abraham(a.s) and After Follow of Prophets Moses(a.s) to Isa(a.s) To The VERY Last Prophet Mohammad(s.w.w) Whom Is The Ending Prophet to ALL The Prophets "Khatim-un-Nabieen" with Completion of Allah(s.w.t) Message INTACT from "Zabur" The Holy Book of Prophet-Dauood(a.s){David} to "Torah" The Holy Book of Prophet-Musa(a.s){Moses} with The Holy Book "Anjil"(Bible)upon The Folks of Prophet-Isa(a.s)in The ENDING END WITH The Holy-Quran(The Word of ALLAH s.w.t) Copleting The Holy-Messgae The Holy-Order Completion on ISLAM Thes are Holy Prophets were MUSLIMS by Muslim it means BELIVERS in ISLAM because ISLAM is about The Oneness "Wahadaniet" The TUHEED of ALLAH(s.w.t)and that is Why The Holy-Quran is The Word of ALLAH(s.w.t) WITH The Completion of ALLAH(s.w.t) Order to Have FAITH in ALLAH(s.w.t) as ONE in The ONENESS of ALLAH(s.w.t)The SINGULARITY of ALLAH(s.w.t) WITHOUT Any Partners-Empowerings Next To The EXISTANCE of ALLAH(s.w.t)without Any-One thus No-One ever CLAIM or be CLAIMED Next to ALLAH(s.w.t) No ONE can EQUAL or MAY in Any Way EQUAL ALLAH(s.w.t) BECAUSE ONLY ALLAH(s.w.t) TAKES OUR LIVES AND GIVES US OUR LIVES. If ALLAH(s.w.t) and Since ALLAH(s.w.t) Created Life on Earth This Erath Axis and Rotation of Life and Death and The Lifer After Death in Accendence The Humans on Earth as His Ambassador The First Human Prophet Adam(a.s)as "Ashraf-ul-Makhlukat" The Embetered LIFE with Later Creation of Mother-Eve (Hava)in The Paradise.The Creation of Prophet-Adam(a.s) is WITHOUT The Father and Without The Mother than The Mother Mariam could also Have The Birth of Isa(a.s) in Her Piety Without The Father Which is ONE ABSENT and in The Creation of Prophet-Adam(a.s) BOTH ARE ABSENT No-Mother and No-Father and If inaccordance To Christianity and Jewish Religions If The God COULD CREATE OUT OF NOTHING THIS ERATH AND THE LIFE ON THIS ERATH AND IN THE PARADISE THEN ALLAH(s.w.t) HAD CREATED LIFE FOR Prophet-Adam(a.s) OUT OF NOTHING and so as also for The Prophet-Isa(a.s) OUT OF NOTHING and that is WHY The Christians MUST COME TO BELIVING THAT ALLAH(s.w.t) COULD CREATE AND WOULD CREATE LIFE AFTER THE DEATH AND HAS CREATED LIFE BEFORE THE DEATH To Prophet-Adam(a.s) AND THUS ALSO THE LIFE OF PROPHET-Isa(a.s) HAS BEEN CREATED BY ALLAH(s.w.t) AND THAT Prophet Isa(a.s)WAS RAISEN TO THE HEAVENS AND Prophet Isa(a.s)WOULD RETURN ON HIS RESRUCTION To This EARTH To TAKE HIS EARTHLY DEATH BUT NOW HE IS ALIVE AT HEAVENS ALSO IN ACCORDANCE TO ISLAM BELIEF AND FAITH IN ACCORDANCE To The Holy Quran. The Mother-Hava(Eve) is created from Prophet-Adam(a.s) Just Like From The Tree Fruit Pit can Let Grow Another Tree thus The Biological-DNA from Prophet-Adam(a.s)By The ALLAH(s.w.t) Order-Miracle was Mother-Hava(Eve)Created in CONVERSE Masculin as SOURCE-Prophet-Adam(a.s) and Feminin as COURSE-Hava in ACCEND To This Earth and Then In The Same Way ALLAH(s.w.t) Had Created Masculin as SOURCE Prophet-Isa(a.s) from The COURSE of Feminin Mother-Mariam DNA-Decended In The ADVERSE from The Paradise to The CONVERSE of Paradise and Our SOULS are Enthursted Here to go through Our Exams before The ALLAH(s.w.t)in order to regain The Diploma with The Performance of Good-Deeds with less marks or more marks in various ranks.

see further part II

Mr.F.Koch(IPN), Netherlands - 15 January, 2006

I INVITE Mr.Tom.Edgar to ISLAM become Muslim and Feel for Yourself The Difference !

