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Voilence in Karachi

02 June, 2004

A bomb explosion occurred in Ali Raza mosque adjacent to Imambargah near MA Jinnah road Karachi during evening prayer. Atleast 20 people killed and more than 50 seriously injured and some are in critical situation.

A day before this inccident a religious scholar Mufti Shamzai was killed by some terrorist and few days back a bomb blast in Haideri Mosque killed 23 worshippers.

1- Who do you think is responsible for such terrorist activites ?

2- What measures should be taken to curb sectarianism in the country?

3- Do you think security agencies lack the co-ordination to successfuly stop these terrorists ?

Reader Comments:


Govt must work on large scale awareness program on interfaith harmony.

Conduct workshops, invite scholars in open forums at all over Pakistan to encourge interfaith harmony.

Majority of Pakistanis, both shia and sunnis live in peace, only few extremists are doing it and we should not let these terrorists succeed in their agenda, which is to create unrest and chaos in Karachi.

Akbar, Pakistan - 02 June, 2004

We must ban the discriminating litrature and stop the foriegn agents.

It is terriable to see the killings in a place of worship or killing the religious scholars just because of their beliefs.there are many reasons of these killings. firstly ,you have Indian agents in Kasrachi who create an anger among the two sects so they are targeting the religios institutions to create a sectarian problem all around Pakisatn.
(2)we have thousands of FBI agents now working in Pakistan and these people target usually those who are against American policy in thiat area. That is why few prominent Scholars are killed and they are blamed to be killed by Shia sect so that revenge killings continue.
(3)There are some groups in Shia sects who are used by foriegn powers. These groups speak out against the idealogy of Sunni sect, which is in Majarity in Pakistan and that gives some religious extrimist in Sunni sect to target them. It is a possiablity that these people could be doing that, and these leaders get huge amount of money and support after these killings .So it is important to stop these people.
Last, Pakistan Government must impose a law which prohabits these kind of hate speeches and publication against Majarity Sunni sect and also forbid the Sunnis to do the same. There should be a specill Law agist these kind of hate propoganda aginst another sect. The Sunni and Shia are both Muslims and there is no difference between them.Imam Hussain and Hazrat Ali(RTH) are same respact ful for Sunnis too so those who target Shaba Karam for creating problem between both sects should be stopped early and those Mosques should be closed which target the Campanion of Prophat(SAS). These Shaba Karam are regarded holy people in Public and there should be law punishing those who disgrace the Sahaba ,that is the only way we can stop this sectarian violence. If we close dawn those Imam Barga and Mosques which preach haterd then we can stop this violence. THe Government of Pakistan ,only talks,there is no action. Until you don't punish the real criminals ,there will be no peace. Pakistan is today .centre of foriegn agents so don't expect any peace soon.
Raja.Habib Jalib.

Raja Muhammad habib Jalib, Canada - 03 June, 2004

I do not think this is a case of sectarian violence at all. My theory says that this was a very thought out and neatly orchestrated attempt to trigger a clash between the Sunnis and Shias of Karachi. The perpetrators, in my opinion, are the same people who were behind the consecutive attacks on Shias in Quetta. In my view, these are the people who want revenge from us for not commiting suicide alongwith the Taliban. And second, they also seem to be "Khilafat" afficianados. Apparently, these genre of homicidal maniacs consider ALL muslim goverments to be illegitimate and want fly back to a puritanical and utopian form of goverment of Medieval Islam. To achieve that end, they believe it is a necessity to eliminate all heads of state in the Muslim countries or else to severely destabilize their goverments beyond salvage. They are paving the way for their "Khalifah".

Irshad, Pakistan - 03 June, 2004

The liar Musharraf !

Where are Musharraf's 1999 promises? The killing of shias in Pakistan shall continue... becasue Musharraf has compromised with radicals in Pakistan. What kind of a war on terrorism he has started? he has made Mullah Omar' spiritual leader Fazal ur Rehamn, leader of the opposition. !!!!!!!!!! Musharraf and his puppets have been failed miserably. If he is sincere to Pakistan, he must hold a genuine elections to the kind of held in India and let all the politicians contest, not his favouritees only.

