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Who To Blame

17 April, 2006

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Army troops have been deployed in Pakistan`s commercial capital Karachi following a bomb blast at a religious congregation to celebrate the birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) at Nishter Park on Tuesday last, in which at least 57 people, including six prominent religious leaders were killed.

Violence flared up in various parts of the city following the blast, as thousands of people attended the funerals for the top three leaders of Sunni Tehrik, which has been blaming its rival Muttehida Qaumi Movement (MQM) for targeting its leaders and activists in Karachi.

Sunni Tehrik, and other religious parties have blamed the provincial government for the blast, and demanded its resignation.

The police are insisting that it was a suicide attack, however, the intelligence agencies doubt the claim. According to intelligence officials, the bomb used in the attack was 10 to 15 kg, and it was unbelievable that a person carries such a huge bomb and reached near the stage without being noticed by anyone.

They think that the government and the police are terming it as a suicide attack just to hide the security lapses and their negligence.

Religious and political circles believe the attack is aimed at fanning confrontation between different sects, and those forces are involved in this heinous act, which are doing the same in Iraq. They say the government is dubbing incident as a suicide attack to tarnish the image of Mujahdin, who have been using this tactic against American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Here are some questions

1) Keeping the circumstantial evidences and statements of intelligence officials, do you think, it was a suicide attack?
2) If yes, who could be behind that?
3) If no, then who could be involved and what could be their motive?
4) Do you think the government should step down after its failure to maintain law and order?
5) Intelligence agencies see foreign hand in the blast. What do you think?

Reader Comments:

The questions are complicated for me as I don't have all the information. I would like to put few comments here related to sectarian killings and this so called war on terrorism. The sectarian violence can be completely eliminated from the muslim world with the knowledge of Allah Taala message - The Noble Qur'an. The so called war on terrorism is only killing poor muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan which will flame more hatred towards America and Americans instead of creating peaceful relationship all over the world. George Bush, Mussaraf, Saudi Royals, UAE Amirs, Kuwait rulers they simply don't look at this simple truth because it is not politically popular.

Sectarian Mullahs monatery interest is to keep the sectarian hatred alive which is their source of income.

The solution is simple come to Qur'an to get rid of religious dogma they are following blindly.

KGB, Pakistan - 17 April, 2006

Sectarian cause Individual Racism

It is paradoxical that the very people who claim to follow the path of the ancestors (the Salaf), and declare kafir(infidel) anybody who seems to stray from the imitation of their forefathers, graft their political activism onto an obvious innovation (bid'a), jihad as a fard'ayn. From that example it is clear that, far from being a collective answer from the 'Muslim community' to Western encroachment, the new jihad is an individual and personal decision. As we shall see, most radical militants are engaged in action as individuals, cutting links with their 'natural'community(family, ethnic group and nation) to fight beyond the sphere of any real collective identity. This overemphasis on personal jihad complements the lonely situation of the militants, who do not follow their natural community, but join an imagined one.
There has almost never been an example in Muslim history to parallel today's terrorist acts. When I tried to link present-day terrorism to the Ismaili-Hashshashin paradigm, I proved precisely the opposite: the extraordinary Hashshashin(Assasin) saga is an exception in Muslim history, an isolated and weird episode born out of a marginal heresy. Conversely, connections between Bin Laden's violence and recent leftist and Third Worldist movements have more grounding in fact.
If one looks in modern times; Al Qaeda is not an isolated phenomenon. Suicide attacks became a standart of guerrilla warfare in the 1980's through the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, who supposedly practise Hinduism, the religion of Mahatma Gandhi. Simultaneous aeroplane hijacking was invented by the Palestinians (then secular) with the help of the ultra-leftist ANd Western Red Army Fraction. The first suicide attack on Israeli soil was perpetrated, in 1972, by the Japanese Red Army Fraction. It is rather difficult to link suicide attacks to specific religious or cultural areas. The figure of the lonely metaphysical terrorist who blew himself up with the bomb appeared in Russia and suggested to Qur'an promotion like own naturals. The real genesis of these attacks or violence has more to do with Western tradition of individual and pessimistic revolt for an elusive ideal world than with the Qur'anic conception of matyrdom. The delusional overemphasis on Islam is particulary striking in the clichéd reference to the seventy-two houris, or perpetual virgins, who are expecting the matyr - consequently the right of administrative autonomy.

