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Will the present government survive?

15 May, 2008

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Pakistan facing a new political crisis after former premier Nawaz Sharif pulled his party`s ministers out of the country`s six-week-old coalition government. The eventual reinstatement of the judges is likely to cause a major headache for embattled former army chief and president of the Pakistan Musharraf.

All the PML-N ministers has submitted their resignations to Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, insisting they would only return if the Pakistan People`s Party took `concrete` steps to resolve the issue.

If the PPP takes concrete steps to restore the judiciary to the position of November 2 (before emergency rule), we will resume our same positions in the cabinet.

Lawyers have continued to stage walkouts from their court duties, and the members of the `Save the Judiciary` Committee have carried out a hunger strike in support of their demands, as the campaign escalates in cities across Pakistan.

What do you think in such circumstances will the present Government survive?
Why Zardari wants to rein in Judiciary?.
These crises have been fueled to avoid other matter of serious concerns like Power shortage, wheat crises, Inflation etc. What do you think about this speculation?
What is best in your point of view for the government to go ahead?

Reader Comments:

The PPP government will survive. Judges issue has become the political circus. Nawaz Sharif was waiting for an opportunity to break this non ideological alliance and he find the perfect reason to quit coalition. Nawaz Sharif will score some political points on reinstatement of judges who had some political agenda of their own. Iftikhar Chaudary corruption charges must be investigated and if found guilty than face the punishment.

PPP or PML-N are the both wrong choices to govern Pakistan.

QB, Pakistan - 15 May, 2008

Survival of Gilani Govt.

It would be a pity if this government falls but of late Mr. Zardari seems to be behaving in very curious manner. It appears that he wants Mr. Sharif out and is trying his best to corner and humiliate him. In his press conferences he seems to be fighting an ememy that is not there and trying to protect someone who is the real enemy. May be the power is going to his head. What a joke!

Mathur, Canada - 16 May, 2008

instable democracy

It is said 'People get the sort of government they deserve, not what they desire'. Soon after creation of Pakistan, there used to be 'Aya Ram Gaya Ram' Governments and that paved way for military coup. This should not be repeated.
Zardari fears that if sacked judiciary is restored,they may entertain any PIL challenging withdrawl of cases against him by the Govt.
The crises has nothing to do with the food or power shortage that is there in most developing countries.
The Govt. should negotiate with the ousted Judges and sort out a deal that may avoid confrontation with the President.

Al-Haque, Hungary - 17 May, 2008

Will the present govt. survive

It is a million dollar question and no one can surely predict whether this government will survive or do something better for the people of Pakistan? The present sitution is not very good if one looks at it when Mininsters are busy in outside travel and inside expenditure is getting out of control. The work is not even started by the PM or his ministers for which they got the mandate of the people. They done nothing in any area and expections from the present lot are very discouraging and no sign of any improvement in relations between the two major parties. Nawaz Sharif is after taking revenge from President and PM is not willing to do much for the country as they were tested in their previous tenures. PM and minister are not devoting time to Power shortage, wheater crises, inflation and law and order sitution in the country. Present government is not going to go for a long time and they will go without giving anything back to Pakistan but on the contrary they will take the wealth of the nation out of Pakistan leaving the country back to square one. I wish Pakistan does better in all areas and people have their basics met.

Mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 17 May, 2008


I donot think that M.Zardari will ever support the independent judiciary, although this was his party slogan for the election. After all Mr.10 percent wants some type of freedom in getting his dream fullfilled and this time the percentage will rise to 30 percent.I donot understand why the people of Pakiskan are so innocent that they are being fooled again and again by the corrupt politicians and still they think that these corrupt politicians will restotre the independent judiciary.God bless the people of Pakistan.

javed sardar, United Kingdom - 17 May, 2008

What do you think in such circumstances will the present Government survive?
---If wishes were horses, yes, the present government will survive.

Why Zardari wants to rein in Judiciary?.
---Is it any secret why a criminal is afraid of honest judges?

These crises have been fueled to avoid other matter of serious concerns like Power shortage, wheat crises, Inflation etc. What do you think about this speculation?
---These crises are about individuals abusing their power. Has any party or individual ever cared about real issues in Pakistan?

