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Voilence in Karachi

02 June, 2004

A bomb explosion occurred in Ali Raza mosque adjacent to Imambargah near MA Jinnah road Karachi during evening prayer. Atleast 20 people killed and more than 50 seriously injured and some are in critical situation.

A day before this inccident a religious scholar Mufti Shamzai was killed by some terrorist and few days back a bomb blast in Haideri Mosque killed 23 worshippers.

1- Who do you think is responsible for such terrorist activites ?

2- What measures should be taken to curb sectarianism in the country?

3- Do you think security agencies lack the co-ordination to successfuly stop these terrorists ?

Reader Comments:

Put aside your differences

The jews and christians don't need to kill the muslims. Muslims will kill each other at the rate pakistani's are going. Shame on you all.

Akbar, Pakistan - 15 June, 2004

Aren't all Muslims brothers?

I thought there was a doctrine in Islam that all Muslims were brothers. Why are you Muslims allowing yourselves to attack each other, rather than showing brotherly cooperation and making Muslim lands a better place to live? I might add that this sectarian violence makes Islam look terrible to non-Muslims like me.

Ya`akov N. Miles, Canada - 15 June, 2004

The KARACHI episode.

RE : Karachi episode of killing&Police ______________ aabshaaraypakistan, Pakistan (2004-06-16 09:49:24)
Since, last years I have been putting an article about the Law & Order in Karachi. The matter is getting verse and this is the time now that Gov. should take action as they are doing in WANA. Wana is not a priority one but the 2.
The elements that are against the Land of Pakistan, does not wants to see a progress in the country. Karachi is the future place to compete silken Valley in computer technology and the other field. It the cultivation land for the business. Selling the plots & lands, is not a solution to gain the economy. Pakistan needs a 20 years plan to boot the economy growth, Watch India and China how they are progressing. Please follow their rules.

aabshaaraypakistan, Pakistan - 17 June, 2004

Pakistan is in an awkward geopolitical position... outsiders are influencing/abetting natives to cause stife.Musharaf is a godsend for Pak. and is doing a great job..and the silent majority concurr.
We must move away from fundamentalism/fascism ,sectarianism and feudalism..:e.g-thank god Indians are kicking out the VJP.
Let us *pray to God* for the prosperity of all our citizens , whatever shade of muslim or other faith/ethnicity..but there will be not gain without pain.
Khuda hafiz.

Faraz, United Arab Emirates - 17 June, 2004

Where is my Karachi

Aft 15 yrs what I saw Karachi to be like it has gone back 50 years, Where is Islam, when half of the Iman "cleanliness" is missing? Whoever it may be it is the enemy of Pakistan & Islam busy with all this terrorist activities in Karachi & Pakistan. I cant ever think of those involved with such activities to be Pakistanis, instead it is those who want to bring Pakistan to an end that are conducting such activities.
I was there for 2 weeks out of which the first morning came with the news of the heinous murder of a scholar Shamzai. Isnt this a sign of the end of the world getting closer? when we would kill our own scholars and those without knowledge will claim to be scholarly! I saw all colors of headgear or pagris and all those ill educated scholars using madrassas as a a forefront to other activities beneficial to them personally, oh such a shame it is. "We" are bringing it upon ourselves and making it easier for others to perform by letting us bring our own demise. We cannot blame anyone from any other religion or beleif for our misery, it is totally our own fault. Simply growing a beard and being able to utter or read a few Arabic verses does not make anyone an alim or scholar, it requires a life long struggle to reach there.
We should learn but not begin to take the role of teachers, instructors or scholars before we are able to practice the very teachings ourselves comfortably in our own lives. Its very easy to point fingers towards others however we must first point those fingers ourselves.
Ask ourselves every moment where and what did we do wrong where we went wrong.
All this name calling, blaming should stop and we should measure up ourselves as individuals against the Scales that Allah SWT has provided us in HIS hidayad while we prove to be the donkeys carrying the load wihtout knowing what a wealth it consists of.
May Allah SWT protect us from our own fitna, ameen, and bless us with the right wisdom and knoweledge to correct ourselves and be steadfast so that others (non-beleivers) can see what Islam is about not how we present Islam in its current state.
My apologies to those who may not like my true feelings as I see the current state. I pray to Allah SWT for the prosperity of entire ummah and the entire humanity and the world at large, ameen.
May Allah forgive if I made any erroneous comments, or offended anyone, ameen.

Ahmed, United Kingdom - 18 June, 2004

So true ya'akov

"This sectarian violence makes Islam look terrible to non-Muslims like me.
Ya`akov N. Miles, Canada."
I am so saddened by the fact as to how this picture comes to you Ya'akov, but we need to get to the bottom of this as to who are the artists & painters here?
I can guarantee one thing that if those creating this mischief in this universe have the slightest of required faith/iman in it's proper strength they would not be involved in such activities. Being a muslim does not only mean to be a resident of a country that considers itself Islamic, or being born in a family that considers itself Muslim, it requires one to have the proper basic knowledge as to what islam requires of it's believers.
Regardless of which faith another belongs to, a muslim is not to violate the life of another human, and, here we think and are given this impression that this is all in the path of Islam and in accordance with Islamic teachings, May Allah help all of us get rid of this mischief which is so-classified as islamic although it is way far away from anything that Islam teaches.
My request and advice to you and all those who think alike you is to please ignore this superficial form of Islam presented to the world by some mischeivious ones, and if it interests you, please do refer to some good literature and the Quran itself which is self explanatory that these activities are a violation of all Islamic principles and laws.
May Allah bless all of us with proper knowledge of Islam, and also bless you with the proper understanding which is being distorted and manipulated by the so-called representatives, ameen.