Sunny, Pakistan - 03 June, 2004

Just few hours before i commented on some comments at PakTribune by those who were thinking the brutal murder of Mufti Shamzai was news of happiness. And at the spot i suggested those hot blooded readers that it is a brutal act of terorism and it can happen to anyone. We should condemn it. So what we need is that to remain calm and help each other morally. Because external forces do not have any religion or soft heart towards any of sect in pakistan. So if one sect is hurt the other should realise the objectives of terrorists.
Now questions:
1- Government better knows who is responsible, For a layman is not needed to know everything.
2- I think Musharraf government is not able enough to curb with this. If it is about religion, religious scholars and leaders can play their role as to stand their own security groups(i dont say Security Forces, Government will mind) to secure their community mosques.
3- Government Agencies work well, but due to intense Musharraf backed political activities. Check and Balance is fluctuated a bit.

ahmad bilal, Pakistan - 04 June, 2004


i think pakistani government is responsible for all this voilence.

hayat, United Arab Emirates - 04 June, 2004

Voilence in Karachi

our govt is fully responsible of the deteriorating situation of law and order within the country.on the other hand govt is bent upon trying to nail down the criminals of AL QAIDA in WANA operation but turning a deaf ear to the inside threats.

Aisha Sana, Pakistan - 04 June, 2004

Who do you think is responsible

Who else but MMA. It is desperate because it has very low following. They are doing this to keep their purses full otherwise they will have to go back to the farms and from their size, you can see they cannot do anything. Disgusted in USA

GML, Pakistan - 06 June, 2004

Is WANA outside Pakistan? Obviously there is nexus between Wana and the rest of the happenings throughout Pakistan's mainland.

Irshad, Pakistan - 06 June, 2004

Reaping the whirlwind

The recent events are a logical conclusion to the Islamisation(Talibanisation) of pakistan started by the late Zia Ul Haq.
He may have felt that jihad is a weapon that can be used in India/Russia/ Afghanistan, but like an ungreatful dog it has returned to bite the hand that feed it.
You cannot have your cake and eat it. You cannot encourage jihad in Kashmir/Chechnya and plan for heaven in Pak. It just does not work that way.
I wonder what is the moral right of pakistan to speak for Kashmiris?
What is your track record against Muslims in your own country?
Were the East pakistanis greeted with flowers in 1971?
Did Tikka Khan sip tea with the baluchis in 1975?
How about the Ahmedyas? and the Sindhis? and the Mohajirs? and the kalash? and the Seraikis?
Pakistan is as discriminatory to her people in reality, as she cliams that India is to her Muslims in her immagination.
How many Sindhis/ Baluchis/ Seraikis have been chif of pak army? We have a Muslim as our president.
At least we in india have the excuse that we have thousands of years of prejudice to overcome. But if i am not mistaken isn't Islam founded on equality, especially when dealing with fellow Muslims?
lets see what the Sindhis, seraikis, Mohajirs, tribals, baluchis, east pakistanis have to say about that?

Manik, Hungary - 07 June, 2004

Sunnis and Shias both faction of Islam are based on hearsay rather than on the true Laws of Allah Subhana Wa Taala. The majority of muslims learn their faith based on Persian Imams fabricated instead of learning the true deen which Prophet Muhammad (saww) teached preached and practice.

Sunnis and Shias love to believe the facbricated stories of differences related to Abu Bakr, Othaman, Ali, Omar Farooq which goes against the verses of Qur'an. It would be waste to quote the verses of Qur'an as I am sure someone will bring an hadith to nullify Qur'an.

Government cannot do anything to prevent these violance where these ignorants are fighting and killing people in the name of Companions of Prophet Muhammad (saww) who are long dead. This violence could be avioded with educating ourselves and encourage others to get the Islamic knowledge from Qur'an.

K, Pakistan - 07 June, 2004

Sence of responsibility

Pakistan belongs to all of us not to any single party, sect or the agencies. It is the responsibility of all Pakistanis to act wisely and not become tools of distruction in any body's hands.
I feel we have not been tought well by any one oncluding the mothers, fathers, teachers and the religious clergy.

Bishop Ejaz Inayat, Pakistan - 07 June, 2004

Voilence in Karachi

It is sad to see that Muslims are killing other Muslims unlawfully.

All Muslims should be reminded that killing another Muslim unlawfully is wrong and Allaah may punish individuals for that. The government of Pakistan must use scholars of Islam to educate people about such issues and warn them of the consequences of such actions.

We are Muslims so let us be brothers and sisters in Islam and live together in peace.

Razur Rahman, United Arab Emirates - 07 June, 2004

Provocation of Sunnis must stop

Shiites leaders encourage provocation of Sunnis as a religious ritual. Shiites ought to realize that they cannot live in peace and security in a Sunni majority land & curse the elders of the sunnis at the same time. If the government is sincere in overcoming the sunni-shia sectarianism, it must enforce a ban on shiite rituals which involve cursing the elders of the sunni.

M.Askari, Pakistan - 07 June, 2004

It is not a religious war,it is foireign agents creating problem.

