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Do you think Mr. Jamali has the suitable personality to sustain premiership ?

05 November, 2002

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Mr. Jamaali is the first prime minister of Pakistan representing the province of Balochistan.

The members were asked to divide into three groups to show support for either of the three candidates.

Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal's Maulana Fazalur Rehman remained runners up with 86 votes while Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian received 70 votes.

In all 328 people stood for the three candidates giving Jamali the chance to lead the House.

Do you think he will be able to survive as a Prime Minister for Next 5 years ?

Reader Comments:

I think MMA is the best party to lead the country in the current situation. Because they don't get dictation from outside and they are sincere to Pakistan. One thing that I'm unable to understand is that why so many people are afraid of Moulanas? If they follow Islam, then it should be admired, not criticized.

Allah Hafiz.

Adnan, Pakistan - 25 November, 2002

Yes! He is apparenly a good person and he should be given time to do what he can do for the country. We have waisted so many years without a prime minister. Now we should exhibit patience to see how Jamali acts for masses'well being? Our Prayers are with him.

Syed Muzammil Hussain, Pakistan - 29 November, 2002

I wish all the four provinces of pakistan to be united as one group of PAKISTAN and there should not be any intolerance towards each others because of Language, race or religious minorities. The MOULANAS should tolerate the religious freedom for all. This was one of the main cause of Pakistan's failure to strenghten as a good society. Education should be the top priority of any administration.

Muneer Hafeez, Pakistan - 29 November, 2002

He sure looks elegant but who knows whats crumbling inside his head at the moment. Maybe good will, maybe evil.

Baber Shahzad Imran., Pakistan - 30 November, 2002

I am not in real politics but what it looks like is that the elected PM is not the real PM. Apparently, somebody is driving him all the way, and one can observe it from the front page pictures of major news papers. Pakistan is in real need of leaders / politicians but it looks like that in our political system every body wants the chair when the music stops.

Kashif Butt, Pakistan - 30 November, 2002

Well, Jamali got a big personality but I don't think he is suitable for PM. We need someone who can bring up the status of our country on International level. I beleive the best choice for PM was Imran Khan or Qazi Hussain Ahmad.
We have seen all parties in Govt but no one did anything for Pakistan but they did a lot for themselves. It is our tragedy that we have a beautiful country but we don't sincere leaders. It was a time of MMA, because we need Islamic Law (Sharia) in Pakistan to reduce corruption.
God Bless Pakistan!

G Farid,, United Arab Emirates - 01 December, 2002

I think pakistan will survive with military Goverment rather than the political system.
This is because Pakistani politics is so polluted by Army.

Amanat, United Arab Emirates - 02 December, 2002

Jamali is the most unsuitable person for the job but makes his way up due to the choice of a dictator. Jamali is one of them, the crooked corrupt elite inteligensia of Pakistan. He is also a loan defaulter and a great "Yes" man. Sure he will survive with Musharraf as his guardian. God help Pakistan.

Raheem Jalal, United Kingdom - 02 December, 2002

Mr. Jamali has not made his way to the position of premiership. To me he looks like a very big puppet. He is such a huge puppet which could be easily controlled by more than one person. The real master is Mr. Mushurraf. It is a pity that this land of pure is never ruled by a pure. So long as there are ugly people like Mushurruf, Jamali, Shujaat and Pervaiz Elahi. This beautiful land of the pure will never see a beautiful day. Mr Jamali is the most unsuitable person for the position. If the most suitable person is given this job, then how will the establishment suck the blood of poor pakistanis.

Aijaz Ahmad, Aruba - 03 December, 2002

I think Jamali will prevail,provided he is given a fair chance ,and don't forget no other govt has done what Musharif has achieved in the last 3 years. It is time for the elected members to prove to the people of Pakistan that yes,they can rebuild the country and gain the respect for Pakistan and its people and bring about prosperity in the country, let us not bicker about and support with one voice the new govt. Baluchistan and the N.W.F.P are the poorest provinces that have been neglected in the past. Let us hope that the new P.M. will bring about justice and equal treatment to the rest of the masses of Pakistan and will bring the country to a level of respect that we see in the western world. My prayers are with my countrymen.

