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Do you think Mr. Jamali has the suitable personality to sustain premiership ?

05 November, 2002

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Mr. Jamaali is the first prime minister of Pakistan representing the province of Balochistan.

The members were asked to divide into three groups to show support for either of the three candidates.

Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal's Maulana Fazalur Rehman remained runners up with 86 votes while Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian received 70 votes.

In all 328 people stood for the three candidates giving Jamali the chance to lead the House.

Do you think he will be able to survive as a Prime Minister for Next 5 years ?

Reader Comments:

We have tried the rest but none of them have passed the test therefore why not give a chance to the MMA candidate from the country's North West?

Engr. Aamir A. Salaria, United Kingdom - 12 November, 2002

Next PM will be nothing but a puppet for Pervez or if he is selected from a minority party he will not be PM but the slave of many parties. PM or no PM, I think one should lead the country not by lota krasey but by ones' own ability to move ahead.

Syed Irtaza, Pakistan - 12 November, 2002

We tried PPP twice in the past and they failed. We also tried PML twice they were not able to achieve the objectives.
So now if we provide and opportunity to Mr. Jamali, I'm afraid that he will not be able to achieve the goals that are in place right now, but atleast he will not going to upset the international community.
If we let Mr Fazlur Rehman to become the PM, I'm confident that he will achieve the goals and take the country to on the route of prosperity and integrity, then there is strong possibility that he will upset the international community with his very conservitive actions.
So I think, heck with the international community and select Mr. Fazlur Rehman.
Arif Bangash, Jamaica

Arif Bangash, Italy - 12 November, 2002

We need a person like Imran Khan. Dynamic personality, well educated, well informed and best of all clean past

Shahid Khan, Canada - 12 November, 2002

In my opinion Pres. Musharraf should stay in power forever. Because the next coming PM might remain in power for only three months. This is only a dirty game where Americans and Musharraf alone has the last word to say.

Amjed Suleman, Georgia - 13 November, 2002

From my perspective, we have given enough chances to different parties to rule our govternment, but all of them turn out to be corrupted and bad influence on our country's economy, democracy. They have been nothing but trouble since the day we elected them. Now we need to be more alert. Their is no harm in giving the chance to MNA parties, so I think that Mulana Fazl-ur-Rahman should be our next PM.

Asma Azam, United Kingdom - 13 November, 2002

Mr. Jamali is a right choice as a primeminister of Pakistan. i think people of Balochistan deserve a chance to rule over Pakistan & it will help to bring the unity in the country, since the birth of Pakistan that province was ignored. God bless Pakistan.

Adeeba S Dhami, United Kingdom - 13 November, 2002

Mr. Jamali is a right choice as a primeminister of Pakistan. I think people of Balochistan deserve a chance to rule over Pakistan & it will help to bring the unity in the country, since the birth of Pakistan that province was ignored. God bless Pakistan.

Adeeba S Dhami, United Kingdom - 13 November, 2002

An army man as the President deserves an extremist as the Prime Minister. This is what happens when the normal political life of a democratic country is destroyed by an over ambitious Army.

Nasah, Algeria - 13 November, 2002

Well... this whole drama of democary and elections was just played to please the Americans and the West. We all sincere Pakistanis know that democracy will never be the right answer for this country. I fail to understand, how can this country be run by those politicians leaders who uses all the force and money and make us to vote for them by using all hook and crook means. Are we really that stupid that we don't understand this simple thing?

I would also like the readers to correct me if i am wrong. Is it really democracy where a party only takes 20% or 30% votes in total and they become the ELECTED LEADERS for the NATION for whom the rest 80% or 70% of population didn't vote?


Tahir Khan, Pakistan - 13 November, 2002

Asalam u wa alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakathu,
Who do i think will be next in the primeministerial post?....

Well i guess a puppet man sitting in place for Musharraf. Musharraf has the stain of our muslim brothers blood on his hands. The people of Pakistan should think hard before casting votes for a leader.
"the people of Pakistan are either with us (ummah) or without us."
Anway why is a so called islamic country using the way of the kufr to elect a leader. Impliment islam and your worries will be over.
Inshallah I pray for you people to do this.
Wasalam wa rahmatullah wa barakathu

Ishfark Ahmed (u.k), United Arab Emirates - 13 November, 2002

Asalaam walikum...
I don't think these people are suitable because when they become the Prime Minister they forget evryone; that is, what they had promised to poor people of Pakistan. What do you expect from these people, nothing absolutely nothing! I lived in pakistan 20 years ago. I worked in Karachi 18 hours per day and earn very little money. I saw people who ran for elections, spent millions of rupees. Where do they get this money from, no-one ever asks them. Why do they make the innocent people of Pakistan go through this suffering again and again ?

Yasir, Pakistan - 13 November, 2002

I believe MMA mujahideen will win because it is the only group who will reperesent Pakistan as an Islamic nation. They will give you the freedom.

Abdullah, Afghanistan - 14 November, 2002

The only honest and truthful political leaderin Pakistan is Imran Khan. He is intelligent, well respected throughout the world,loyal to his country, religion and people. He will put Pakistan at the top where it belongs.He has done it before in Cricket and can do the same on the international map

Ayub Khan, United Arab Emirates - 14 November, 2002

President Musharaf overthrew a government in order to save his own skin and not for the love of Pakistani people. Now even when he conducted the elections, it was under the international pressure. He will again succeed in having a PM who could look after his intrests. Last but not the least, people of Pakistan have never ever given the power to choose their leaders, they were always imposed on them right from the independence.

Tahir Saeed, Iran, Islamic Republic Of - 14 November, 2002

In my opinion Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao is the one and the only choice for the Prime Minister ship in the present circumstances. He is moderate and has the capability and potential to lead the country. As a Chief Minister, NWFP he has the record of good governance .He served the masses whole heartedly and his election to the National Assembly is the proof. If he gets a chance, I trust that he will change the fate of the poor masses in Pakistan.

Usman Ali, Canada - 14 November, 2002

Well, I do not agree with any of these observations. All of the potential candidates for the post PM are well qualified and have the required capabilities to run the country. People have already elected their representatives and PM should be elected through these representatives of Pakistan. President Musharaf is doing an excellent job for the country. We should support the future PM (whoever) and the President.

Best wishes for all.

Mohammad Ayub Khan, Mexico - 14 November, 2002

In my opinion not a single political leader at present setup is capable of running the contry.

E.Younus, United Arab Emirates - 14 November, 2002

Army needs only a puppet Prime Minister for which they have worked so hard and engineered the whole election drama. We like it or not, only Jamali certainly fits in thier scheme of things. They can't afford the Moulana or PPP.

M.A. KHAN, Canada - 14 November, 2002

I know zillions of very talented, Patriot, laborious and charismatic Pakistanis on the face of this Planet, but wonder why we couldn't get a single one of them in the driving seat (PM) just other than Z A Bhutto, and then one we had, we killed him with our own hands ? ARE WE PAYING THE PRICE ?

Mustafa Qadir, United Kingdom - 23 November, 2002

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