Shokat Saleem, Georgia - 17 April, 2006

It was a suicide bomb as per reports

I haven't come accross any report saying the bomb was 10 to 15kg, mostly it's reported that it was a 5 kg bomb, which didn't even leave a cater on ground and there were heads found, whom no one is claiming; hence the investigators are probing into a possibility of a suicide Bomb.

Sunni Tehreek is not directly blaming MQM, but it's Jamaa't-e Islami which is blaming MQM, as Jamaa't Islami can't accept the fact that a Sunni Organization could act as a Suicider against Sunnis.

We are witnessing a new form of sectarianism in Pakistan and this is only the reflection of Extreme Wahibism thought being sponsored and promoted by Wahabis around the world, and their headquarter is in Saudi Arabia.

Wahabi's can't tolerate anything other than their own set of beliefs, and that's why they wanted to target Celeberation of Prophet's (PBUH) Birthday, which is against their beliefs. They are brain washing their people, and it's clearly exhibited in past in Pakistan, in Afghanistan and now in Iraq we see everyday a new suicide bomber attacking everyother place which is deemed Infidel in their own rigid theological brains.

My suggestion is to immediately ban Wahabism in Pakistan, and we'll see the difference in next five years.

k, Pakistan - 18 April, 2006

35 Yrs Ongoing Genocides Against Muslims

What do they want ? Why ? Watch out their next move!

Genocide by current G8 and RSS RAW individual leaders
May have already killed millions Of Muslims during 1971-2006
(killing zia and 18 generals inclusive).Why this has not
been enlarged. As a result current large scale Genocide seems
to be coming.Looking into studio tapes systematic fraudulent
speech By WMD invader UK PM during Iraq Balkan
Chechen episode reveal Fake Saddam army general speech
layout amid massive Killing of Iraqis Kurds.

In addition to mass killings of Palestinian via sabra shatilla,
The chances of finding Palestinian in the west are slim.
They Do not exist. Reported genocide in Bangladesh Kosovo
Srebrenica Chechnya and elsewhere confirm the same technique
Being promoted now as it was done in the past .

The renewal Reference of Armenian mentioning is repeat
as it had been done in Bosnia Bangladesh turkey in pre genocide
killing of muslim .Continued elimination of Muslim
majority in world location is Proof of genocide Refusal to give
any independence with Systematic Killing is proof of intention
of genocide .Who is genocide oriented leader ?
.Muslim media is missing .They had been killed by genocide itself.
Muslim leaders Are missing by genocide killing .Genocide
in unprecedented Scale demand re-evaluation of sequence
of events.Behind current move using Armenia massacre slogan
demand focussing genocide of Turks .They seem planning
Mass scale genocide Against Iran People and Muslim umma.
The repeat massacre genocide of the 10-25 million Muslims
Recently killed who have not been talked about need focussing.They seem
planning for larger than large scale genocide towards Iran oil
invasion. For Iran oil looters' genocide Watch out their publicity
watch out for their daily slogan Watch out for their troops
movement watch out speech by Blair Bush.and their TV
newspaper genocide building technique.

Z Billo, Pakistan - 20 April, 2006

why would osama bin laden travel with these individuals in u.s

my indication show taht osama bin alden smuggle inthe united state and among the 911 hijackers that anyne can view it on this websites

cyber_war44, United Kingdom - 20 April, 2006

who and why to blame and how to prevent casualties

Turkic Timur Babur ruled Georgia Armenia Uzbek Iraq oil Iran oil Azerbaijan oil
Afghan Pakistan Kashmir Uzbek to sinkiang.Shah Rukh Khan was son of Timur
Who made Herat his capital? Queen Victoria Queen-Dom anti Turk allied
who recently ransacked Bosnia KOSOVO and all Turkish Balkan finally
descended in Timurid Empire.Babur founded Pakistan Mughal empire in 1526.

his mass scale killing 1971-2006 in pursuit to CAPTURE OILFIELDS
is a kind of crusade War against Muslims of Timurid Mughal Iranian
background.The statement from Bush Military man Rumsfeld Govt of
France Spain PORTUGAL and others reflect as if they are Waging Christianity
Crusade WAR to wrap up Islam.

