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Women's Participation in Marathons

07 April, 2005

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Dismissing MMA's protest over mix marathons, the government has directed the cabinet members and its legislators to organize women marathons in every district. While, the religious alliance terming the mix marathons unislamic, has vowed to stop them by force. The MMA says it is not against women sports, or any other healthy activity, but that must be in accordance with Islamic values and local culture. The government says that women's participation in marathons will promote the country's soft image in the world.

The Punjab Assembly adopted a resolution with majority on April 5 condemning the alleged attack on the participants of mix marathon in Gujranwala and recommended that anti terrorists act should be imposed against the people involved in the incident and dubbing it as a conspiracy to tarnish the country's image, while the opposition said the government should first bring its own families into such events before indulging the general public into it.

Following the strong reaction of MMA in Gujranwala, the district governments of Multan, Sargodha and Bahawalpur dropped the idea of mix marathons in respective districts, but the Punjab government has ordered the district officials to organize mix marathons as per schedule.

Q-1 Can mix marathons promote Pakistan's soft image?

Q-2 Was MMA's protest over women marathon in Gujranwala a right step?

Q-3 what other steps, besides women marathons, should be taken to promote Pakistan's soft image?

Reader Comments:

Islams truth, Christianity, and the CORRUPT leaders of pakistan.

First off, is islam the truth? It sure is, unlike "every" religion on earth. Islam can throw alot of evidence around. For one thing, the Quraan-ul-kareem is the word of Allah(swt), unlike the bible, it has never been changed for more than 1,400 years, only translated. The Quraan in urdu has the same respect as the Quraan in Arabic, but more authority will always be given to the Quraan in Arabic. Also it is packed with scientific evidence! I find it interesting how the Quraan clearly expresses undeniable scientific facts. Facts like how the "The mountains which you take to be firm will pass away like clouds" sura "the ant" ayat 88. Some argue against this verse and many others by saying this ayat is just a lie. I've read people say "clearly it is obviouse that when we look at the mountains, it's commensense to believe that the ground moved for the mountains to be formed”. But what these ignorant people don't realise is that the ayat says that the mountains are moving like “the clouds”. Yes the clouds move but the never stop moving. Why would someone in a desert 1,400 say something like ground (mountains) is always in motion (is like the clouds). That is because this Quraan-ul-Kareem is the truth!! The most widely accepted scietific understanding of the ground we walk upon is that it is always in motion (plate techtonics). Even if you don't consider techtonics you'll have to accept that the earth is always moving hence, ground. If not that then our solar system, or cosmic cluster, or our spiral galaxy or “everything” is in motion! This is not all, if you know a undeniable fact of this world, for example the earth is like a ball, you can find that in the Quraan-ul-kareem which gives us the idea that the earth is spherical. Clearly the bible has been tampered with because it says the earth is round, which isn't necessarily true. Back centuries ago people believe the earth to be a “round” flat surface from which you could fall off. Nowhere in the bible does it explicitly state spherical, just because something is round doesn't mean it is spherical (a coin for example) but if something is spherical then it by neccessity is round (the earth mention in the Quraan-ul-kareem). Even more is that biblical scholars of it acknowledge how it is clearly a story about a dysfuntional family. If you laughing while reading these facts about the bible, don't! this isn't funny this is horrible how they've changed their holy book to satisfy their nafs. The name “Bible” is not once even explicitly used in the bible. Your can find any bit of scientific fact in the Quraan-ul-Kareem (just search it on The Quraan-ul-Kareem is packed with evidence. People say that muslim stole greek philosophy and put it in the quraan, I find it interesting how if this is so, then why aren't the wrong aspects of their philosophy also in the quraan?? The Quraan is not a book history though it talks about the things that happen historicaly to people in the past, it is not a book of philosophy though it can be ellabarated more on philosophical grounds, it is a book of guidence. I was born in Pakistan (3 years), raised in the United States of America (10 years), and now in Canada (6 years). Inside my home is islam, and outside of home is the secular idealogy AT ITS BEST. And I can tell you all these people care about is the materialistic world. Money, alchohol, worldly satisfaction is a priority #1. Ofcourse these people have economic stregnth, this is all they care about. But Islam is the truth, it is the light, everything will come and go, accept Allah(swt) will always be. Pakistani leaders are corrupt, you will never ever be able to work your way from the outside and come to the top. Simply doing politics will not succeed. You have to work from within. The Prophet (pbuh) did this. His greatness was what made others around him change, and then all. These people aren't crooks that came to power. This country is filled with people who are crooks (majority of pakistanis are like the horrible leaders we have), Allah(swt) raised your kind of people to become your leaders. Slowly the rasul(pbuh) changed other around him, it wasn't immedaite, it was long and slow. Light your flame and make it magnificent so that others may be guided. Don't force Islam on others, talk amongest yourselves and let them (the non believers) learn to believe and love it. I pray that you all may be guided, kept on the right path, and receive the highest level of paradise.


Faizan, Pakistan - 27 April, 2006

enlightened muslims

assalam o alikum
i was reading the texts written by some people who said that dont bring islam while you are talking about something worldly. let me tell you not my veiw point but of islam. islam is not a private matter..its not something personal. if anyone voilates the rule of islam he would certainly be punished if not by society must be by ALlah. so we may not find anyway out other then islam. if we are muslims.i f we are enlightend muslim..sorry i can never understand this term..muslim has always been enlighetend..who said they have ever been in darkness..those who are talking about enlightened islam they themselves are in utter darkness of their pride and what to say..they readers may not better than me.lets adopt islam not in is the religion which guides us whereever we are what ever we do and whatever we think..try to be muslim...u dont need any further enlightenment..u would certainly be enlightened by the Noor of ALlah...

naz, Pakistan - 11 August, 2006

soft image

Shame of you those who wants to see their sisters and mothers walking or running along with stranger mens in mixed marathon...

The bottom line is QAYAMAT is near

Babar Jamal, Canada - 11 January, 2007

Down on our leaders

Will Musharaf allow his daughter to run with some englishman on streets?

Javed Iqbal Awan, Pakistan - 23 January, 2007

Those who are in favour of women to take part in marithan race they have no right to claim that they are muslims if one refuse to obey any of the commandment of glorious Qur'aan he/she looses his rights of being muslim either announce clearly that we have no connection with Islamic laws or do not do Munafiqat.

Muhammed Ahmed, Pakistan - 09 September, 2009

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