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Why CIA Agent Raymond Davis killed Pakistani Citizens?

22 February, 2011

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On January 27, 2011 an American undercover secret agent Raymond A Davis killed two young boys just in front of famous “Bhatti Tikka Shop”. Out of these murdered persons, two were killed by Raymond who allegedly shot eight times with pinpoint accuracy through his car windshield and third one totally innocent young boy was crushed by another American vehicle which came for the rescue of the killer. Davis and others Americans fled the vehicles away from the scene of the crime but thanks to Almighty Allah Who created a defect in a private car of the unknown lady just in front of Davis’ car, and forced him to stop. At that moment chasing police party successful captured Raymond Davis before he would has entered into the consulate. But the vehicle which crushed Obaid-ur-Rehman escaped itself and went to US consulate. Despite repeated requests of Punjab government, US consulate has not produced the driver along with the vehicle to the police. Reportedly, the driver and occupants of this vehicle have been secretly transported to Afghanistan by road and later on from there were flown to US.

The killing of young boys does not seem to be a simple case in self defence. In fact it is matter of Pakistan’s national security, integrity, respect, survival and sovereignty. To reach the conclusion, the investigating agencies have to find out the answers of significant questions which are frustrating everyone’s mind. The questions could be:

  • Why Mr. Davis was roaming in Lahore with a loaded pistol and carried out photography of important sensitive places?
  • Is murder of the two young citizens result of some secret operation “agent burning of”?
  • Was Davis on some covert mission and thought that he had been compromised due to continuous chase by some local intelligence people, thus decided to get rid of them?
  • Was he working as a duel agent of RAW & Mossad apart from his parent organization CIA?
  • Has he been given the mission of sabotaging already scheduled US-Pakistan-Afghanistan Dialogues?
  • Was he really helping Al-Qaida in getting small yield nuclear weapons?
  • Was he having some connection or clue in killing and abduction of Col (Retired) Imam?
  • Why US consulate is reluctant in handing over the car along with driver for investigating which crushed a passing bye motor cyclist?
  • Do the operators of Mr. Davis’s desire to sabotage Obama’s plan of leaving Afghanistan soon?
  • Is he on the mission to sabotage forth coming Indo-Pak talks?
  • Has CIA decided to get rid of Mr. Davis?
  • Reader Comments:

    Wrong Question

    Ask not what he was doing, ask how he happened to be in Pakistan and that too for a period of whole two years without being caught ? Ask why he and other such agents who were vetted by the country's intelligence services and military establishment are being targeted now when the Americans are sharply cutting down the monetary supply for fighting this war? If we can work this out, all the rest will fall in place.

    SMJ, United Arab Emirates - 26 February, 2011

    Pakistans Dignity?

    Where is Pakistan's dignity. Pakistan is the slave of US. It kill its own people for the sake of America. Where is dr Afia Sıddıqi? Ask to the Puppet Governors.

    ahmed, Pakistan - 28 February, 2011

    from Srinagar...

    drag him to the court...grill him as u do 2 your natives..truth is yet 2 come out of this tragedy..prolong his detention & everything will get exposed..i believe..

    aslam mirza, Pakistan - 01 March, 2011

    Mission Compromised.

    A prick of conscience changed
    the mind of the two men riding the motorbikes.Raymond
    sensed that they were against
    the mission,And he did not want the two turn informers.

    Khalid Rahim, Pakistan - 02 March, 2011

    Pakistan zinda bad

    pakistan is the best country in the world,but the govt of pakistam is the worse in universe,one davis is gone but 1000 more davises are still doing dirty job in pakistan with the help of pakistani secret services.How many innocent pakistanies dying every day in karachi target killing,in pukhtunistan bom blasting,in wazeristan air strikes,one davis is gone but the net work is still there.Dose any one care?? No,not at all,because DOLLAR is better than our pakistani brothers and sisters.And as americans said so many times give DOLLARS to pakistanie officials,they will give you there mothers,,ALLAH,,what can we expect from our correcpt leaders.people like zordary,raza gelane, ashrat ul abad,rahman malik they are our leaders,they dont even know how to pray namaz.ALLAH will punish them very soon.pakistan zinda bad.

    z.khan, United Arab Emirates - 04 April, 2011

    American Response

    Ask a simple question to your mother or sister or yourself.

    It will help if you directly know some thief or dacoit or some politician.

    Imagine, You are stepping out of a bank with money. Suddenly you find yourself confronted by two (known dacaoits) on motor cycle.

    Would you give them benefit of doubt that today they may be going on Charitable mission and not their dacoity mission. What if you are a sharp shooter yourself with a loaded gun in your car.

