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WANA Operation

27 March, 2004

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According to reports, there were above 500 alleged foreign terrorists taking sanctuary in South Waziristan Agency (SWA), forcing Government of Pakistan and Army to take some action. In this action, government required cooperation of tribal people for apprehension of the reported elements.

Pakistan Army conducting Wana Operation, emphasizes that no US personnel would be allowed to cross the border to assist them and no one will be allowed to use Pakistani soil for terrorist activity as well.

Since the operation has started, dozens of Pakistan Army soldiers have been killed by militants. Pakistan Army has also killed and captured number of militants.

1. Do you think the WANA Operation by Pakistan Army is justified ?

2. How do you see the foreign persons taking sanctuary in WANA, Mujahideen or Terrorists ?

Reader Comments:


There's no doubt in my mind that they are terrorists and the way they took hostages and killed 8 security personnel of Paksitani Army is barbaric.

The same Chechens, Uzbeks and Arabs fought against Muslims in Afghanistan, killed them and have also trained number of terrorists in Pakistan to kill minorities in Pakistan, and kill whosoever doesn't share their interpretation of Jihad.

They must be eliminated from the soil of Pakistan.
We are behind our soldiers who have for the first time gone into the heartland of thugs, robbers, dacoits and murderers.

People of South Waziristan are not above the law of Pakistan and they must be brought into the jurisdiction of Federal or Provincial law. In Past they had enjoyed enough freedom to kill and loot anyone they want. .. Not anymore!

S, Pakistan - 27 March, 2004

Fanatic armed with stupidity

A fanatic armed with stupidity is the friend of none and the enemy of all. So Wana Opperation was national as well as international liability. We are with President Musharraf wholeheartedly and devotedly. But firstly,the US and the rest of world must help Pakistan for real and not simply by words and lollypops. Secondly, the US and EU must desist from the tune of 'doing more'. Pakistan Army knows well how to accomplish their task in the area.

Aftab Alam Khan Advocate Swat, Pakistan - 27 March, 2004

simile on...?

I just wants to know from Pakistan Government that we glade on die of Pakistan army or our people which have no concern to other else that, they are not bear from USA. Also tell us who is shaheed on that matter. I think people of WANA.

M Abu Bakar Awan, Pakistan - 27 March, 2004

The background of this operation is connected to the stupid "War on Terrorism" declared by George W. Bush. I believe that Bush is a mentally sick person. Bush brain damage cause by alcholic and drug abuse which he had for the long period of time. Bush can prove this wrong by appearing in front of international independent panel of doctors (not Americans). Bush "War on Terrorism" is based on lies stupidity arrogance intolerance. When Bush demanded Taliban to hand over Osama Bin Laden to U.S. their response was very much reasonable that they will hand over Osama Bin Laden to independent authorities once they see the proof of Osama's involvment in 9/11 attack and he can face a trial in international court. Bush refused arrogantly and invaded Afghanistan killing thousands of innocent men women children elderly to take revenage. Musarraf extended full co-operation unconditionally supporting stupid "War on Terrorism". Pakistani authorities have arrested everybody American authorities had pointed their fingers without any proof or evidence in return he got U.S. Dollars as aid which is very important for the rulers to maintain their royal living standards with absolutely no benefit for the population. Bush "War on Terrorism" is infact war against evil muslim world supported by the corrupt rulers of Islamic countries who are fatithful watch dogs of American policies and interests. This war has increased the popularity of Osama Bin Laden even among the moderate muslims and it will keep growing as the American aggression against muslims are not going to end soon. The daily killing in Iraq, daily killing of innocent in Palestine, killing innocent in Afghanistan, killing of innocent women children in Wana is not making this world safer we are heading towards more terrorism all over the world. Wana operation is unjust which will create storm of terrorism in Pakistan.

The second question regarding foreign fighters could not be answered correctly. Read following statements by Shaukat Sultan and Musharraf and decide can we trust these guys. No. The people captured will be tranferred to undisclosed locations under American custody where they will have no access to lawyers justice and we will never going to really learn who they are and what they were doing in Wana. Poor guys God Almighty help them.