Part II:
I WELCOME Mr.Tom.Edgar to become Muslim in The Name of ALLAH(s.w.t) ACCEPT The ONESNESS of ALLAH(s.w.t) instead of Christian Way of BELIEF in The THREENESS of God IF YOU CALL God as ONE Why would you BELIEVE in God as THREE because THREE can not be ONE and ONE is NOT THREE that is WHY ISLAM HAS MADE CLEAR that ALLAH(s.w.t) is ONE in The ONENESS and SINGULARITY and God can not be in The THREENESS or PLURALITY.
I begin with The name of ALLAH(s.w.t) Who is Merciful and Kind. But to those who BELIEVE in ALLAH(s.w.t) and Follow His ONENESS that God is NOT in The THREENESS and that ALLAH(s.w.t) IS IN THE SIGULARITY and NOT IN THE PLURALITY as it is being explained in The Christianity.
I wish you Mr.Tom Edgar The Peace of Mind and Happiness of Heart I Welcome You to Become Muslim and ALLAH(s.w.t) Shall Take Care of You Join The Brotherhood of ISLAM. Thanking you Sincerely,
Mr.F.Koch. My Postal Address:
5857, 3008 AW Rotterdam-Holland

Mr.F.Koch(IPN), Netherlands - 15 January, 2006

I INVITE Mr.Tom.Edgar to ISLAM become Muslim and Feel for Yourself The Difference !

Part II:
I WELCOME Mr.Tom.Edgar to become Muslim in The Name of ALLAH(s.w.t) ACCEPT The ONESNESS of ALLAH(s.w.t) instead of Christian Way of BELIEF in The THREENESS of God IF YOU CALL God as ONE Why would you BELIEVE in God as THREE because THREE can not be ONE and ONE is NOT THREE that is WHY ISLAM HAS MADE CLEAR that ALLAH(s.w.t) is ONE in The ONENESS and SINGULARITY and God can not be in The THREENESS or PLURALITY.
I begin with The name of ALLAH(s.w.t) Who is Merciful and Kind. But to those who BELIEVE in ALLAH(s.w.t) and Follow His ONENESS that God is NOT in The THREENESS and that ALLAH(s.w.t) IS IN THE SIGULARITY and NOT IN THE PLURALITY as it is being explained in The Christianity.
I wish you Mr.Tom Edgar The Peace of Mind and Happiness of Heart I Welcome You to Become Muslim and ALLAH(s.w.t) Shall Take Care of You Join The Brotherhood of ISLAM. Thanking you Sincerely,
Mr.F.Koch. My Postal Address:
5857, 3008 AW Rotterdam-Holland

Mr.F.Koch(IPN), Netherlands - 15 January, 2006

" Am I, a Pakistani Christian equal to a fellow citizen who is a Muslim?"

The simple answer to your question is big "NO". Pakistanis love to hate and discriminate. This is the truth which is very ugly. I feel sorry for this poor Christian student.

KGB, Pakistan - 16 January, 2006

Allah is one without partner

To Al-Haj.Faridullah.KOCH(Chairperson & Founder of
The Islamitsiche Partij Ned, Netherlands and all believers
in injeel taurat and quran...

