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Women's Participation in Marathons

07 April, 2005

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Dismissing MMA's protest over mix marathons, the government has directed the cabinet members and its legislators to organize women marathons in every district. While, the religious alliance terming the mix marathons unislamic, has vowed to stop them by force. The MMA says it is not against women sports, or any other healthy activity, but that must be in accordance with Islamic values and local culture. The government says that women's participation in marathons will promote the country's soft image in the world.

The Punjab Assembly adopted a resolution with majority on April 5 condemning the alleged attack on the participants of mix marathon in Gujranwala and recommended that anti terrorists act should be imposed against the people involved in the incident and dubbing it as a conspiracy to tarnish the country's image, while the opposition said the government should first bring its own families into such events before indulging the general public into it.

Following the strong reaction of MMA in Gujranwala, the district governments of Multan, Sargodha and Bahawalpur dropped the idea of mix marathons in respective districts, but the Punjab government has ordered the district officials to organize mix marathons as per schedule.

Q-1 Can mix marathons promote Pakistan's soft image?

Q-2 Was MMA's protest over women marathon in Gujranwala a right step?

Q-3 what other steps, besides women marathons, should be taken to promote Pakistan's soft image?

Reader Comments:

marathen race

before making our pakistan soft and ''rooshan khyal'' we must sincerely study the western society .

Ata, Pakistan - 30 April, 2005

justify you hunt

i don't know if i want to run down the streets of pakistan... frankly speaking i don't even know if i wanna stand in the streets of pakistan... my name is prey... born in pakistan... you tell me who i am... what are my rights... i have spend my life living in and out of pakistan... why is it that ever country out there is better off than where i was born... maybe the soldiers of Islam should sit down and tell me why i feel "I am" everywhere but pakistan... i am in pain... i hurt everyday... you are responsible for my pain... why you hurting me... let me breath... let me run... let me be... IZZATH... my burned body... is that you izzath... my defeated that your izzath... dowry on my forehead... is that your izzath... sometimes i wonder...... maybe those before islam were better than you... my Muslim brothers... they took my life before it began... you let me live and hunt me everyday... Allah... you want his guidance... what a joke... you just want to use Islam to justify your hunt...I know because I am hunted... then I am told Islam is why I should be imprisoned... why don't you be the men you claim to be and admit you just use islam to satisfy your manhood... your manhood... whatever that is... at least tell me what it is... you owe me that much... after all i am preyed on everyday so you can maintain you manhood... enjoy your manhood... all it's costing you in my hate... congs................ if that was your goal in life... otherwise... get a new life... one that lets me live as well... thank you for you time... if you listened...

prey, Pakistan - 01 May, 2005

Female equality.

Western women do not feel in danger from men because they have bare legs/hair etc., In Pakistan they are. What does that say about Muslim men?

Tom Edgar, Pakistan - 01 May, 2005

woman rights???

kia pakistan may womans ko doraa kar pakistan ki womans ko rights miljiay gay? pakistan may sab say baray dusman woman k yaa wadairay, jagirdaar, sardaar , peer , hai joo pak govt may still shamil hai. govt daramay nahi karay or koe hakiki orat k liay kaam karay.

salammm, Pakistan - 03 May, 2005

woman rights?

kia ya haq china howa tha jo govt wapis dilwa dia hai?
woman rights per wadaroo, jagir daroo , peero, ka control hai.. in logo ko khatam kio nahi kartay??

khan asim khan, Pakistan - 03 May, 2005

Run !!!!!

I like what Aqdas wrote that 'Run, run run, run on with this idea and run right out of pakistan!"

All MMA is saying that women should have seperate sports events and that is it!!

People should learn facts before wasting time on this page.

I completely agree with MMA that women should participate in healty activities and sports but these shouldn't be mix gatherings.

PS: Prey thanks for your comments and I am happy that you are staying out of Pakistan as you hate it so much.

Imran Siddiqui, Pakistan - 04 May, 2005

Pakistani Women Deserves more than being treated as Slaves.

Pakistani women should not be classified as Home Makers Only. These talented and educated women are capable to take care of themselves and should not be considered Babies. MMA selfish philoshopy is to keep the women under their thumbs, forever. Allah created both Men and Women and gave them equal status. Not just to produce Babies and work in kitchens to cook and feed their insane Hubbies.
It is time Pakistani women are liberated in order that they cannot be stepped over by their ruthless Hubbies.
Wake up Girls, take charge, and prove to your orthodox/primitive and illitrate men folks that you are in a position to compete internationally.
All those oppose women fitness and wellness activities should have their heads cleaned.

