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Who is behind Karachi killings?

27 August, 2011

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Karachi the most populous city of Pakistan, also known as financial center of Pakistan, the Quaid's city, the former capital of Pakistan and current capital of Province Sindh, ranked as beta world city and important node point in a global economics system with two region's largest/busiest sea-ports, over 14 million of population is under heavy attack and sabotage badly these days.

  • In your opinion who is behind Karachi violence?

  • The APC is called by Sindh Chief Minster, Syed Qaim Ali Shah; Do you think APC is good move by Government to make consensus among parties and to resolve Karachi issue?

  • Interior minister of Pakistan, Mr. Rahman Malik says Israeli weapons found in Karachi. Do you think there are external hands in Karachi violence or do you think these are local miscreants behind violence?

  • Political parties are asking Chief of Army Staff – General Ishfaq Pervaiz Kiyani to come forward and protect Karachi. Do you think it as 'rational call'? Will Army be able to effectively and permanently restore peace in Karachi?

  • Do you think it's time to impose Governor Raj (rule) in Karachi?

  • Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has taken Suo Moto action regarding Karachi killings incidents and during hearing, observes that executive has failed in Karachi. Do you think Supreme Court (SC) Karachi violence case will uncover factors behind violence?

  • In your opinion what measures should be taken to keep Karachi safe in future from such act of violence?

Reader Comments:

Bleeding Karachi

Good days are over when there was a beautiful city in sindh called the city of lights,called the heart of financial activites,called the city which never sleeps due to joys and serenity,the city of Quaid and the city of Hakim Saeed. Karachi is now the city of death,mourns and sighs are wide spread everywhere.Infect Pakistan is under attack by its main enemies that are India,America,Russia and Israel.Pakistan divided in regions for ruin.In tribal areas and north region America is killing innocent people by drone attacks and by making new fake talibans.Russia is also active in this region.In south region India is active through MQM in karachi as Altaf is puppet in hands of India through which India destroying the financial hub of country.
Last but not the least our Government,the corrupt of all and the shameless of all,where people like zardari are heads,top ranked corrupt is our president.Rahman Malik the looter and many more names.
How can one expect good from these people?These are blood sucking paracites how could one expects mercy and ethics from people who feed on blood.Readers we need a revolution like otherwise they dont have heart to know our pain as none of their brother or father or relative is getting killed in Karachi,its one of commons like us so how they could feel our pain.
Last but not the least in my opinion MQM and Pakistan Govt are the drivers of this condition in karachi and they sould be brought to the court of people.

Azmat, Pakistan - 27 August, 2011

There must be foreign hands behind it. I can't believe its only locals.

Karachi is heart of Pakistan, I think these are Indians behind this. As

1st) They don't want this city should be prosperous.

2nd) They are jealous with Pakistanis and they are playing in the hands of Israelis.

3rd) They always think Pakistan behind them so they always feel it necessary to disrupt Pakistan's important cities, even cherish over innocent deaths.

Few days back Pakistan Govt captured Indian agent, who was behind training and sending people to Karachi after train them in India, I just wonder that why CJP and media is not taking action in this regard? Every body think it is just internal enemy only... but I think there are big big hidden and external hands behind this.

Hafeez, Pakistan - 06 September, 2011

i really used to admire mustafa kamal for what he did for karachi during his tanure as NAZIM.. the advancement in karachi's infrastructure was remarkable... but how he responded to mirza's allegations was really disappointing... he went insane when few spokesperson repeated those allegations in their own words... he was sooooooo frustrated that it looked like to me as it wasnt his "so-called" QAID ILTAF**** but the ALMIGHTY who created the universe...
from that day on the respect he earned from my side has minimized to near to zero.. as i know k jo zalim ka sath data woh be zalim meah shomaar hota hay (N) :(

Ishaal Zehra, Pakistan - 15 September, 2011


THE PAKISTANI GOVT and people of PAKISTAN know who is our enemies are What can they do they always say ,
this is not enough do more kill your own people than we will see you in war criminal COURT.
some leaders are sitting out of the country and making deals with the big shots, not all are bad but MQM leader is doing
which he should never do to our BELOVED COUNTRY PAKISTAN .
lot of big powers are trying but will get fail in KARACHI& BLOCHISTAN right now they are killing the good leaders in order to DOWN PAKISTAN but 90% love this gifted country of PAKISTAN.
WE have to be very care full in dealing with big enemies they are not happy of our EXIT..
ONE more time we are in the eyes of EVIL since 1989.