Assalam o Alaikum

Theory is misleading.Allah subhanotalla is live and nearby.Allah need no
representation by anyone including Br Alhaj Koch.You cannot converse with
Allah.Allah grants permission and can show via....after khatimunnabeen.
Therefore, father son holy spiriti is valid.What is not valid is Lord Jesus son of
God and Holy Ghost.Based upon my personal experience alternative to father son
holyspirit is worshipping hinduism.I have an ongoing dilemma. WAS-SALAM

benz m Ispahani, India - 17 January, 2006

No Christian

Mr Koch I am afraid you do not understand. I am not a Christian,and would be offended being described as such. If for whatever reason I embraced any religion it certainly wouldn't be one with a trifucated personality as its head.My late wife certainly didn't believe in a Trinity and she was a Quaker.I do NOT believe in the existence of any God, at least I have never been given a single piece of evidence to support such a belief. All of this is actually a diversion from the original question of whether or not one religion should recieve equal consideration before the law with another.I propose that until you realise the possibility that all Believers are mistaken this sad old world will continue with the hatred, wars, murder and maiming that in the name of the various Gods, from long before Judaism, has plagued all of the civilisations. Isn't it time it was called "Enough"

Give the girl her inalienable right to an education. Give Women their right to freely express their desires and be involved in all that MEN presently enjoy.Don't allow your religious beliefs and prejudices to dictate how others may act. and may your God(s) go with you whomsoever you conceive him/her to be.
Tom .au P S I had to have a multiplicity of Gods of both sexes. The Hindu mob might be offended otherwise. I believe at the last count they have over a thousand from which to chose. I think that the Buddah crowd don't have a God as such.The Catholics have three with a crowd of minor ones called Saints and of course the Matriarch Mary to keep order.

Tom Edgar, Aruba - 17 January, 2006


Sorry Mr Koch I really must add that it would be better to be more succinct. I tried to make out what you were trying to say and it made no sense whatsoever.
My Dutch was never very good and after 60 years it is now non existent. I will excuse you as you are evidently writing in a Third language. In any language precision and brevity will impart the message much better than quotation upon quotation without relevance. I say this , trying to be helpful.Tom Edgar

Tom Edgar, Aruba - 17 January, 2006

keep pakistan poor

i am a muslim that lives in england and i would feel very angry if when applying for a college place i was not accepted becauce a christian who had good knowledge of the bible got more entry points.

sajid, Pakistan - 17 January, 2006

fair treatment

give the girl a place in the medical college and be justiced towards her and other christians , dont hate no one Islam teaches peace and fairness!!!!!!!!

nawaz khan, Pakistan - 18 January, 2006

There is but One God

There is no God but Allah.
I believe in Messenger of peace(Islam)perform certain
routine and pray " please protect me and put me in the right tract to safety security
income respect and dignity away from sin greed time wasting amid personal gods
illicit misleading people and whispering around and invite
like Br Koch to others to come to the path of success"
Did it work? Criteria of yes
and no you ought to know.
whether you worship father son holy spirit,mother teressa
or durga maa,hanuman or Ram God and rushing to mosque or church to earn some points
towards a place for paradise
there is one God common.God is Allah creator of everything.Consequently,the defination, there is no god but Allah.Secret is this Allah
to whom all the creation seek
help.They could be light particle amino acids protein
or anything.They are dependent on to this Allah or God (one and only).There cannot be anything better than this ONE to get attached to.Since this one knows ins and out of past present future why waste time in shopping around for bargain.
No matter how much effort you make This one and Only either
grants or reject.This God is God

benz m Ispahani, India - 18 January, 2006

In answer to comments from Iran ALLAH(s.w.t) Ofcourse is Live and Alive from Finite to Infinite !