    Problem is that people in Pakistan do not want to understand the psyche of an American. He has been posted there because he had a tiff with his / her boss back in US and that under this economy he needs a job.

    He will shoot first and ask questions later, just like a rich spoilt Pakistani kid (read Raymond) whose father (read Obama)can pull string .


    Jack, Pakistan - 04 April, 2011

    Deer, ducks, fish and lambs Paks on the altar

    Pakistan government, Pak military and Pak nation -- all of us are now just powerless sitting ducks, lambs on altar, fish giving life for bait before the grand American plan to destabilize Islamic world and Paks as the sole nuclear nation in the Islamic world are the first sitting duck that just cannot do a darn thing to escape or extricate the looming hunt disaster of us all Paks.

    Pakistan government, nation and military are completely powerless. They are like the fish that is given the bait and the fish even gives its life for that piece of bait.Powerless Pak military, government and nation have completely surrundered to the master's plan to get hunted by the hounds, who have pounced upon the powerless bait eating Paks who are now nothing more than that fish sure to get caught by the bait trap.

    Even Pak military, after loosing 10,000 soldiers to their master's hunting plan are co-operating with the hunters who made possible that slaughter of 10,000 Pak military and as many as civilians or more got slaughtered by the remote controlled blasts by the ones whose hands are being kissed by the Pak military fishes and civilian leaders lambs.A lamb on the altar never refuses to even kiss the hands of the master butcher who has fed him with pre-slaughter food and is just about to run the knife on the thankful throat of the sacrificial lamb.

    Only a miracle or ALLAH ALLMIGHTY can save us lambs or the fish who have surrundered to the world's super masters only to be sacrificial for bait or pre-slaughter food.

    Slave is still a living human.A lamb on the altar or a fish living only to bite the pre-caught bait is just on its last breaths.

    Cheers to our super fish Pak army and the ruling junta lambs.Even the nation seems to have given up the bid to survive and stay alive.

    Few years ago, I attended a weddoing in Lahore, where some army generals were there. Army generals prided in the opportunity of talking to their master US ambassador on the phone to grant visas to their sons and daughters.Every army officer bragged about all their sons and daughters were given visas to US with hardly any left behind. Same must be true for the civilian rulers, I guess.


    Pakistan is a very beautiful country with very lovely people. But like those pretty deer, Pak military, Pak rulers and Pak nation have surrendered to the butchers to do the final devouvering of the very beautiful deer like Paks.

    Bombs go off, dozens die
    Happens daily,care not cry
    Military lambs,rulers ducks
    Live on bait,got fish lucks

    American visas for their kids
    All go America, general bids
    Talking to US envoy on phone
    Visa's pride he's best known

    Beautiful Paks are so dear
    Will get hunt,eaten like deer
    Eating bait, never will learn
    Fish will give life in return

    Sitting ducks is military too
    Raymond David was freed, true
    Butchers roam around so free
    Lambs thank slaughter spree

    I think we would have been a safer nation by staying with whom we think is our worse foe.

    ALLAH knows that I am not against Pak military or rulers. As a matter of fact , I have written thousands of articles, letters and poems more so in praise of Pak army and all Paks in Pak Topix Forums and other spots world wide.But some how, I got beat now and feel down and frustrated with hopes only in Almighty ALLAH.


    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 05 April, 2011

    Come back to Pakistan and build your nation Pakistan

    The problem with the Pakistani citizens living in Western Countries (like Anwar Mahmood from Canada and z.khan, United Kingdom) is that their love for their motherland does not allow them to see realities.

    Brother, you have been living outside Pakistan for too long. You do not realize how dangerous Pakistan has become during last 10 years. Probably, I have spent more time in Pakistan during last ten years than either of you (gentleman).

    Would either of these two gentleman like to go back and live in the country of their origin which they love (which I am NOT questioning) so much? My guess is that the answer is NO. They will rather live in Western countries because they know that they can not live in Pakistan any more.

    If that is true then each one of us will find ways to deal with the situation as it evolves. US Citizens like me(whose companies can afford) prefer to use Black Water, Pakistani Politician's son uses his father's name, Pakistani elite and their son use their wealth and connection. It may not be ideal situation but people are moving on with their lives while our Pakistan loving friends (sitting in Canada) have luxury of writing poems instead of coming back to Pakistan and contributing to Pakistani Economy.