"We have achieved our target; we have destroyed and dismantled the terrorists' sanctuary," military spokesman Major General Shaukat Sultan told AFP.

"We will be winding up the operation today or most probably by Sunday," the official, who could not be identified, said. Major General Shaukat Sultan the fact and truth is that you have achieved nothing except creating hatred for the Pakistan Army. Pakistan army has lost hundreds of their soldiers lots of army vehicles completely destroyed and you still claim this "successful" operation. B.S. The wana operation is a total failure just like "Operation Freedom Iraq".

Musharraf speaking just like his wordly god Bush.
He said that "as far as if he's taunting me, well, I would like to say that I am going to eliminate all of them". Really!!! How?

"I mean, al-Zawahri is on the run. For heaven's sake, its just one tape. Let's not get excited," he said. Musharraf has learned to speak exactly like is master.

The conclusion Bush can't win the war against Islam. Afghanistan is not under the control of U.S.A where puppet Karazi is the President of Kabul only under huge protection of American forces. IGC is a joke. Iraq situation is no way under control. Iraqi resistance is fighting a very well balanced war against these illegal criminal occupiers. The most important factor is money 100 billion dollars to keep these two countries under occupation. Bush regime war planners Wolfowitz Armitage, Dumbsfled, the the she devil liar Condoleezza Rice and Dick plans failed miserably to pay the cost of war and occupation by Iraqi oil export.

The solution is very simple which Americans are not going to understand and implement. Stop your unconditional support for Isreal. Force Isreal to implement the U.N. resolutions. Force Isreal to stop killing innocent children women and old people in wheel chairs. American can at least acknowledge that Isreal is in violation of not implementing any of U.N. resolutions which is one the reason given to invade Iraq. Change American policy of Veto any resolution against Isreal.

Islamic countries rulers must stop supporting the unjust policies of U.S.A. Stop oppression of their population. Stop explioting civil rights and liberties in the name of your version of Islam. Be modest and honest and work for the benefit of population. These are simple steps which will lead to peace all over the world. There will be no Osama Bin Laden or Aymen Al-Zawahiri.

Western democracy which is corrupt will not make Islamic countries developed nations.

K, Pakistan - 27 March, 2004

After some missteps, the government of pakistan and its military did well. Some Western reports to the contrary are from the ignorant. You do not hear such remarks from Western militery who know what has happened.

Godanov, - 27 March, 2004

Wana Operation

It is outrageous that the mullahs are upto their old tricks. These terrorists and their supporters MUST be completely eliminated, and if these dang mullahs feel so strongly for the terrorists then perhaps they should be dealt with for providing comfort and sanctuary to enemies of the state.

Tipu Sultan, United Kingdom - 27 March, 2004

muslims do not kill innocents

you do not kill prissoners, women or children. there is something terribly wrong with a religion that preaches hate
i do not hate innocents and will protect them. I can disagree feel anger but it must be directed at those who wrong me not nameless babys

michael, United Kingdom - 27 March, 2004

Musharraf is simply working as a tool in the hands of Judeo-Christian crusaders against Muslims a

After seeing how George Bush and his partner in crime Tony Blair used cluster bombs to slaiughter Muslims in the name of fighting terrorism it is really depressing to see what the soldiers of Jinnah's Pakistan is doing under Musharraf .Never in my wildest dream ever I thought that I would live to see a Pakistan which would a produce a man like Musharraf who would gladly, and quite shmelessly, become tool to implement Judeo-Christian evil designs against his own people only to ensure his power.Before helping America to hunt the so called Muslim terrorists Musharraf should try to derive some dignity and self respect at lesast from the courageous Christains and Jews who boldy expose Bush's crimes in Iraq,Afghanistan and Palestine.
Musharraf came with the slogan to nclean up Pakistan.But the need of hour is to clean himself with the perfume of dignity and self respect.

abdul latheef, Somalia - 28 March, 2004


India will never back stabe the peole, Once who fought for muslim brothers shammmmmmmmmmmme shameeeeeeee musharaf.

somanath, Hungary - 28 March, 2004

Is This A Country For Sale

Pakistan has been left high and dry so many times in history once Americans have achieved what they want. Should Pakistan State, which was partitioned from India as a Muslim state go against its own tribes men just for few Americans dollars. Is this not a country for sale.
Pakistan must learn to stand on its own feet and follow its own policies. Why should Pak decide to act against these tribesmen now when they have existed in these parts with weapons and Islamic fundamentalisim for centuries.