Bismillah Airahaman Airahiem


In answer to comments from Iran ALLAH(s.w.t)Ofcourse is LIVE and ALIVE from Finite to Infinite Kindly Check The Soerah That I have Refered to in The Passage of My Letter.
ALLAH(s.w.t) Is Custodian of His Own NAME and Qualities Ofcourse ALLAH(s.w.t) Requires Nobody and also that ALLAH(s.w.t) Need NO Representations BUT ALLAH(s.w.t) Has ORDERED Muslims to SPREAD The WORD of ALLAH(s.w.t) SPREAD The TUHEED The RESALAT of Prophet Mohammad (s.w.w) THROUGH Quran is to be READ and to be SPREAD.
The REASON that in Europe God is REPRESENTED in THREENESS instead of The ONENESS BELIVERS OF ISLAM HAVE THE TASK TO SPREAD THE REAL EXPLAINATION OF ISLAM AT ALL LEVELS INTELECTUAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL IN EDUCATION AND DAILY LIFE BECAUSE IF ALLAH(s.w.t) IS NOT UNDERSTOOD THAN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE THE WORLD THIS LIFE AND THE LIFE HERE AFTER CAN NOT BE UNDERSTOOD READ QURAN TACH QURAN UNDERSTAND QURAN SPREAD QURAN. I HAVE IN MY LIMITS PROBLEMS WHEN MY ALLAH(s.w.t)IS EXPLAINED IN EUROPE AS IN THREE WHILE MY ALLAH(s.w.t) THE ALLAH(s.w.t) OF ISLAM THE ALLAH(s.w.t) OF MUSLIMS IS ONE IN THE ONENESS ANY COMPROMISE WITH Christians or Jews ABOUT ALLAH(s.w.t) IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR MUSLIMS. IN MY POLITICAL PARTIES AFTER 5-Years DEFEAT of MOORS ARABS IN SPAIN OR DEFEAT OF MUSLIMS IN TURKEY I HAVE AL-HAMDULLIAH Registered Islamic Party Netherlands as ISLAMITSICE PARTIJ NEDERLAND in which in order to explain that What kind of Political Party for The Rights of Muslims We are The First Point is Registered on The Party Agenda that WE BELIEVE IN THE ONENESS Wahadaniet The SINGULARITY of ALLAH(s.w.t) Second Point of The Party Registration is That We BELIEVE in The Prophet Mohammad (s.w.w) AS THE VERY LAST PROPHET "Khatim-un-Nabieen" and Third Point that Holy Quran is Our Basic Ethical Book All Laws and Human Justice come's from Quran because it is The Word of ALLAH(s.w.t) No Other Intelectuality need be Discussed ISLAM can be Learnt from The Quran. The Basic of ISLAM is explained by Hukem-i-Rabi By The Order of ALLAH(s.w.t) I correct nobody ALLAH(s.w.t) May Give Hidayet to Muslims and Hikmet and Aqel.
You said quote: [ "You can not converse with ALLAH(s.w.t)" ] Nobody can claim that After The "Khatim-un-Nabieen" Read Quran it says Fight Jihad for ALLAH(s.w.t) ALLAH(s.w.t) Do Not Need You or Me But ALLAH(s.w.t) Gave The Choice To Stand-Up AWAKEN for ALLAH(s.w.t) or SLAAP in This Duniya going through The Daily Routine of Life This is Your Choice You want Easy Life or You Want to Stand for ALLAH(s.w.t) In Prayers or In Jihad or In Helping Others or In Teaching Others or In Following ALLAH(s.w.t) ? You also Quote: "Therefore , Father Son Holy Spitrit is Valid. First of All ISLAM is NOT The Theory You seem's to Have Mentioned. Secodly ISLAM in The Quran is as it is No One Should Change It This is The World of ALLAH(s.w.t) That is Why amongts Muslims You Have so many Hafiz-ul-Quran Can You Find One Hafiz-ul-Angil or Hafiz-ul-Torah or Hafiz-ul-Hafiz on The Poetery of Sheikh Sadi or Any Dictionary of The World or Hafiz on Any Book And This is The Sabout PROOF that The Holy Book Quran is The WORD of ALLAH(s.w.t) THAT The Human Mind could Memorize and Make Hafiz AND PEOPLE WITH Bracnches and Other School of Thoughts Like Ahmadias(Murdieds) Can Not Produce One Hafizul Quran The Druez in Arabs Branching Claim on ISLAM or Bahais LINKING to ISLAM or Any Firqas The Varriations in ISLAM whom CLAIM TO BE THE RIGHTEOUS Can They Produce One Hafiz-ul-Quran or Hafiz-in-Any-Book ! Your Quote ALTERNATIVE Holy-Spirit is Worshipping The Hiduism. What is NOT Valid is Lord Jesus SON of God And Holy Ghost. RIGHTLY said I agree as Muslim READ My Papers Always I Teach Children Young or OLD The Basics That Isa(a.s)Jesus is NOT The SON of GOD by that any Muslim Who AGREE's WITH Christians in Religious FREEDOM of ACCEPTANCE is Making KUFER because anybody Who brings Shariq NEXT TO ALLAH(s.w.t) is Right Away DECLARED Mushriq STAMPED Mushriq.
Read Soerah Al Anam (6) Ayet 100 and Ayet 101 and Ayet 102 Ayet 103 Soerah Djoez (8) Ayet 111 Ayet 112 Ayet 113 Ayet 114 Ayet 115 Ayet 116 Ayet 117 Ayet 123 Ayet 125 Ayet 128 Ayet 129 Ayet 130 Ayet 131 Ayet 132 Ayet 133
Ayet 154 Torah Ayet 156 Ayet 159 Ayet 161 Ayet 162 Ayet 163 Ayet 164 Ayet 165
Soerah Al Araf Ayet 196 (7) Ayet 162 Ayet 166 Ayet 174 Ayet 175 Ayet 176 Ayet 177 Ayet 178 Ayet 179 Ayet 180 Ayet 181 Ayet 182 Ayet 183 Ayet 184 Ayet 185 Ayet 186 Ayet 196 Ayet 200 Ayet 201 Ayet 202 Ayet 203 Ayet 204 Ayet 205 Ayet 206.
"Aoedzoe Billahi minasj sjaithanir radjim"
Bismillah Airahaman Airahiem Read Quran as SALVATION of ISLAM and UNITY amongst Muslim Brotherhood. Amen.
From Al-Haj.F.Koch(IPN)