The methodology is to get rid off Muslim occupation from the region
enslave them as captives and neutralise the khutba of already incompetent
or artificial induced none muslim Imams.They are putting the umma
in skull cap addicted to hukka tobacco and sugar while Christian
soldiers of Bible madrassah youth have been given finest looking military
uniform with Modern weaponry.

The solution is to put madrassah youth in military uniform too and train them
As security personal with modern look And place them on guard everywhere
as visible security guard.

benz m Isphahani, India - 22 April, 2006

who did it??

OFCOURSE musharaf did it. Also the eid miladu Nabi Bombing. It was all musharaf, he's just doing the usual. Trying to destroy our moral low enough so that we would forget his power dictator ship and enlighten moderation - secular ethics (BELIEF IN NO DIETY) for how many YEARS now? I didn't even go through puberty when he came to power, now i can grow a BEARD!.... I'm praying for every corrupt leaders death, even if Allah(swt) doesn't grant it now, it will be granted in future and I will have the luxery of knowing that they will burn in hell. I will never forgive corrupt leaders, especialy MUSHARAF. actualy no i will forgive them, after they burn for about the age of the universe.....times two.

Faizan, Pakistan - 27 April, 2006

UN Come Out Clean Or be Accomplice of Genocide

Genocide by UN Countries in pursuit to live off oil based salaries
Is a proof of genocide motive and coordination of genocide? Repeat
Genocide is reinforcement for future salaries fetching resolution
Of genocide. The speech by Leaders or Kofi Anna and entire UN regime
Have been heard in sequence with the speech Of MPS and senators and
World democracy parliamentary leaders. They reveal that UN is HQ
Of nations of genocide. Genocide protection under UN is league
Of nations of genocide. They are repeaters of genocide.

Z M B Blair, Indonesia - 28 April, 2006

sectarian violence

people who believe god can not harm another human being.kill>kill>kill>there is no end to this particular thought inspite of mastering religious books,good education,upbringing&maturing by for human being next to us is missing. drpvg

dr.pvg, Hungary - 01 May, 2006

Why blame the religion?

In my opinion, people only kill other innocent people for money and these days some times being brain washed. They have nothing to do with religion. They use religion because it's convenient for them to use. They don't have to give any explanation.

Ali, United Arab Emirates - 08 May, 2006

Shah Iran Oil Saddam Iraq Oil Qadaffi Libya Oil Route to Prosperity

One Iraq down two(Iran libya) to go...
When crude oil cost was $1.93 /barrel, Shah Iran
Gave away $1billion to France to purchase Nuke
Reactors in 1967.So much the wealth cars, the G8
West Japan and others had never seen WEST Japan
Sought out hundreds of billions dollar cash from Shah
To seel him Nuke reactors, Peykan Hillman cars Krupp
Steel mill Mercedes Benz Cars and petrol Pumps and oil
in liu of cash .Crude oil jumped to $70/barrel.In 1978
Not a single reactor was delivered to Iran or shah
Owned ownership to Iran regime.. Shah lost Iran
As king Shah Idris lost Libya. Egypt educated Lawyer
Saddam HUSSAIN grabbed Iraq.UN embargo
WMD brought back IRAQ oil revenue because
UN staff had not been Paid Back wages ($1.5 billion).
UN Based salary getting idea lead to Iraq oil
Stealing from Lawyer sad dam Hussein who was
Pretending military man. One Iraq down two
(Iran and Libya) to go is to be blamed.