GAJRIA BHARAT, Hungary - 28 March, 2004

Doing the right thing

Some of the folks from India and Jihadis around the world have posted comments on this site to express their usual rhetoric based on emotions than to see things in reality.

The reality is that nations have interest. The current scenario in the geo political order of the world requires Pakistan to take action against those foreign terrorists who have taken sanctuary in the tribal areas of Pakistan. Now the question which some has raised that why didn't Pakistan take the action earlier ? Well for those folks, if they are interested in history, they'll learn that not even British who had build the whole empire in the subcontinent had guts to step into the tribal area and change their laws. They tried but once they received stiff resistance from these primitive backward people of Tribals, even they gave up.

Now, rather than appreciating the initiative of Pres. Musharraf to take a bold decision to send troops into this tribal area, where for centuries, no one has dared to touch them, it is only our soldiers who are doing the job to clean it from terrorists who have taken refugee their for years.

I understand, it is difficult to comprehend for those who're only interested in the political graph of Islam than its welfare and spirituality.

Need of the time is not to wage Jihad or holy war against any infidel, but to make ourselves strong, both spiritualy and economically.

Our purpose and focus should be to become good muslim than to believe in war and killing people all the time for nothing other than politics.

Islam is a religion of peace and these terrorists are killing everyone including muslims in Pakistan and innocent civilians. All the terrorists who had blown up churches, Imam Barghas, and killed lots of other innocent Pakistanis were all trained in the area of WANA, and we must get rid off them as quickly as possible.

My hats off to Pres. Musharraf for doing the job and making Pakistan a safe place for everyone to live with peace and interfaith harmony.

Agha, Pakistan - 28 March, 2004

Islamic Fundamentalist by "

I read the newspaper The BOSTON Globe editorial. One of the reporter asked to Commander in chief of NATO in Europe that why do you need a NATO now, when East and West Germany has been reunited and Russia has become USA friend. C&C of NATO said; we need NATO against the Islamic Fundamentalists. I will ask the reader 1. Are there any other fundamentalists In the World, in other religion?
2. What is the law of Fundamentalism, is it a base of the religions; means follow the religion without diluting the or twisting the laws. Isn't his statement means "against the ISALM"..> Muslims. The Muslim Freedom fighter= Mujahideen. When job is done you are fired/ retired/ if act again than you will be militant/terrorist. What a geo-political episode! I am afraid the WANA episode must not turn into the division as Pakhtonistan.

aabshaaraypakistan, United Kingdom - 28 March, 2004

I am for the people of Wana

I believe that what the people of WANA did was right and asusual America cannot take anything against and as usual Musharraf becomes a pet of America who will throw after their work is finished.

The British 200 years ago tried to attack Pathans and failed and pray the same happens with America and my pyara Musharraf!

mohd. alam, Hungary - 29 March, 2004

Our brave army?

2 Weeks Operation. Over 130 killed of which about 20 are Pakistani soldiers, half of the rest are civilians, 14 Pakistani soldiers POWs (abductees) and then trade in against evacuation - No arrest of high value target - Lote kay bhudoo ghar ko aeye...?

Sunny, Pakistan - 29 March, 2004

its wrong. ppl in pak can hate anything except pak army. WANA operation will bring hatred in the heart of our countrymen for pak army for attacking fellow pakistanis. Infact Musharaaf is a US Slave. shame on him for attacking muslims for those who only become our friends when they need us. Otherwise pressler ammendments are there to check us. WHERE ARE THE QAZI'S DHARNAS?? he even has the government in sarhad now

Ali Malik, Pakistan - 29 March, 2004


Afghanistan was a calm place in decades. Then USSR went in and the west came with the idea that islamic movments could seal off communism. In reality all that kand of manipulation jaust disturbed the balance in country. They call that for cold war but the bullets were real for the third world people and still are. Pakistan must destroy Bin Laden and go on like all other nations. Bin Laden Like Hitler has no future.No kind of extremism has any place in our world.

rostam rosan, Pakistan - 29 March, 2004

your, or theirs?