Mr.F.Koch(IPN), Netherlands - 19 January, 2006


The founder of pakistan qaid-e-azam m.a.jinnah was an extraordinarily brave committed invdividual who looked at the future of the muslims in india with total practicality.He was certain that the glorious culture traditions and deep faith followed by a powerful minority of india would be in jeopardy.He therefore insisted on parition to safeguard and keep whatever he could although he did realise tha the muslims left back in india would be in a mess.But he had no other choice.He however did it in a cultured and clever way so that international opinion did not quite disagree with him.Today although Muslims in India are living 'well'it must be understood that it is only in certain specific regions of the country like the south for example.But the hatred fro muslims by the hindus is there in general .Muslims are not actually accepted except in very high circles like film industry businesses etc.The example of the previous govt and the bloodbath and murders n gujarat is just one tiny example. there have been systmatic massacres of muslims in the north of india every year since partition and muslims in this part of india are but living monuments of history. Those who survived are living in abject poverty and insignificance while a very few whoi belong to the family of landlords or businessmen manage to hang on but with out any real say in the govt.But coming t the main issue pakistan to has not been very honest and efficient in holding the values of human rights and islamic principles.tragically jinnah saheb passed within 3mts of the creation of pakistan and this created a nightmare for pakistan's future. till today we've had no proper leader.We've had either relgious fanatics,military dictatorr or narrow minded racist ideologists.The holy prophet(mpuh)said very clearly that no muslim is superior to another but politics in pakistan had always been based on physical features or ethnic origins.also greed and corruptive practices by so called responsible leaders have ruined the hopes of the poor people so that they have left the country by thousands to live abroad and make a should be a compulsory issue but only a priveleged few are given this luxury.Given the financial help pakistan has received and is living till today from countries both from the mid east and the west there should have been hundreds of schools and universities,technical colleges and training institutions.why should even one child be illiterate or uneducated in the villages when the city people have this luxury.Pakistan was created not for just one community of muslims but for all the muslims of pre-partition india.Before relgion is used and exploited as an issue the human mind should be clear first and test its honesty free from exploitation and lies for personal profit.How much land does a man need?I remember it as six feet!

Rezan, United Arab Emirates - 19 January, 2006

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