What is best in your point of view for the government to go ahead?
---Go ahead and cut the heads of the president and leaders of 2 political parties in downtown Karachi while thousands of pakistanis are watching.

Samiullah Khan, Pakistan - 17 May, 2008

ppp govt lost credibility

This govt does not desrve to continue any more. It has easily caved in to the western bullies, backing out on its people.Pakistanis want their dignity back from these thugs.

Dr. Iqbal, Canada - 19 May, 2008

Mr Zardari

It amazes me that mr. 10 percent is even allowed to run things in Pakistan. The man is corrupt and has a proven track record of taking bribes. Shame on us for even allowing this man to roam freely let alone run the country. He should be in jail or deported. How stupid do we need to get before we start standing up for Pakistan and not individuals. Very very sad to see these state of affairs.

TI, Pakistan - 20 May, 2008

pakistani politics

The Qaid must be rolling in his grave. He had achieved the impossible by founding a land for the Muslims of the sub-continent which required an extra-ordinary mental astuteness and a spirit of rare determination, honesty, sincerity and daring unparalled in the history of mankind. But what the Father of the Nation did not foresee was he was handing the newly created Muslim state to a bunch of renegades who did not seem to either appreciate nor ever understand the invaluable gift they had received. The unfortunate consequence was that within 23 years of the creation of this phenomena pakistan was torn apart by ethnicity and language based on racial arrogance.
Since then Pakistan has been ruled by a federal system.It has always been ruled by obdurate politicians who were secretly subservient to waderas and landlords or believed they naturally belonged to a rulng class. A caste system akin to the Hindu caste system was shamelessly pursued resulting in furthering ethnic divisions in the capital cities.Intimidation and violence became the order of the day as civilians lives were decimated.The further consequence was that there remained no development in the field of education, health care social welfare etc in teh villages where poverty was a striking contrast to the luxurious lifestyle of the 'barons and dukes' of Pakistan's great cities.A social disparity between the rich and the poor was created putting aside all the noble principles of Islam that preached the equality of man,the compulsory giving of zakat and brotherhood of man.Islam was forgotten.Today in Pakistan young people do not even know about islam. They do not even how to pray. There is no discipline of religion. This is the first recipe of disaster. The rich elite cater to please their western masters at the expense of endangering the poor masses.
The situation has not changed till today. Zulfikar ali bhutto did give dignity to pakistan. Ayub khan fiercely defended pakistani pride .But unfortunately all faded before materialistic greed and selfish interests endangering what could have been a powerful country.
One can still believe that pakistan can be ruled only by a strong military and a selfless political will. The true principles of Islam should be understood. Islam emphasises on compulsory education. Pakistan is a country of 50% illiterates. Islam emphasises on protection for women. Woemn live at the mercy of male bullies and police brutality. There is so much injustice in pakistani society. Rituals of islam are followed here and there but islam has not been understood. Shrine worship and astrology are more respected than the attendance of mosques. Both are prohibited in islam.
It is stil not too late to save pakistan. We need an honest leader. There is a young and budding politician in the personality of Fatima Bhutto but this remains to be seen.Only the young can save pakistan.Inshallah.

Reza, Pakistan - 21 May, 2008

Be Positive,,

I think we as Pakistanis should not panic..Wait and see policy is best.Pakistani nation and media are strong now.Hopefully PPP chief Mr Asif will understand this fact.Will are not going to spare anyone if INDEPENDENT JUDICIARY is not restored...

Ahsan, Pakistan - 22 May, 2008

pakistan and its Government

Its about time that The new Prime minister get serious and prove to the People of Pakistan that he is capable to do the job expected of a Prime minister of an Independent country like Pakistan.Its almost Forty days since the oath ceremony and vote of confidence in the Parliament date there has been no effort to have a parliamentary debate to discuss any issues facing the State and the New govt.Whatever happened to the open and transparent government.Reinstatement of the honorable Judges is a no brainer.Pakistan has been engaged in a valiant fight for the last year to restore its Contitution,its judges and to establish rule of law.There is no confusion what the people of Pakistan want? Should not the Prime minister attend to it? What is he thinking? Did the People not vote for it? It is clear That they are serious about it.They are not going to give up until they restore their sovereignty and their dignity.