ADAM, Canada - 05 May, 2005

1. To all those who say holding mixed marathons is imitating the west. Wake up!! the medium you are using to communicate (internet/computer) was developed by the west. All our weapons are also taken from the West. To think of it, if the West didnt help us we probably wouldnt be on the face of the map.
2. Holding mixed marathons is not imitating the west. Look at India - they are exposing their females more than the west. Look at chine, their females won so many medals in the olympics.
3. In the current times, you cannot force people. Nobody forced the girls or the guys for the mixed marathon. If you don't like it dont watch it and dont participate in it, but for heavans sake dont force your opinions on other people.
4. Somebody in the discussion mentioned for Mushi and the rest of the canbinet to make their daughters run. Well, sir, have u ever heard of "free will?" or do you want to impose your own will on the whole world and then get the first H-1 Visa out of the country.

Actually i think the topic is wrong. We shouldn't be discussing about Marathons - we should be discussing about the violent reactions by the Mullahs. Who made them the judge and the jury.

Forcing people never worked - example Taliban.

the dark half, Bahamas - 05 May, 2005

This is Justice.

I guess if women should be made to do this, this segregated runing stuff than it is only fair to punish the habbits of Pakistani men. You know the habbit of scraching their **** in any public place or how about taking a leak on every coner of the city. What you guys think?

Faisal Malik, United Kingdom - 06 May, 2005

away from pakistan

Imran Siddiqui it's not pakistan i hate... pakistan is soil... you are the ones hunting on it... i am pakistan as well... and i don't hate myself... i hate those who hate me for being me... i didn't create me... but i love me... i am a woman... i exist... and my existence is hunted... not by land... by cowards on it... i hate the cowards...
yeah my life here is good... it is good because i am free to breath... i have here what I don't in pakistan... but i can't stop hurting... no matter how good the world is to you... nothing matter until your own give a damn... don't excuse me of hating pakistan... excuse me of hating being your prey... that i hate...
MMA gives such a damn about some stupid marathon... how much time does it spends on prey... when I am burned... when dowry justifies my existence... when I am raped by men from my village because my 14 year old brother had a affair with some upper class... where are the MMA at that time... out to lunch... or hunt...
women running down the street... shames you... reminds you of islam... how do you feel about everything else a pakistani women is put through in pakistan... what you forget your a muslim when you are out to hunt... me...

prey, Pakistan - 08 May, 2005

Return to your heritage...

Its time Paksitanis reconvert to Hinduism, their ancestral heritage. Most Pakistanis were moved by Sufism, so I have heard, but now they are under the strangle hold of Wahabism, with their crazy Mullahs who want to control every ones behavior.

Time to get out !!!!!!!

Dave, United Kingdom - 08 May, 2005

READ - The progressive campaign.Mullas/Wahabi's OPEN get out of your sleep.



The Hindu American Foundation wrote a letter to His Highness the Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim community, commending him for his recent $40 million investment for the establishment of the Global Centre for Pluralism in Canada.

April 30, 2005

To His Highness the Aga Khan,

On behalf of the Hindu American Foundation (HAF), I would like to commend you, as the spiritual leader (Imam) of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim community, for the establishment of the Global Centre for Pluralism in Canada. Furthermore, we are pleased that the Government of Canada has also pledged support towards the development of this institution. We hope that your magnanimity and commitment to pluralism will inspire members of other faiths to come forward and embrace this concept as well.

At HAF, we believe that pluralism must be a fundamental part of any nation that values diversity, democracy and multiculturalism. HAF will support your efforts to promote pluralism as this concept has always been a central component of the Hindu faith as articulated in an ancient Sanskrit hymn: “Ekam sat vipraha bahudha vadanti” meaning “Truth is one, the wise call it by many names.” We strongly feel that acceptance of pluralism is the only way to bridge religious divisions and to bring together people of all faiths during these troubled times.