HUSSAIN SHAH, United States - 17 September, 2011

zulfiqar mirza and his statements on MQM

what ever zulfiqar mirza has said is worth appreciating now it is the duty of the Supreme court to take initiative against all those who are involved in the terrorism in the karachi city. Zulfiqar mirza is the son of sindh and has give such statements which must have been given so early that Supreme court would have taken actions against the MQM. karachi is a city which is the city of lights now it is being made the city of terrorism which we don't want to see. in last i would like to say that if this is democracy then i damn such kind of democracy in pakistan democracy is the name of dangerous dictatorship.

waheed sindhi, Pakistan - 22 September, 2011

one point agenda

The government is proved to be failed everywhere in the country in general and in Karachi in particular but non of the PPP & MQM or even ANP leaders are behind the bars. They feel no shame and are happily crying to complete their tern of five years in the Govt at any cost of the country split even. So same conditions will prevail till the removal of Qaim Ali shah from CM-ship and Ishrat ul Ebad from governor-ship. These both are trying to protect & appreciate their culprit group leaders and members and are inducting others on Govt; payroll for replacing ineffective of them or completing their team missing members.
Both these groups are getting weapons from America through so called missing containers so their movement from Karachi port should be halted at once and shifted to Gawader port.
An unbiased strong muscles man should be appointed as Sindh Chief Leader and all forces including police, Rangers & others along with financial powers given to him. Central Govt should not un-necessarily interfere in his decisions. Many Pakistanis can do this job but if no one is available then appoint me as the leader and see the change within two months. In case of failure I offer myself for hanging in front of Quid's dome as I can not blame others of my doings.

Abdul Jabbar, Pakistan - 22 September, 2011

MQM Is responsible.

Just after the incedent of 12th may the then Nazim ala of karachi in a news conference said. We have put the containers on the roads for security purpose but in a recent press conference of MQM chief Altaf bhai denyed that they did not put these containers on roads. Who is mustafa kamal. Is he not a member of MQM. You can also watch the videos of MQM leader and then think about the responsibles of 12 may

Wisal ahmad, Pakistan - 24 September, 2011

MQM and Sunni Terekh

Justme, - 25 September, 2011

Paranoia is blinding and making useless any endavour

Reading Hafeez's semi literate and paranoid comments makes me feel sad for my Pakistani friends.
1) There is nothing to be gained if Karachi is NOT prosperous. Prosperity brings freedom from idiocy.
2) Jealous of what exactly?
3) Hafeez type Pakistanis may be obsessed with India but most Indians are not obsessed with Pakistan

Recognise your own demons first rather than avoid such responsibility by blaming "foreign hands" and end up doing NOTHING!

Dave, United Kingdom - 28 September, 2011



ANDY RAO, United States - 29 September, 2011

This is almost comical, looking at the reactions we see here. When India has leveled allegations against Pakistan, there has been incriminating evidence, which has always been denied by Pakistan, but when monstrous incidents such these happen in Pakistan, the establishment takes to blaming India without any evidence what so ever. So, my word is without conclusive evidence and investigation, please do not level charges against India and believe in hard facts. We are the closest neighbors Pakistanis have and have always been respecting the freedom of the people of Pakistan, and its prosperity so its sad to see the blame on India for political disasters the Pakistan establishment commits.

Ricky, - 29 September, 2011


AMIR, - 30 September, 2011

Foreign hands in Karachi violence

We need to enter int a defence pack with China . it will automatically reduce the violence in Karachi and the Indians will be weting their pants when hearing about the Pak-china defence agreement.

Abdulrahman, Australia - 02 October, 2011

Denial goes on

" They are jealous with Pakistanis and they are playing in the hands of Israelis."
Sure ....India is jealous of Pakistan(Karachi)...After all the progress Pakistan has made is only something India can dream of and this includes IT sector and industry sector.Pakistani cities have attracted so much foreign investment in last 10 years that India cannot even dream of it. If it was not for US aid..India probably would have been a bankrupt nation by now. Isnt it?

As for Pakistan entering into defense agreement with China and Indians wetting their pants.... Wasn't a similar pact in effect in 1971 and was it not that Chinese to arrive for help...........Did they arrive? Guess formation of Bangladesh means no one arrived or if they did arrive they probably helped the wrong country. Also USA, USSR, UK and Israel and many other countries would surely love a Chinese-Pak defense pact since this would allow them to freely cooperate with India.

