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Zulfiqar Mirza's Allegations and MQM

08 September, 2011

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On August 29, 2011, during a two hours media briefing, former Senior Pakistan People's Party leader Dr Zulfiqar Mirza had levelled serious allegations against MQM, mainly Altaf Hussain and Interior Minister Rehman Malik.

The main allegations are like as:

  • Altaf Hussain wanted to disintegrate Pakistan on US wishes;
  • Altaf Hussain wrote a letter to the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair asking him to bust ISI;
  • MQM behind the violence in Karachi and Altaf Hussain is a murderer;
  • Declared Interior Minister Rehman Malik as an agent of CIA and a compulsive liar;
  • Accused Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik of siding with the killers and misleading the party leadership.

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Reader Comments:

Letter to Commissioner of London Polica

The Metropolitan Commissioner of Police
C/O Scotland Yard

Dear Commissioner

First of all congratulations on your appointment as the new Commissioner. I am a Pakistani born UK National, who wants to ask a simple question

Is the Pakistan political party known as MQM and its leader Altaf Hussain above the Law, immune from investigation, interview or prosecution,. This organisation and its leader have been in the UK and London for 20 years. Altaf Hussain is a British National and the party he is leader of and founder has been in London as long as he has.

I am attaching my wn details, name address and passport copy, please feel free to investigate me as much as you like, you will only find that I have NO criminal convictions of ay kind since I came to the UK, 40 years ago. If you choose to merely investigate me and not what I have stated ere, then the signal being sent to the people of Pakistan is clear. That either the UK does ot care or that you are protecting MQM and Altaf Hussain at all costs.

During the time since his arrival in the UK MQM and Altaf Hussain have been named in countless events in Pakistan in which people have died. The figure runs into thousands. Yes not once ever have the MQM in London been investigated for anything.

Recently Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza Chief Minister of Sind and the husband of the Speaker of the Pakistan Parliament of Pakistan, stated under oath and on television that killings of innocent Pakistani's were being carried out on the orders of MQM and Mr Altaf Hussain, from London. There was much discussion and Dr Mirza's party the PPP including the President of Pakistan never once denied that what he said was true. The entire Party, MQM and other politicians have said that this is the Personal opinion of the ex Chief Minister.

There is also much evidence of the deeds of MQM on Youtube and in the media, in particular the fact that there 17 people on death row in Pakistan who are all MQM members and the evidence of Ajmal Pahari also on Youtube that he killed over 100 people on the orders of the MQM leadership. There are also what are known as JIT's in which again MQM is named as being involved in killings in Karachi, on the orders of its London leadership Why can the might of the UK's various authorities not simply contact the Pakistan Police to find out what is going on in Karachi and ask, of all the people recently arrested, if ANY has any connection with the MQM ? Even if it transpires that a SINGLE bullet has been fired by ANYONE associated with the MQM anywhere in Pakistan in the last 20 years, then it is a matter for the UK authorities, because MQM is based in Edgware. Yet have the Met or any branch of Law Enforcement ever questioned anyone from MQM in the UK
As far as I am aware none of these things have ever been investigated by anyone in the UK, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary So it seems to me that MQM and Altaf Hussain can do what they like, order what they like in Karachi, and no matter what the evidence, the Met will simply ignore it.

Their deeds are world famous and reported in the media daily, including the UK, by way of the Daily Jang, UK published in Urdu and English and many other publications. It would appear however that despite all our monitoring and spying and clandestine activities, the MQM have never once been red flagged.

Is the MQM and Altaf Hussain and all associated organisations including their scam charities and welfare organisations exempt from the rule of British Law ? Are the deaths of thousands of Pakistani's so meaningless ?

There is Prima facie evidence that MQM and Altaf Hussain may be involved in all sorts of activity not permitted under UK law, yet I loathe to say, they have a free hand and are untouchable.