M.B.Zakaria, United Arab Emirates - 11 May, 2006

Who To Blame

Rivals and having different views kill each other. One can say the religious extremists are behind all those killings.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 26 May, 2006

Everyone is to blame

Instead of placing a blame at the feet of an individual, let us examine the historical and chronological events that resulted in the problem, that Pakistan in particular and the Islamic world in general is faced with! Around the 1800s when the Ottoman Empire was already faced with serious decline due to corruption, laziness and totally apathy the seeds for a rotting Islamic region were sown. The Mughal conquest of India, the Armenian holocaust of Turkey (Mustafa Kamal)and the subsequent decline of the Mughals had all but sealed the fate of the future generations of Muslims, particularly in the Sub-continent. I have to ask the question... what motivated Muslims to commit these atrocities??? Was it a misdirected sense of spreading Islam or a Chengez Khanesque hunger for wealth by conquest? I strongly suspect it to be the latter! As a result, Armenians, Hindu India and others despised Muslims for what the Muslims had done. After the end of the Mughal rule, dominated by the Hindus(in every sphere of life) and the subsequent British enslavement, the Indian Muslim fought for and achieved Pakistan. Muslims of the region suffering from domination, apathy and a complete lack of identity came into Pakistan with high expectations. Jinnah died due to medical complications and then the actual decline down a precipitous hill started, helped by inexperienced politicians, wealthy landowners and selfish leaders. Without exception, not a single "appointed" leader, civilian, military or religious, really gave a damn about the common Pakistani. Either they were too simple and inept or too corrupt and filled their pockets. Except for a few wealthy and well-connected, all the while, Pakistanis lived and died a life of total disenfranchisement, enslavement (in some cases literally) by powerful landowners (Kalat, Bugti, etc.), lacking education and victimized by a non functioning system of government. Military leaders came and went, wars were fought with India, people were killed. Pakistan, actually, went from bad to worse. Religious leaders, disguised as holy do-gooders were really after a piece of the power pie. In some cases, like their Catholic counterparts, they too were practising peodophilia. Socially, Pakistanis had no self identity. They either tried to "be" British in their speech and behaviour like their previous masters and at the same time were heavily influenced by Hindu India in their religious rites and rituals. Compared to Arab Islamic traditions, attire and customs the sub-continent muslim has always been and is very different. Finally, there is the bin Laden vs. the West reason. Possibly, this could be the catalyst for a total implosion of Pakistan. Rife with sectarianism, Pakistan seems to be headed towards a religiously motivated demise. The one-time epitome of institutionalised righteousness, the military has also not escaped the sickness of corruption and the infiltration of fanantic thinking. This is a dangerous trend, dangerous for the very existence of the country. Remedially speaking, mass education, leaving not a single person out of the education process, a much better distrubution of national wealth with some form of a modified representative government with accountability (suited for Pakistan's needs).....these and perhaps more can solve Pakistan's huge problems. One more item....get rid of the land owners, each and every one of them! From the North to the South and East to West, this country belongs to all those persons, regardless of their ethnicity, that have fought for the existence of Pakistan, from the common laborer to the farmer to the soldier and the honest banker. It is a crying shame that the lives of all those that died, whether it was during the partition or the several wars, have so far, have been lost all in vain! Shame on the leadership of Pakistan!!! I hope some selfless leader emerges for the sake of Pakistan. If we are looking to blame individuals, Pakistanis should blame themselves for the failure of a country. The loss of one-half of Pakistan and the shame of 90,000 pows held by India has not taught Pakistanis the need to make changes. You need to hold your leadership accountable, their sole purpose should be the honest and effective governance of the country resulting in the fulfillment of basic needs of the citizens, such as security, housing, education and jobs. If any one of these requirements are not fulfilled, then the government needs to be questioned. The mind-set that have plagued Pakistanis since the start, needs to be replaced with a new one whereby you don't have to compromise your social and religious beliefs and yet make adjustments to be able to accomodate worthwhile changes for the betterment of life in general!! Good Luck!!!

redauqs, United Kingdom - 04 June, 2006

THe killings at Dargai.