Ahmed, United Kingdom - 18 June, 2004

Political murders in Karachi

I think that in this murder game some foriegn elements,mqm
and govt. of pakistan agencies are involved.I also believe that some selfish interest group in ruling party are also involved.The whole country is a mess.If a country is rule by murderers,thieves and decoits then what do you expect in return.Look in the mirror.

Saeed Malik, Pakistan - 19 June, 2004

Interior Minister

Our Inteligence agencies are very smart and advance.They can catch a crimnal with in 24 hours or in some cases in Advance.I have never heard of "Jindalah"
who has attacked on a Core Commander of Karachi.I think the Pakistani Govt. need to train all Americans and Europeans intelligence agencies as how to catch a crimnal.We can earn a good amount of Foriegn Exchange.The Interior minister need to recieve a Certificate of Honour for Good Job.Please ask Pakistani Govt.To produce these people in Court.

Saeed Malik

saeed Malik, Pakistan - 19 June, 2004

I have heard that you should be the change you want to see in the world. Maybe Ghandi said that. My advice to you is to be a friendly person and put God and others before yourself. Listen. Look people in the eye when you talk with them. Danke schön and via con Díos.

young person, United Kingdom - 21 June, 2004

books, not bombs

i e-mail the hague & since have sent 1,100 troops to iraq. i apologize personally for usa aggression. i wonder Y the decapitated men wore usa orange prison jumpsuits

kathy, United Kingdom - 23 June, 2004


only MQM is responsible for any attack against religious buildings...especially in karachi...bcoz MQM's main goal is:
Abhorance against Islam
Abhorance against Pakistan
and Abhorance against peace

Talha Siddiqi, Sierra Leone - 24 June, 2004

situation in karachi

surprisingly the situation in Karach is still very fragile,even after the change of CM.The psyche we have developed over the years is to blame government and law enforcing agencies.The question is wiil it be possible for the govt aline to fight against those who are responsible for these activities?. The answer is a big NO.It is the responsibilkity of every Pakistan to do his duty where ever he is and what he id doing

asad, Pakistan - 28 June, 2004

carpeting thr truth

Carpeting the Truth
Asad Qureshi
From times immemorial, media and society are soul mates—virtually inseparable. The media function of influencing the people or formulating opinions is most important and primary, by which the general public can be enlightened and mould their thinking towards certain definite trend, best in the interest of people, nation and the country. Both at national and international level people largely depend upon print and electronic media for offering a greater variety of views to facilitate them to arrive at a balanced comprehension of the prevailing issues.
This milieu situates a greater responsibility on the media in the event of any crisis. Ironically, at a time when Pakistan is fighting against terrorism, both on national and international fronts, some of our prominent writers are not paying any heed to the ongoing situation. Mr Husain Haqqani, in his recent article 'Not by command alone' published in English daily, adopted a very strange attitude. By quoting the tragic incident of 1971, he blamed rulers of Pakistan for hiding the facts. By all means he has the right to retain and express such views. But surprisingly in continuation to his urge to criticize the rulers/officials and the local media, he also tried to create a rift between the civilian populace and the military, which is not expected of a journalist of his stature.
Nobody in the cantonments call civilians what Mr Haqqani referred to as “bloody civilians”. Pakistan Army was not created by cloning some alien genes. It has its root in the civilians. It is only the matter of joining Army as a profession. Every officer / jawan has strong linkage with civilians being a son, brother and or a close relative. Army believes that “not we but our job is different”.
In the wake of present development in the field of press and electronic media, when everyone has multiple options to access the information, nobody can hide the facts. The present establishment, keeping in mind the sensitivity of the issue, has adopted a more responsible approach in disseminating the information as they release it after thorough investigation and confirmation. Their aim is not to compete with news agencies but to provide a true picture of the happenings. If even then someone calls it hiding the facts, he has the right to.
Freedom of expression, no doubt, should remain the priority but it is absolutely vital that intellectuals should avoid creating polarization in various segments of the nation, keeping objectives of national unity, integration and national coordination in mind. They may criticize the government policies/ officials but should not resort to criticism for the sake of criticism only. The purpose should be to point out the deficiencies/short coming to provide a guide line for future rectification. Their criticism is welcome that is how the things improve but I will urge these opinion makers and the worthy writers to differentiate between criticism and cynicism.

asad, Pakistan - 28 June, 2004

Why this bloodshed?

What happened to the Muslims of Pakistan? They are killing each other! Look in Inda they are living in peace even with the people of other relegions like Hindus, Christians Jews etc.

Shankar Gupta, United Kingdom - 14 December, 2006

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