As a British National and as a London resident I am therefore requesting you and the Met to investigate as follows:

1. The allegations made by Dr Zulfiqar Mirza, former Chief Minister of Sind and husband of the current speaker of the Pakistan Parliament, including interviewing him whether in the UK or Pakistan
2. Since Mr Altaf Hussain came to the UK, and established the UK offices of MQM even if ONE bullet has been fired by the MQM anywhere in Pakistan, with the knowledge, consent, or authority of Altaf Hussain or the MQM in the UK then the matter has to be investigated. Yet despite thousands dying in Karachi and Pakistan in the last 20 years NEVER once have the MQM been questioned despite all evidence to the contrary
3. Where does MQM's funding come from. There are allegations that millions of pounds are collected annually and internationally by the MQM but NOT a single penny ever gets accounted for. Altaf Hussain does not work, has never worked for a wage in the UK, yet the MQM have admitted that he owns properties worth MILLIONS of POUNDS in London, bought in his name with MQM funds
4. MQM's involvement in collecting MILLIONS of rupees daily through extortion, money which eventually finds its way to the UK, to support, pay and fund MQM's activities in the UK. What is the source of their funding which allows millions to be spent on buying houses for their members to live in. There is clear evidence of houses being bought in the name of ALTAF HUSSAIN and his FAMILY, with MQM funds
5. MQM's financial wings which seem to have very little income but seem to be able to spend millions of dollars in Pakistan. Example their charity, SUN Society for the Unwell and Needy, Income £205000 in three years, expenditure £73000, money in bank £150000, assets a property worth £250000 and a loan of £246000, how is this possible for non profit making charity, which claims to spend millions annually on helping the poor and needy. In addition there are the funds of KKF and MQF other offshoots of MQM, millions of pounds and never ONCE accounted for, except in buying residential properties bought in cash
6. Altaf Hussain paid his wife over £1m in a settlement of their divorce, for a man who has not officially worked in the UK ever, that is a lot of money
7. The properties “owned” by Altaf Hussain and his brother, are supposedly meant to be handed back to MQM if they die. Maybe BUT right now they only form the portfolio of Altaf Hussain and his brother

So my question Commissioner Sir is whether there will be any change now that you are in charge. Will MQM and Mr Altaf Hussain be investigated as to the funds they control, the evidence of Dr Mirza and that which is available on Youtube and the internet or shall we assume as previously, that the MQM and Mr Altaf Hussain can sit in the UK, and do what they like, order what they like, knowing that the Met, and the UK authorities will as in the past treat them as untouchable.

The least you can do is ask the views of anyone who knows anything including Dr Mirza to come forward, or do Pakistani's dying in their thousands, and MAYBE ordered from London, by a British National not matter. If we have a terrorist killer and murderer living in our midst as an individual or as an organisation, do we as British Nationals, Londoners and residents of whatever background not have a right to know

I would request an early response to this letter, because even now MQM is busy collecting funds through its website for flood relief in Pakistan, but who will be accountable for the funds they collect, or how it may be spent, or laundered

Finally I believe these people to be genuinely dangerous, so my safety is in your hands

Yours Humbly, and hopefully

c.c. to

1. The Prime Minster
2. William Hague
3. E Milliband
4. Lord Nazir
5. Baroness Wasti
6. All London MP's
7. Mayor Boris
8. George Galloway
9. Edgware Police Station
10. Various News Agencies inc BBC Sky ITV CNN Al Jazeera, ARY GEO Duniya Saama
11. Various Newspapers inc Guardian The Times The Telegraph The mail The Express The Jang
12. The internet, to every forum possible

Citizen, - 20 September, 2011

Zardari and his company

Altaf Hussain and Asif Ali Zardari and Rehman Malik all are the agent of CIA and USA.They are the ge=reat murderer in pakistan,they are the corrupt persons not only in Pakistan but in the whole world.............

mazhar, Pakistan - 21 September, 2011

MQM should be Kicked Out.........!

MQM should be Kicked Out.........!
It should not be given any Media Coverage of Protocol.
This is the Terrorist Party and Ruining Karachi

Pakistan Zinda Abad.......
Pakistan Zinda Abad.......
Pakistan Zinda Abad.......
Pakistan Zinda Abad.......
Pakistan Zinda Abad.......
Pakistan Zinda Abad.......
Pakistan Zinda Abad.......
Pakistan Zinda Abad.......
Pakistan Zinda Abad.......
Pakistan Zinda Abad.......
Pakistan Zinda Abad.......
Pakistan Zinda Abad.......
Pakistan Zinda Abad.......
Pakistan Zinda Abad.......