Foreign hand can't be totally ruled out.Yes the so called patrons Like USA and neighbours like India,and (Occupied Afghanistan) and Israel whose Late president Ariel Sharon prayed for the safety of Musharraf beofre going to bed can't be ruled out.Remember International foreign relations are ruthless,these coutnries don't have any thing like mercy for the sake of mercy,fairness for the sake of fairness or honesty for the sake of honesty.In USA atlease everything is influenced by capitalism,desire to make profit,even education,religion,and science have just that motive even medical science..But In Pakistan besides the Foreign countries who want to see chaos in Pakistan always and want this for few reasons:
a)A nation in chaos can easily be forced to give up its values for safety
b) These things are not happening there
c)TO create hatred between Pakistan military and nation.
d)To make attacks look like the work of religious extremism

It is being said here in US press,that Pakistan should be made to give up Atomic leverage and also to give up Kashmir.And Musharraf like any Army guy with an IQ of 35(that of Downs syndrome's) considers giving up on every demand as presitige of friendship or fear.
People of Pakistan should speak critically and aggressively about national issues and don't let the military keep control of them even including civilians.These events may continue in different forms for a long time for the above reasons.

Dr.M.Khan, United Kingdom - 09 November, 2006

Pakistan in line of Bin-laden's fire

Pakistan and its leadership including Gen. Musharraf are in the line of fire from Bin-Laden and other extremists. 42 of our brave soldiers have been cowardly attacked by the suicidal followers of Bin Laden. Our media yet again is happy with blaming India or other powers, but ignoring the real perpetrators who happen to be extremist Muslims. These extremists do not care what would happen to Pakistan and its cities like Bannu, Kohat, or Peshawar. Look what these hooligans have done to other cities in the region like Jalalabad, Kabul, and Kandahar. Their sole aim is to create a Utopian empire, regardless of the fact that how many skulls have to be crushed. Pakistanis for too long have given them a leeway even when Shias and other minorities were murdered in cold blood. The target of these extremists is now the Pakistani elites including Pak army, and civilians. If we feel that our mansions in Lahore, Karachi and Pindi will be safe from suicide car bombs. Then we are gravely mistaken. These extremists will not stop from destroying our past (Bamyan Buddahs), our present, and our future. Just look at Kabul, and see how Kabul's elite have all been kicked out. Let's quit blaming others and check how peaceful Islam is being used to create havoc in the beautiful country called Pakistan.

May Allah keep Pakistan safe!

Dr. Qazi, United Kingdom - 12 November, 2006

Keepin muslim nations confused and chaotic under the pretext of terrorism

Yes it is nothing more than that.
Israelis were thinking about maligning Palestinians struggle for respect and sustenance so they invented the relationship between terrorism and self rule and projected it in such a way through their control of media that now every one blieves Palestinians as terrorists and not the Israelis.Now Israelis sold this idea to India and US.Make no mistake about it they are same and their goal is to rob muslims nations of their resources,keep them under control and keeping nation chaotic and using leaders as prompter agents for their plan by using either rewardds/bribes/praises and fear (Called carrot and stick apporach).
While muslims are maligned and forced to remain on defensive,other nations in area are encouraged(India,Afghanistan) to grow.
Time to understand and stand up.But military will always behave as it behaved due to fear.

Dr.M.Khan, United Kingdom - 12 November, 2006

Implementation of American Agenda+

Yes!.Rememebr the "Redrawing of middleast map" that was printed in Armed forces journal by A US Military think tank expert,Maj.Ralph Peter,in which Pakistan is shown devoid of NWFP and Blauchistan.That is being implemented through the hands of Army.The plan is that Army will kill its people or take blame for killing and this will create thoughts in the minds of Pakhtoons and Blauch that their best bet is in separation from Pakistan,this will be achieved in few years of continous turmoil in these areas.Once that is achieved Pak Army will have to take care of both borders and will run out of resources then US will say well look you owe us so much loan also(Which is being taken fondly by Army for non productive projects like making roads,building bridges,parks so cars bought on loans have roads to run)so now YOu can't keep Kashmir stand and neither the atomic bomb.If Pak Army's Ataturk resists then India will be encouraged to attack.Pak Army should see the handwriting on the wall and stop playing as American agent of disaster and destruction.