ssaleem, Pakistan - 22 May, 2008

Long Term Honest View -My opnion-

My father, (May Allah rest his soul, I miss him every moment and the only man I know that use to pay for Radio license) and his family paid an ultimate price. Their homes were ransacked; family heirlooms looted and left for Pakistan in Sept of 47. Today after 61 yr, I am still paying the price.
Having painted clear picture, I share a view with my countrymen that it is time to start planning for future for our kids and their generation. Unfortunately, I also understand, people reading this are probably well off, with siblings migrated and their money stashed in Dubai or Canada. Thus what I am about to express may be lots of noise.
Quaid's Pakistan was imbalanced. Today's Pakistan is imbalanced. To bring balance to Pakistan, we have to subjectively understand underlining the root cause. Pakistani intelligencia understands what is needed to bring balance, but there is no way to fix this decay. Allow me to respectively share my opinion.

Punjab has its own economy, bustling exports, water, sunshine, irrigation, their brotherhood and feudal Landlords. It is wrong in the beginning to break the great Punjabi nation, let's get them back together and make one country – the great Punjab.

Baluchistan and Frontier Province has their own exports of certain corps, marble, dates, gas and camels. They have their own thing going on over there and quite honestly I don't really understand. More so they are very close knit with the brothers on the other side; Let us help unite them with Greater Afghanistan where they can all live happily hereafter.

Sindh: Fortunately (and I mean it) for Sindhis, masses of people who helped shaped the imbalanced Pakistan, who paid a great sacrifice, with their jan aur maal landed in Karachi. We know what it takes to make a home. We understand hard work, family values, honest business relationships and lives simple ethics. We have been up rooted from our family homes, we know what it takes to make a “Country” and thus we know what “democracy” is!
I suggest starting a revolution to make independent state of sindh a new county, Let us call it “State of Pakistan”

aa, Pakistan - 23 May, 2008

can pakistan survive

The situation appears dangerous.Everything is so vulnerable and uncertain.Pakistanis unfortunately have acted more out of emotion rathr than reason and commonsense when they chose zardari as chairman of ppp. This system of transfer of power to close relatives or siblings of political leaders is the greatest curse of pakistani politics. The leader to run a country should be chosen on merit and not on blood line or family. This happens only in a monarchy. What experience does zardari have in politics. He merely took advantage of his wife's position to amass a fortune. He has won sympathy votes owing to the unfortunate assasination of benazir . And he appears to be gloating over it. He does not appear even to be sad or heartbroken after his wife's death. On the contrary he appeared cheerful the very third day of the assasination. This man just wants power and money.
Pakistan very responsible and honest leaders. The country is at stake.The future of young people is at stake.Now they talk of grooming bilawal who is just too young to take up any responsibility.
Pakistanis should understand that this is their last chance. The US is waiting like a hawk to pounce on their misfortunes.India is secretly rejoicing that their long time enemy is getting weaker and weaker and losing direction.
Pakistan must sign a defence a defence pact with china to start with. India has a defence pact with the USA and secretly under the guidance of israel too one believes.
The sangh parivar a hindu fascist organisation appears to have a very strong influence in indian politics and spews not just anti-pakistani propaganda but hate muslim propaganda continuously. The gujarat genocide was the culmination of this propaganda.
Pakistan had been a pride for the muslims of south asia. It is a shame that it is running like a headless horseman.
Musharaf at the beginning was very effective and did some very useful things for the development of pakistan but he buckled under the pressure of america and most unfortunately sept11 became an excuse for this. The american general warned musharaf thus: 'If you dont cooperate with us we will bomb your country to stone age'. The americans assumed that pakistan was involved in sept 11 by 'encouraging terrorists' in afghanistan. This was not the first time. Even during zia ul haq's henry kissinger had said the same thing. These americans are cowards and bullies. They very cunningly offer aid with the secret intention to blackmail later. Musharaf fell into their trap. The lal masjid masjid tragic episode was due solely to america's pressure. Musharaf was clearly blackmailed by the USA. Pakistan should never seek favour from the us at any cost. It should be a mutual help not an obligation.Pakistan should look only at the east.The arab countries ,Iran china and so on.
Pakistan today needs a leader who has the above mentioned policies.Otherwise it will be the same story all over again. America can never be a friend . One can judge this from the desruction of the world's most ancient and powerful civilisation namely Iraq.American politics are merely opportunistic and racist. Pakistan should never succumb to thier trickery.In this respect Ayub khan and Z.A. Bhutto were far shrewd.
Its a shame we dont have a leader of their calibre today in pakistan.
One still feels that if it wasnt for the american blackmail musharaf can still be recognised as the best so far.