Nazir Durrani, United Kingdom - 03 December, 2002

I think maulana Fazlur Rehaman should be the prime minister of pakistan not Jamali because Jamali supports LFO and every one knows that the President came into power by force. Only MMA can give us freedom and happiness in our country. When ever pakistan went into destruction the army was to blame so the president should resign from his post and let the politicians take over as the president.

Maulana Fazlur Rehaman is the only personality in Pakistan which could be a roll model for every one.

Zubair Ali, United Arab Emirates - 03 December, 2002

Pakistan is the only country in world, where dacoits, loan defaulters, blood suckers come into power. Look at Faisal Hayat, Jamali, Farooq Leghari ( all loan defaulters, and implicated by NAB in crimes) resurfaced as saviors of this coutry. This is all happening because of army's involvment in politics. Army needs to cover up ( their wrongdoing)by supporting these crooks. Long live Royal Army ( not pak. Army!!!).

Gul khan, United Kingdom - 03 December, 2002

InshaAllah a Balouchi PM will reduce racial tension and feelings of depreviation especially in Balochistan and will enable us to live as Muslim brothers instead of viewing each other ethnically.

I think MMA has done well with their promise to help continue the new govt. US troops should ofcourse leave.

Muawiyah 'Askari, Pakistan - 04 December, 2002

Jamali needs to be given a chance to prove his worth. He should be then judged for law and order, upholding supermacy of elected parliament, quality of education, and sending army back to barracks.

Its heartening to note that opposition in the shape of MMA is exhibiting extremely responsible behaviour, however, PM should be aware of PPP defectors and MQM who will always blackmail his government. Infact, they have started their way of politics.

Rustam Khan, Canada - 04 December, 2002

In my opinion the country has been taken back to the year 1985 when Junejo was installed from a small province of Sindh. Sustainability of Jamali, as prime minister, will be subject to many compromises. He has to face tremendous pressures from Army, Political parties,Poor economy, Kashmir dispute, US and its allies particularly regarding the so called terrorsim. Being a cool, calm and perfect gentleman, he will win support of politicians for sometime, but due to other factors it will never be sustainable. This is because the sequence of changes is coincident with that of Gen Ziaul Haq and has to face the same fate.

Farazoon Eusufzai, Pakistan - 04 December, 2002

Jamali has all the qualities required by Georoge W. Bush and Pervaiz Musharaf. He will follow all the orders of his masters. Jamali's survival will be due to the reasonable approach taken by MMA. These religious parties coalition has shown a balanced approach and the very liberal stance.

Assad Khan, Canada - 04 December, 2002

No matter whether Jmali or kamali is the prime minister, the condition of Pakistan will remain the same, a faithful servent for others and enemy of the native resident. Untill local people are deprived of governance, there will be no change in Pakistan both politically and ecnomically.
Unfortunately local peoples have become slaves in Pakistan by outsiders and these outsiders are not the WEST but the Indian born angels.

Amanat, United Arab Emirates - 04 December, 2002

Wether we like it or not Mr Jamali is our PM and we have to support him. We must send him our good suggestions. Pakistan has been looted by famous faces, BB took all money out of Pakistan as one estimate suggest 3Billion US$. Mr N.SHARIF's father had only one foundry which he use to make water pumps in early 60's and he end's up with 39 big factories,such as IRON;SUGAR;CEMENT:TEXTILE,Etc,Etc Where the hell on earth one can make one big factory in one year. They have looted pakistan right to left. These shameless faces wanted to come back. None of them has a good IQ. Our nation need some one to have check and balance and I think Let Mr President do this job, at least at the end of the day we will have some money in our STATE BANK.

Ajaz Majid, Solomon Islands - 05 December, 2002

Well one thing for sure that Mr.Jamali has tribal cultural personality, and such a system is evolved through centuries of practices hence making it a suitable and mature code of practice.

Musa, Canada - 05 December, 2002

Unfortunately FAITH and TRUST has never taken a strong position in our views, (due to reasons). We must trust our leaders and make sure that there are enough laws which have checks and balances as they say in Arabic, Have faith in God but dont forget to tie your camels.

President Musharraf must be seen as a lucky break, which Pakistan needed badly, after all we have seen the positive Economic results since his arrival on the scene. Let us hope that the designed checks and balances are enough.

Adnan Siddiqui, Netherlands - 06 December, 2002

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