auragzaib, United Kingdom - 12 November, 2006

For Dargai carnage, It is easy to live in America and blame Pak Army

Funny how some of American-Pakistanis are blaming Israel and America for a heinous crime in Dargai. This is like the situation where a woman gets attacked in Southern Punjab, and we start blaming America and Israel. That is a mighty stretch of imagination by any standards. Why it is so hard to understand that suicide attack on Pak army soldiers was conducted by someone local or very close to locals. I mean how many people can show up without local "invitation" in Dargai or any tribal area? People who jump on blaming-America bandwagon fail to understand that Bajor in particular and Malakand in general is a hotbed of Islamic sharia enforcers for many years now. How could these people be termed as agents of America or Israel?

Dr. Qazi, United Kingdom - 15 November, 2006

Inter-related Chorsada Carnage and attack on Pakistan Mininster Sherpao

Motive of despicable pre- announced attack on Pakistan Leader depicted Muslims getting Slaughtered with ineffective security.

1.First it was demonstrated in world press outside Pakistan that Oil suppliers to mall car builder in Saudi Arabia Siberia Oil have rounded up all Mujaheddin Islamist 198 of them in OIL rich Islam’s holiest country of Mecca Medina oilfields zone

It contained suicide bombers pilots WTC stuff .Then came simultaneous Bombing of Pakistan Minister and citizen of Peshawar Charsadda Karbala Iraq challenging Mujaheddin security weakness.They also displayed who own oilfields in their global oil sales drive.

Muslim Madrassa White topee Umma Being shown as casualty.I was in Peshawar the other day. Day and Night 24 hours honking truckists and coach and car drivers got on my nerve .Oil soldiers of west And East India Company seem in control of bomb supply . At home they are criticising USA Iraq pull out Canada’s something.

2. “WTC suicide bombers” were mentioned in advance like those few intelligent university educated persons who no longer survived in underground tube bombing to tell their side of the story like Cho .

3. Is it 21st Crusandra like Tony Blair Bush Blue red soldiers targeting Pervez Musharaf
Minister amid newly exhibited India Hyderabad style Charminar or model of Kaba blending it with Female models in global motel tourist development with prostitution and alcohol bottle mfg sales in gulf .. Is it Islamic radical ? Atleast Russia has taken measure and Bringing back USA Nat vs.President Vladimir Putin (Warsaw )cold war back .Foreign looter who is Getting more and more daring displaying illiterate unskilled white topee Pakistani or black chador Karbala women getting killed.Make citizen volunteers in your area to protect family from home grown suicide bombers trying to
Divert attention while sale of oil LNG news came with growing economy as reasoning

Better create Muslim Madrassa security Vigilante free volunteers. Normally Muslim never kill Muslim Shia do not kill mixed Shia Sunni everywhere or vice versa.What is happening?

B_LaL, Hungary - 29 April, 2007

Who to blame

Power and money keeps on changing is all can be seen from history. US is a super power today and Muslims are not as strong as they were going back 500 years or so. But there is a but tide keep on changing as well. Understanding Islam and putting in practice is more important than words. Mullahs are not teaching true Islam and they are fighting with each other and that is called secretarian killings. That got to be stopped. All muslims believe in one Quran and Allah the creator of the universe.There is nothing wrong with the policies of Gen. Musharraf who understands that today Pakistan can acquire knowledge and help and become their friends who are after wiping out muslims from the earth. It does not happen and not easy at all. All nations are living on this planet earth but with different ideologies. There are problems in muslims world such as unity, lack of understanding and not listening the view points of others wether the other party is muslim or not makes no difference. An understanding is needed to develop and working together for common good can bring good results. Mullahs got to change themselves and must only teach true Islam not what suits them. Changes are needed soon.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 18 July, 2007

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