Rezan, United Arab Emirates - 23 May, 2008

Ways for survival

1-A question baffling us for a long time is, why are we in such a trust-blasted situation? Perhaps, there is only one answer. We have been led by our enemy disguised as friend through perpetual turmoils to rubbish trust-building virtues. We are killing our unity right from our infancy, allowing our faith to be suicide bombed and adopting misrule for discipline. This precisely is the agenda designed and implemented through covert planning by our enemies because, creating such a situation is the fundamental requirement in weakening foundations for building a viable nation having all ingredients of enviable development. Hawkish eyes of our enemies have zoomed and locked on the solid building blocks identified and given to us by our Quaid, which they found sleeplessly haunting and terrifying. They attacked our foundations on every opportunity and ensured not to allow us grow to become a strong nation. The Quaid clearly told the nation that it should select leaders who are:

'Sincerely honest, possess highest sense of integrity, are rigidly incorruptible and are ready without reservations to give sacrifices for the nation'.

Our adversaries knew the strength of these virtues and made sure, not to allow even a single of these virtues to exist in our leaders in the slightest. Unless we realize our faults in selecting leaders and continue prodding dead-horses to pull our democratic wagon and mend ways as guided by the father of the nation, the result will continue to remain the same. Governments will come and go after fulfilling their masters' agenda which is no more hidden now. They are methodically pushing us into the stone-age, which they firmly believe is the only route to their own survival. They know that, farce has no solid foundation for durable existence and truth must prevail with time.

2-The charade of crises we are experiencing have been purpose made and fueled to divert people's attention from other matter of serious concerns like Power shortage, Wheat crisis, Galloping Inflation etc. These crises and their resultant turmoils are the weapons being used by our hidden enemies to frustrate public to the extent that, they take law into their own hands which only results in fire on which these selfish leaders cook their broth. Zardari is the master chef. He knows that, he cannot survive with an honest and selfless judiciary geared to expose farce and rescue the people burning in despair, put off the fire on which the nation is being Bar-B-Q'ed to the munching delight of these horrible leaders of doom.

3-This is not a speculation but the burning ground reality. A 60 second discussion on the subject with any common Pakistani on street would prove it. We have been pushed to the wall of desperation by these vultures for scavenging. Our Power shortage is not real. It is the result of a highly selfish and one-sided foolproof deal perfected to make the country hostage to the Independent Power Producers, which was brokered by Mr. 10% during the second innings of his spouse as the PM. He is now back with vengeance, to reap fruits with all extra benefit clauses given to those power companies in their selfish agreements invoked, which provide huge compensations for the purported damages with extras to compensate all sorts of appendages. To ensure perpetual benefits and continued party,they have made it impossible for the country to embark upon all other avenues of cheap power generation, be it nuclear, coal fired or immensely cheap hydro-power.

4-If there is a genuine will, there are several ways. The best way for our government to go ahead under the present circumstances is, to rummage the record and find the ways and means adopted by the previous Governments in solving some of our intriguing problems and learn from our own historic successful experience. The first Prime Minister, Z. A. Bhutto was a practical visionary and made efforts to locate and induce highly talented Pakistani people from every corner of the world and gave them special tasks. To give practical examples, he saved Tarbela Dam from crisis by giving the task to a right man, who silently did everything required and Bhutto took the final decision, which saved Tarbela Dam from ultimate disaster. Similarly, he gave the assignment of discovering oil in Pakistan to a man who made him and the nation proud by discovering oil at Dhodak. The man was felicitated in the National Assembly and OGDC was created of which he was made the first Chairman. Today, no body knows about the two gentlemen who should have been rated as saviours of the nation along with Dr. A. Q. Khan. But, we have no memory for those, who do not blow their trumpets. Nobody can claim to be knowing everything and effective delegation is the only key to success.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 24 May, 2008