Representing the 2 million strong Hindu American community, HAF is dedicated to providing a voice that educates government, media, think tanks, academia and public fora about Hinduism and issues of concern to Hindus locally and globally. We would like to meet you and your key representatives in the near future to discuss ways we can collaborate to promote pluralism together. You may learn more about HAF and our efforts at our website at


Pawan Deshpande
Member, Executive Council
Hindu American Foundation

© 2005 The Hindu American Foundation.

ADAM, Canada - 09 May, 2005

Shame, Shame

Millions of curse on them who just to appease their western masters forget their own traditional or religious values.

Hussain, Pakistan - 10 May, 2005



Ali, Pakistan - 11 May, 2005

Grow uo.

become adult.Come out of the medieval antedulivian mindset and join the rest of the world in the present era . That men with dirty minds can only see what they preconceive when seeing a beautiful clean female is only showing that THEY are the ones who should be in purdah. If they can only see warped sexual fantasies when seeing any part of a female except one eye and a toe peeping out of a sandal then I suggest that they walk around with a blindfold, as they are the guilty ones, not the females who don't want to see their lascivious stares. Do you think that any respectable lady is considering you as desirable. Look in a mirror and see what they see, usually a dirty minded, sex obsessed, insanely jealous, semi literate bully.
These men are invariably inferior to the women they hold down.Why?. Because they have an inferiority complex and are really fearful they will be proven so.

Tom Edgar, Aruba - 17 May, 2005


Great sadness on the whole afair.If wemen wanted to take part in the event what is the problam.There are always spoil sports,who are living in the past and narrow minded.One must not bring religon and inforce their their views on other.The wemen who wanted to take part do understand Islam and it is their choise,Wright or wrong.No body has the right to impose their views on them.It is between them and their Allah.Time move's on and so the people.The nations who stay in the past are doomed to the third world for ever.Anybody who objected the marathon should read the last speach by the father of the nation to his fellow cuntry men& wemen.

Taufique.A.Arain, United Arab Emirates - 17 May, 2005

the west is just a few hundred years old

much has been said about whether to hold or not to hold mixed marathons. but, anyone taking a scientific approach to such debates must know the reason why such issues are springing up in Pakistan only.

well, we cant compare ourselves with the US or India. we are a nation more unique than any other nation that was found in the last century. its because our foundations were based on a strong ideology more than 1400 hundred years old and that is Islam of course.

had Islam been outdated as most secular or liberals or modern muslims say it would never have lived even a few years. but it is divine and all those challenging it have either accepted it in the end or have perished without getting their dreams come true i.e to annihilate the religion.

our religion has laid down rules, which exlicitly forbids segregation of both sexes. and mind you, where ever there is mixing of both genders there arise problems. for you know 'woman' has always been an issue of contention and seed of fights and even war (in ancient times)

study your religion first before debating on such issues.

and you will know for yourself what the truth is for the truth lies within yourself.

abdul aziz khan, Pakistan - 12 June, 2005

Akal mand ko ishara kafi

marathon or not should be answered by those poor women, who are risking their life from fanatic mullah and company , so called controller of religion. my request to all educated human beings to justify those powerhungry mullah's order and act.

Abe O Samba, Oman - 18 June, 2005

Assalam o alaikum
well another issue regarding muslims... first of all we have to clarify that what is meant by human rights...and what are women rights and obligations....its very strange that people without any knowledge of islamic society talk that much about women rights....
seems like the only concern in pakistan now a days is women rights....its very sad to listen and read through print media that Marathon is not against islamic values.... i dont remember any incident in islamic history hinting towards mixed marathon race or any mixed sports events...
its all self satisfaction.. rather then blaming MMA or any other mulla's we should look at our selves where we aer heading for... what problems we have created for our selves...which have no meanig at all

Akif Zeb, Pakistan - 30 September, 2005

Women's Participation in Marathons

It will be a great confidence building for the young women of today to take part in sports and marathons. These things not only build character, teaches you the value of team work and sharing your success with others. Pakistani women need to come out of the shadow of the men and participate. People who are trying to stop the progress they are not only hurting Islam they are also hurting the image of a nation which is trying to come out of the shadow and shine. Besides running marathon is not going to make any muslim woman do what is against their religion. Religion is taught at home but its practiced with patience and with the world. I urge the government not to come in the pressure of few and ruin the lives of the young performs who could become international stars. I wish the young ladies all the best.

Vinod, United Kingdom - 10 February, 2006

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