Frankly its hilarious blaming India...........but living in denial that Mullahs from country are root cause of problem, - 12 October, 2011

who is behind killings in karachi

ig sindh wajid ali durrani is behing all the killings in karachi, because after taking the charge of ig sindh karachi, the ration of killings become higher, and he coward also by himself said that, killings in karachi is not a nowadays issue and there are some no go areas, where police cannot go, so mr. ig wajid durani purchase bangles from chodi bazar and resign from police department, becasue if as ig sindh of police, you feel that there are no go area in karachi, it means security of karachi is not in good hands. May Allah Bless our karachi, and may all soul who died in karachi target killings, may their soul rest in piece....... love you pakistan, love you karachi........

raees baber, Pakistan - 12 October, 2011

Why Not India?

I see very Indians here under this thread (in response to my comments) changing there names to something English names (like DAVE AND RICKY) actually changing their identity when go abroad and these guys are saying Indian are not jealous of Pakistanis (wow a new emerging story infact) and saying we should produce evidences as they fabricate these each case to case..

My friend, you can believe Ajmal Kasab and can produce it as fact but when we produced Ajmal Phari (Indian agent) see youtube his interrogation and confession, then still you are saying where are facts? We've shown your involvement in Baluchistan and Indian PM was agreed to stop it and you say where are facts? Indian has isolated East and West Pakistan in 1971, isn't it? and you say where are facts, is it fabricated story as whole world seen it? Indian's captured Sachin galacier (and now consider it as his part too) and now we are fighting with you on world most difficult, coolest and highest track and you say where are facts?

Why IPL is banned Pakistanis players to play in India and tried to embarrass players and you say you are friendly neighbors and wants peace? Shakeel Sidque simple Pakistani comedian on Indian sony TV was given life threat to leave India by Bala thakray of Shevi Sena, he is abusing and threaten every Pakistani person on Indian soil (even worst face of Indian Tailiban infact) and you think you are innocent people of this universe.

I've no doubts that Indians are behind in Karachi and inside every violence in Pakistan. They want to eliminate Pakistan but in fact they are weakening there own future, by playing in the hands of Israelis.



Hafeez, Pakistan - 12 October, 2011


In a common condition no educated person will be diverted to do a crime from its inner soul he will think about its twice. As he will think of his job ,family & other things as compared to an uneducated one. So do not blame others improve your system of education.

hooda, - 20 October, 2011

CIA.....RAW and MOSSAD...........tip of the ice berg to harm ....

CIA , RAW and Mossad have agents in large pakistani cities to harm nice people and break our country into mindless ....low intelligence behaviour........God save our people from foreign agents......please educate people....they can see the dangers of these sad people. Look at what these agents have done in Iraq......Middle East......These people are killing and damaging their own country.......but really they are foreign agents dressed as locals.

Dadyal Kashmir, - 25 October, 2011

keeping fire in your poket will distroy you

you pakisthaniies belive that india is bhind all you mis fortunes ,it is absolutly wrong it is the religiuos fundamentalism in your country creating all these problems yor leaders are crrupt and inefiicient ,yor military support all kind of terrrists you made a griusome attack in mumbai isi was behind this shoking series of murder , you trin terrist in kasmir ,you say you will distoy america ,you protected osama bin laden all tese r wrongs done against humanity ,so think twise before u point your finger against india

suresh, Bangladesh - 26 October, 2011

Indian involvement in bombings

Considering the fact that Israeli arms were found in Karachi it is certainly clear that India is playing an active role in disturbing the peace in Karachi. India is a great friend of Israel. India has deliberately chosen to befriend Israel in spite of knowing the snake like nature of the Israelis. These evil Israelis who have illegally occupied nearly the whole of Palestine and at the slightest excuse shoot down innocent young Palestine civilians using heavy weapons , They destroy their homes ,imprison the women in the most notorious prisons, even pregnant ones, torture little children to extract confessions from them. India is sadly being tutored by these Israelis to behave in the same way as the proof is seen in Kashmir and other places in India where hundreds of innocent Muslims are being imprisoned and are left languishing in jail without any evidence. Also India has learnt the 'false flag operation tactic from the Israelis. They explode a bomb somewhere and blame it on the Muslims of India. e.g. samjhauta express, Malegaon and Gujarat Godhra express., They are now trying to protect the mass murderer Modi and even encouraging him to be stand in as a future Prime Minister of India. So corrupt and disgusting are these Hindus of India. So exploding bombs in Karachi is an old game with the blessings of the RAW.
As for blaming the MQM for the ills of Pakistan just forget it. This is a mischievous unwarranted and stupid charge that is unpardonable and foolish. MQM are the most sincere ,serious party who will give their life for the welfare of Pakistan.
Let's not blame these people who just want equality,justice and glory for Pakistan. They can great partners to work with. Let's not destroy this opportunity.

Rezan, - 27 March, 2012

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