The problem with Pakistani politics today is that it has no particular agenda.It is always a bit here and bit there governed by money hungry politicians who appear to get into power not to improve the life standard of the poor masses who form 3/4 of the majority of the population but just to make as quick wealth as possible before they lose power. There is lack of honesty and purpose.
Nawaz appears to love power. What was teh need for him to come back from Saudi and demand to be re-instated into power. He had two terms in office and he did nothing much for pakistan. What miracle is he going to perform now? Zardari appears to be taking Benazir's shocking assasination as a blessing in disguise to gain power which he perhaps always wanted.
Pakistan is not a casino where people come and go with the purpose of making money and enriching themselves.
These people are already fabulously wealthy. Zardari owns hotels and property in Dubai.He is grooming his son Bilawal who does not know Pakistan as he was brought up his whole life abroad.What kind of rulers will these people make? These people live in so much luxury their entire life that they can never understand the sufferings of the poor and needy people of Pakistan. This why someone who is highly educated in Pakistan as well as abroad is required. Someone who is middle class or from a working class background who knows the sufferings of the common citizen in pakistan is required.
Also another important factor is that no leader has had a sound and good relationship with afghanistan. Pakistan should have invested heavily in establishing schools and colleges in the NWFP regions.It should also have invested heavily in business industries in the regions of baluchistan and Azad Kashmir. Afghans who wish to be educated should easily come into pakistan thus creating a fusion of culture knowledge and understanding instead of animosity. Many Afghans do not trust Pakistanis. Nor do they lie them. This is serious. Due to this India has taken complete advantage and has forged a very friendly alliance with Afghanistan. There are some 30-40 Indian consulates in the entire aghan region. Dont know why. Plus there are enough Indians living as Afghan citizens . Very strange. Pakistan should have never allowed this to happen. The friendship is intriguing. Many Afghan students go to study in India. In fact Karzai himself lived for many years n India and got his higher education there.
Pakistan leaders policy had always been wrong and communal. It can be even described as divisive arrogant and even racist. The 1971 war was not necesary. All it required was for the Bengali Muslims to be assured that there is only one pakistan and that their interests like language, culture and traditions will be totally respected. Pakistan was creatd for Muslims of the sub-continent. Not for one particular community. This should be clearly understood.
The 'Mohajir' problem was created by both Zia ul haq and Benazir who furthered and antagonised the whole issue by actually ordering the massacre of Pakistan's own citizens. An entire generation of young 'mohajirs' was annihilated by the over-enthusiastic major Nasrallah who was benazir's right hand man. Which Islam tells us to kill our own believers? 1971 genocide was a grevious political error and pakistan paid the price for it with humiliation at the hands of India and complete loss of its one half. What a tragedy.
They did not learn the lesson and tried the same with the 'Mohajir' community of Karachi. Thank God these people were not cowards but were a religiously conscious politically astute people who had complete faith in Islam and the sayings of the holy Prophet. This faith helped them to regain ground and mashallah they are gaining ground fast.
In Pakistani a citizen is a Muslim first and a Pakistani next. This should be remembered by all politicians. Language is not an issue. Loualty to the Deen and to the country is what is important.Here there is loyalty only to the community and avarice for wealth and riches is important. This is wrong and will leasd tol the collapse of the country. Do not follow the Hindu caste system. We are Muslims and Muslims shall we be.The Prophet always said: 'No Arab is superior to a non-Arab;no non-Arab is superior to an Arab'. Let us take this example of the Prophet;s preaching and lead the country as true Muslims and not as greedy hypocritical individuals disgracing the very name of Islam.
Let us not follow Hindu Islam. Follow true Islam. Then there should be no problem.