Say what you want about Musharraff, or Bush, or Blair, or whoever. But if you can't contrrol the laws of your own country, you don't even have a country. If Musharraf doesn't do what he's doing, then he's supporting the destruction of
Pakistan. Nowhere in history has religious sects been for the people. They've always been "for the few" The long diatribe by the letter above is more name calling, more ideology of the same misguided, narrowminded push to force people to live under the ideas of a few. Look towards Iran for your answers to living under muslim law. God of Islam, and Christianity are like in the idea of choice. Take that away, and you might as well be dead!!

TC, Pakistan - 29 March, 2004

Our army

Our Army , Our protectors ,Our pride is wasting our taxpayers money
to fight against a few analphabets with klasnikovs .
I want my money back !

nouressine, Pakistan - 29 March, 2004

Not Army's fault

In last four years, Pakistan as a country and nation is moving towards progress in all fields. May be it's not that fast, but atleast we are moving ahead. Now all those, who think that all such positive indicators of macroeconomic are merely a gimmick, I suggest that they should leave Pakistan and join hands with Al Qaeda.

It seems that these minorities in Pakistan are not interested in Pakistan but they are more interested in ruling the world by supporting these Jehadis just in their emotional rehtoric against USA and for their support of an orthodox version of Islam, made by themselves.

There are 1.2billion muslims in this world and 99% of them want to live in peace and harmony and believe that they can practice Islam at anywhere. Only 1 percent is interested in imposing their version of Islamic revolution on the 99 Percent. This is not going to happen, and it's about time that these morons and airhead people should learn the basic statistics.

Imagine, if the west and USA put a ban for using their products and services in the muslim world, there's no doubt in my mind that all the so called Islamic world will turn to dark ages.

It's the responsibility of every Pakistani citizen, mediamen to not to side with militants. There's no Jihad anywhere on this planet. Afghanistan has produced more criminals/terrorists in the past few decades than any country and if someone is giving sanctuary to those thugs on whatever basis, is not acceptable to anyone. And if the Govt of Pakistan has finally realized that it is imperative to take action against them, then please support it rather than making it a issue of Muslims fighting muslims. If you read Islamic history, you'll find muslims fighting muslims always, and this is not new, but again this episode of WANA is in no way a clear case of fighting against our brethern muslim, but a vivid exhibtion of how a professional Army is engaged in a task to clean the place from terrorists, who have taken sanctuary in it. The tribesmen give sanctuary to all murderers, and most of the murderes in Pakistan are muslims, so let's not make it a issue of religion, but see it with open eyes to pinpoint Good Guys (Pak Army) fighting Bad Guys (Terrorists)

S, Pakistan - 30 March, 2004

Eliminate the Religion Factor

People the whole story here is to eliminate the Religion factor. If you take away religion from Government then most of the conflicts will go away. Let people practice their own religious beliefs at home and in their places of worship as much as they want, but separate it from any governmental business. That is why the US has been stable for so many years, that is why people left England to form the original colonies that became the US in 1776. This is why so many people want to come to live in the US legally or illegally. They have freedom, and the ability to go forward without the religious hindrances found in other countries. Work with your governmental leaders in an orderly and sane way to get the job done against the zealots, and try to restore world peace. When your President Musharraff comes to visit his son who lives in the town neighboring my town, not a mention is made, no protests or anything, just a small article in the papers after he left that he had visited on his way to Washington or New York. I could just imagine the protests and demonstrations if Pres Bush ( whom I loath) were to visit Karachi or Islamabad it would be the Secret service's worst nightmare to try to protect him. But here this is possible. That is an extreme example to say the least, but gets the point across.

Mike, United Kingdom - 31 March, 2004

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