    Jack, Pakistan - 05 April, 2011

    Blame Your VOTE

    It isn't the first time, where a sence of hopelessness overcomes. But you're used to it, isn't it. Like the corruption culture, and other vices you can only blaming the leaders, but one thing you are never gonna change is STOP VOTING FOR THE ESTABLISHED POLITICAL ORDER. Why must you time and again vote for the same thieves ?????? When you've stopped worshipping your favourite leaders, you're half there. Has anyone of you ever knocked on the doors of your elected representatives, forget about writting to them to voice your opinion?? I'm sure No. You keep on being a cry baby, and keep calm and that part of you subconciously accepts all the evils as part of life. So, blame not others, Blame your own stubborness. You're never ready to vote for completely new faces.

    molvi_whisky, Pakistan - 07 April, 2011

    Davis killed Pakistani Citizens

    World is spitting on Pakistani face. There is no national honour or pride after the killing of Punjab Governor & Mr.Bhatti. Killing of two citizens is not more than killing a governor and a minister. We should learn first what is honour and dishonour.

    Subhan Basha, Pakistan - 08 April, 2011

    talking sense

    Plausible Reasons behind Murder.
    There can be three plausible reasons for the act committed by Raymond Davis. First, as claimed by Raymond the victims were vagabonds and were trying to rob him on gun point. This possibility has been ruled out by the police authorities for the reason that both the victims of gun shots were eight to ten yards ahead and their backs were towards Raymond's car, if they were the looters than they should have been very close to the Raymond's side of the car. A gun shorts holes on Raymond's car's wind screen supports the police instance.
    Second, Raymond is insane; at the time of incidence he was not mentally stable. This cannot be accepted because not even once American authorities made any mention of Raymond's mental health.
    Third, the story commonly narrated in Lahore. Few days before the happening, both the victims and their families were hauled up by some agency but later released. On the day of incidence people had seen Raymond and some men in a graveyard behind Hamdard Maktab close to Muzang. They saw them arguing, after a while two out of them ran out of the graveyard and Raymond and team followed. Both hurriedly got on to a motorbike parked near GY and rode out. Raymond and some men got into two different cars also parked outside GY and followed the bikers in speed. If this version is true, than undoubtedly both the victims and Raymond knew each other well, rather victims had some kind of link with Raymond's organization. Surprisingly many experts came on media to offer their expert opinion on the matter but none endeavored to establish possible link between victims and Raymond. This show how uncommon is common sense in our intelligentsia. Some people who know the victims say they were involved in Moon market bomb blast, some even say that late Shamila committed suicide because she feared; once the things get cleared she will be picked up by agencies for interrogations to establish her husband's links with Raymond mafia. Many like me consider the story more logical and convincing. Anyway it's the job of government to establish the authenticity of this version of the story.

    akhtar, Pakistan - 12 April, 2011


    Visa's were issued by the foreign ministry and interior ministry.
    While both ministers and ambassador are US national.
    US has granted citizenship to majority members of national assembly, majority members of provincial assemblies, ambassadors, bureaucrats and their families.
    Pakistan is in the control of foreigners.
    Same foreign nationals cum Pakistanis have their personal militias and they are target killing Pakistanis every day.
    I think Pakistanis shall take a reality check and see who is the culprit.

    Mirza, Pakistan - 15 April, 2011

    Davis killed Pakistani Citizens

    The army is sole responsible for the mess and degradation in Pakistan. They go on increasing its strength with imported arms including nuclear, but they never won anything for Pakistan either during four wars with India,and now loosing lower rung army men both in the hands of terrorists and foreign troops. They never advice the government what is good what is not because they loose their commissions in the arms purchase. Shame on Pakistan military bosses.

    Subhan Basha, Pakistan - 17 April, 2011

    Nothing can change the shape of things to come(time is up related).

    Pakistan may have let Raymond Davis off hook on wisdom reasons. Pakistan cannot afford to sit next to tiger and make it feel mad on the weak Pakistan.Perhaps, Paks got a chance to peacefully unwind the dangerous program.

    I have written a humorous poem on that type of global affairs where the sole mightiest America is trying to save its grandest status like the other similar four(Persians, Romans, the Ottomans and the British)did similar ways to save their empires. But unfortunately and sadly enough the cruel time says ultimate good by to all grandest. This is about 200 years cycle to wind up and go down with ultimate time up like for all them four of the past.

    It may be sad, but read my poem with some humour. I have been the most prolific writer of poems and letters and articles under the name Roger and others in Pak Topix Forums. I recently broke similar record in Iran Topix Forums under the name "Interesting".Writing this was fun after I published my gas engineering work in the annual International conferences of the(2004)annual International of the world's very top gas engineering places like Gas Processors Of America(GPA), LRGCC, NACE, KYOTO -- all annual International 2004 under my real name. In 2005 US Military Publications published my work too in gas engineering and global weather related matters.