Rezan, United Arab Emirates - 26 May, 2008

Change of Govt in Pakistan

Zardari is acting like a 'madari'. It seems he has hit a jackpot with the death of his wife. At the moment he is riding a high tide. He is no different than others who ruled and robbed Pakistan before him. His advisers include criminals like Hussain Haqqani, Rehman Malik and many others who benefitted from Musharraf's NRO. Musharraf was sorounded by crooks and so is Zardari.
Prime Minister Gilani does not hide the fact that he is a dummy. His speeches and body language say it all.

AFZAL MIR, United Kingdom - 27 May, 2008

Pakistanis need education.Pakistan needs schools, colleges technical institutions,Hospitals,clinics,medical stores every mile, heavy industries,light industries.It should also encourage heavy investment from abroad especially china and japan.
Islam should be compulsorily taught at every level so that people in spite of professional qualifications and high education do practise their religion regularly.By this bollywoodian influences will be curbed. We must take the great example of Malaysia. These people are truly Islamic in heart, mind and spirit.The west is trying its best to inject corrupting influences in this country but thankfully it has not succeeded so far.
For any country to survive with pride its leaders should be honest brave and realistic. Unfortunately Pakistani leaders have proven to be only boastful, vain with empty rhetoric. They seem only to want power.Their rule has benefited only a few people in the country who have formed an elite. This elite reminds one of british colonialists.The same pattern is followed. THey stay away from 'ordinary' poor pakistanis as they consider themselves to be a special class. This way pakistan can never progress. Fidel castro used to drive his own jeep and visit the poor people of his country in the villages asking them about their grievances and then addressing them effectively. Cuba is not exactly a rich country but it has the best education system in the world.This education is free too.The best health care system in the world too putting to shame the so called richest country the USA where one has to be insured to be treated. This is because Fidel castro's policies were only for all Cubans. Cubans were looked upon as cubans. One cuban was not discriminated from the other as done in pakistan. There was a sense of sacrifice on the part of every cuban individual to see that their country was fully educated and that every citizen got his due. There was no competition or domination of one cuban over another. This is what is lacking in pakistan.Each pakistani is trying to prove that he is better than the other. This is wrong. This is not Islam. In countries like cuba and also some in the west i was reminded of the saying of a famous egyptian scholar who said:"In the west I saw no Muslims but I saw Islam;in my country I saw only muslims but no Islam". How true this is of Pakistan today.

Rezan, United Arab Emirates - 28 May, 2008

will present governement survive?

I hope and pray that it doesn't?
the ONLY reason PPP won is because Pakistanis are very emotional and generous at heart.
what about the sacked hudges? ONE man got rid of them and you need the "parliament" to restore them? what kind of a party is PPP its a joke.
we need new people in main stream Pakistani politics.nothing short of a revolution will change the staus quo in Pakistan

Ahmed, Pakistan - 30 May, 2008

Some five months have passed since the change of govt in pakistan. Things are not very optimistic.There seems to be no strong politician or politicians to steer the country.This is understandable in a way as benazir's unfortunate assasination was totally a shock. It did take some time for things to settle down. But appears bizarre is everyone seems to be in a hurry to grab power as if they were all waiting for this grand opportunity. What wonders what is the need for people like shabaz khan to be in political seat with his brother. This is not a family drama. This is serious politics.We are talking about a country that is perceived to be of extreme strategic importance owing to its geographical position on the world map. This is the reason the US cannot imagine the thought of leaving pakistan alone.Also the US imagines that pakistan and pakistan alone has the key answer to the terrorist problem.This is why it is still using musharaf as its key ally and is nervous of what will happen if he goes away .
The way things look like even the critics of musharaf will eventually fall into the US trap and sell pakistan away. Nawaz sharif sounds a bit brave in this regard but it remains to be seen.

rezan, Pakistan - 02 June, 2008

Musharraf - a coward crook

Today I watched Dr Shahid's interview with retired Lt. Gen Kiani on Geo. I was shocked. I agree with the General that Musharraf deserved to be impeached and tried in a court of law. This is necessary to stop any future army general or a civilian to betray the citizens of Pakistan like this man did.

Afzal Mir, Pakistan - 03 June, 2008

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