Pakistan, Pakistan - 01 October, 2011

MQM and Mirza's Allegations

As a Muslim I cannot but believe what Mirza has said about Altaf Hussain under an open oath on Holy Quraan. MQM will have to prove that Altaf Hussain has not indulged in conspiracies against Pakistan. We all know that MQM was formed in the name of, " Securing rights of the Muhajir Community." While we do not see any change in the life of common Muhajirs but we do see a new group of dirty rich ministers have emerged in the MQM ranks, during the last 25 years. After the creation of MQM, the main beneficiaries so far is our Altaf Bhai who has enjoyed his life abroad with billions of Rs. in his pocket. People have to think that their support to a particular party is not misused by a handful of jokers to make their own fortunes.

butt jee, - 20 October, 2011

pakistani muslim must awake up

zulfqar mirza showed us our real enemy . We must shoot them altaf and rehman malik. Who destrying our country and killing our muslim people

muhammad, South Africa - 21 October, 2011

Why he is sitting in London ? Who are bahind him?. He can not speak English and has no brains yet he is giving statements daily. There is no Government in the world where some body is ruling from abroad. He is a classic crminal who has killed thousands of innocents Pakistani, Yet nobody has challeged him. Mr. Bhutto lost his life for just one murder accusation while this man killing in dozens yet the Govertment is still subservient. If pushtunes can go back to Afghanistan so these indian Mohajers can go back to india as well. What they are doing in Karachi that is what they meant and came for from india to finish Pakistan. HEY wake up pakistanise. Recognise your dangerous enemies.

Dick Paki, - 26 October, 2011


Whether MQM is bad or good, but why Zulfiqar is crying now after loosing money making slot. He must have lost tangible business which he used to do under the table. His allegations and act like exactly a hypocrite would take him bottom of hell fire. MQM is name of power of people and does not belong to single person. Millions people have given mandate to their leaders so what Zulfiqar says means all are wrong? Open eyes Zulfiqar, use your discarded brain, sit down in corner and repent to God. A true and honest Muslim would never ever do alike he is doing.

Saqib Irfan, United Kingdom - 02 November, 2011

“Victimization of Ethnic minorities in Karachi by Feudals of Karachi “MQM”

“Victimization of Ethnic minorities in Karachi by Feudals of Karachi “MQM”
At present ethnic minorities in Karachi on city level are being victimized by MQM, because this party grab all provincial and national assembly seats in Karachi and do not allow other ethnic minorities to reach in the assemblies, and also grab all jobs in city institutions and do not provide proper share to other minorities and by taking the advantage of political situation of this large province all the rights of 52 % ethnic minorities are being hidden and concealed by this ethnic group which represent just 48% population of city.
Even in industries MQM do not force their owners to implement labor laws because MQM take bribes from these Industries. There fore these industries even do not issue appointment letters, gratuity, Provident fund, Medical and pension to their employees, although it should be MQM first priority and responsibility to implement labor laws, for electing themselves for assemblies.
People of Karachi are totally unable to purchase land for themselves while MQM workers have occupied the land of Musharaf Colonies built for evacuatees of Layari Express Way and Landhi and Orangi Cottage Schemes with the name of Altaf Nagar with the help of City Government, which provided this land to MQM WORKERS WITHOUT ANY BALLOTING AND PRICE and freely constructed them and handed over them with papers of lease.
Such ethnic politics is a very convenient and easy way to win seats by snatching bread from the mouth of ethnic minorities and by serving that bread to their favorite majority ethnic group.

To further victimize to ethnic minorities and to violate and grab their rights Majority ethnic groups (PPP and MQM) are trying to increase their population in the city of Karachi, such as Sindh government forcing people of interior to migrate towards Karachi, MQM is trying to increase its vote bank by bringing Indian and Bangladeshi migrants in Karachi.
As mention above there is need to counter

M.AKRAM, Pakistan - 16 November, 2011

Agnecies in past tried hard to malign MQM, they are more stronger now.

Blame game is not new in the politics of Pakistan. Why not a single charge on MQM and its leadership ever proved.
They (MQM) will remain innocent untill all these blames and charges are proved in the court of law. What I understand
and beleive is that MQM represent middle and lower middle class people of Pakistan and therefore upper class, those
who are rulling the country for long long time they dont want MQM kind of party rise. See MQM got some authority in
Karachi and Hydrabad, the developement in those two places is splendid. If the Nazim of Karachi was not an honest
person he would have misappropriated hell of money that was to his access. But he came out clean and took none.
Killing that takes place in Karachi is the work of gangs operating under the umbrella of influential people of Sind. Ironically the blame is imposed on the learned and honest people on MQM just because they belong to middle and lower middle class.

Najmi, United Arab Emirates - 16 November, 2011

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