    But, read my humorous poem on the changing world and this is only "time will be up" related as it happened to all the grandest of the past.

    I hope and wish that Paks do extricate and do not get caught in the wheels where the mightiest tries to escape the time up related decline and fall.

    Like all other super sole super powers like the Persians, the Romans, theOttoman-Mughals and the British of the past, America is also now on decline and wall.It will sure happen without war and will happen least expected time wise.But it is encroaching America internally and without any major war.There just won't be a major big war as America will be replaced by the next mightiest China on next of line.

    The Poem on shape of things to come

    The West is on decline and fall
    The fact is yes now known to all
    The west can change or re-arrange
    Its downward trend just cannot change

    West's time up is cause and way
    West's on last legs,one can say
    The mighty west it does look fine
    Still it cannot stop decline

    Steel,cars and in electric power
    China is now the tallest tower
    Oil gas energy usage too
    China be soon on top, so true

    Sooner than soon the world will see
    Left behind , America will be
    China is going soon on very top
    The course yes no one just can't stop

    Bertrand Russell said yes so
    East be up, down west will go
    The world changes it's center of might
    China is going up, that's right

    The change is taking place in hurry
    Happy be Asia, west must worry
    Only Lawrence of Arabia cult sings
    Middle East royals and such kings

    Qaddafi is man of test for brave
    Africa be master, Europe be slave
    World order is getting now terse
    Masters, slaves will see reverse

    Libya sure is the acid test
    Where west can loose,Africa be best
    Diamond black girls be delight
    Beautiful blacks will top the white

    History is going through that change
    Blacks will rule whites, won't be strange
    Even the stars in sky above
    Say that blacks are best for love

    Blond women with sky blue eyes
    Won't be in demand are cries
    Africa's black babes be in want
    Falling in love with blacks be haunt

    No one will even care for money
    Will care black babes sweeter than honey
    With Africa's solid supports
    Qaddafi will win are the reports

    West is bombing just from air
    Fighting blacks they can't dare
    Qaddafi's Africa does realize
    That west cannot re-colonize

    Hope west won't be the ash heaps
    Hope that reward west never reaps
    Africa loves Qaddafi with cheer
    Africa says winner Qaddafi is dear

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 28 April, 2011

    Imperialism is conquering middle east slowly. North Africa is being cutted in pieces by Europe and USA like in the colonialism times. Iran and Pakistan are the next. You people need to unite!

    John, Netherlands - 04 May, 2011

    I cannot understand why Pakistan put up with the nonsense served up to them by U.S./ NATO interests.

    Tony, Aruba - 05 May, 2011

    The Reality

    The two murdered boys were actually Raymond's moles. They were also seen by some informers, with Raymond in a famous restaurant near Lahore Fort. The boys had been used by Davis in connection with some espionage activities. When picked up by the intelligence agencies, these boys had disclosed whatever they knew about Davis. The murdered boys were released by the agencies with the understanding that will help them in apprehending Raymond red handed. Realizing that his mission is going to be compromised very soon, Raymond decided to eliminate them without losing any time. The task of elimination of boys had been approved at some higher level with the instructions that after killing the boys all of them will immediately rush back to the consulate. The car which they say had come to rescue the killer was in fact already following and providing necessary cover to Raymond in case he runs into any difficult situation. The culprits who had crushed Obaid under the wheels of their car did not leave for Afghanistan.It is believed that Government of Pakistan had facilitated their departure and probably they left Pakistan with John Kerry in his air craft.

    buttjee339, Pakistan - 12 June, 2011

    Why complain?

    As long as you have a begging bowl in your hand, receive whatever your master give. Why do you complain? Or throw the begging bowl away.

    Lee Shwang, - 19 September, 2011

    People in Afganistan and Pakistan are killed by foreign agents.

    Foreign agents are trying to break the country up. They are creating fear among the public and buying pakistani foot soldiers to do their silly acts. These killings are part of world domination by CIA, RAW and MOSSAD. Look at what they have done to the Arabs. They are killing and destroying their own people and resources helped by NATO by bombing their people. These mad Arabs have turned against Muslims and Islam and have joined hands with Christians and Jews.

    Kashmir, - 25 October, 2011


    The two boys killed by Raymond Davis are in the payroll of RAW and CIA. Since Pak intelligence agencies have zeroed on them and about to arrest them, they were shot dead to conceal the truth.

    Jaani Basha, - 03 June, 2013

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