The problem in Karachi is not new,one of the famous journalist Molana Slahuddin died by exposing the real terriorist but nobady took any action. This is Indian and other agents who are tring to ddsestabalize Pakistan by creating problem in the commercial centre of Pakistan. The killing of Banori Town religious school principal was clearly a work of MQM agents, one of which died in hospital. There are Indian agents involved in MQM, these agents are trying to create a clash between different religious groups. The shia and Sunni clash is a creation of those people ,who want to weaken Pakistan. The religious leaders have condemoned these acts and the Government can not take any action because the political Party of MQM is in the Government. It is time that government should stop blaming religious leaders and start catching those agents who are trying to kill innocent civilians and putting Pakistan in danger. there should be strong action against those who are responsiable of killing a religious scholar and those who killed innocent civilians in Mosque. These are the foreign agents trying to destroy the unity of Pakistan.
Raja M.Habib Jalib

Raja Muhammad Habib Jalib, Canada - 08 June, 2004

Who is behind it?

It is very easy to blame foreign powers, security agencies, and so forth. for the sectarian violence. It is not to say they are innocent either. You just can not blame the enemy for being an enemy. So something is wrong with ourselves and we just can not or do not want to confront it. Shias and Sunnis have lived together almost peacefully for centuries in this region. The differences of these two sects are still the same as they were hundreds of years ago. In fact they were getting smaller and smaller. On the popular level there were no obvious differences. We allowed ourselves to be manipulated by the new wave of fundamentalism with an ugly interpretation of Islam that was fed by foreign forces and local puppet agencies and powers brokers. In one family, there are differences among its members. This family would remain strong and cohesive as long as its members tolerate each other and disregard their differences and focus on their common objectives. What happens if those family members allow others to manipulate, extort and disunite them. In the West, some countries have laws against spreading hatred in the society. They know the danger of spreading hatred on their unity. Instead of tolerating each other, we have connived and in many instances conspired with those who spread hatred among us. Unfortunately, the few hatred perpetrators with the backing of corrupt politicians and power brokers extorted the peaceful majority into silence (by emotional blackmailing, threats or sheer violence). It has gone for too long now that some ill-practices have taken root. The hatred spreading machinery has been institutionalized. The few perpetrators, conspirators, and their sympathizers have grown into a powerful interest group or lobby. This cancer has reached a very advanced stage and affected many vital organs that even a surgery to remove it carries with it a high risk to life. But it seems to be the only option available for the survival of the whole body, followed by a painful chemotherapy to prevent any resurgence of the desease. Shias and Sunnis of Pakistan have to live together and will die together, annihilation of each other is not a solution.
So instead of blaming others they should embrace each other and together fight their common enemies, namely terrorism, extremism, sectarian hatred, and anybody (yes anybody) who benefits from this.

Ayaz Qaiser, Pakistan - 09 June, 2004

Weep Sindh

Its always easy to blame govt. for all the bad happenings that goes on in a vulnerable country like Pakistan. However, we always miss a point here that the crime or terrorism that takes place here is always done by some local only. So far they say the foreign hand was involved and bla..bla...but how come every time the so called terrorist of any bomb blast is always a local and not some foreigner. The problem seems like its our own people who are sold in the hands of enemies of Islam. Why is the greed for money so strong in our people that they just can't even see who they are sad and worse is the point that why the reaction of anything that goes wrong in pakistan is seen in Karachi which is the major city of Sindh first and then Pakistan. Why is Punjab comparatively so calm...although the fundamentalists are I think in larger number in Punjab and not only that the border of India is much more convenient in Punjab. Wana and other parts of NWFP are more closer and reachable from Punjab. Then how come that Karachi is the only place full of violence and terrorism. I personally think its also a conspiracy not only against Islam but also a conspiracy against a once florishing province of Pakistan. Today the foreigners are not so scared to visit Islamabad, Lahore and even Gwader but are damn scared rather don't want to enter Karachi...leave alone foreigners...even Pakistani patriots living abroad are scared to visit Karachi. I say it is only us the Pakistanis who have become criminals somewhere for the greed of money. Last but not the least, its in the history that the name of 'Islam' has always been used or manipulated for an excuse for some wrongdoings and vested interests of some people. Its a pity that a muslim cannot see all this and for little benefit they are killing generations. If this all goes on and we muslims don't unite then the time is not too far when the entire muslim ummah will be vanished and we all may stop even calling ourselves muslims for the scare of our lives. Come on my muslim brothers start thinking and stop being sold in the name of ISLAM by our non muslim enemies. don't be so ignorant and save your future by saving your generations. STOP selling yourselves for some small amount of money. Killing innocent people - no matter whether non-muslim - is a sin not forgiven by Allah. Remember, killing one man is equal to killing the whole humanity. Go and check it out in Quran. If u really want jihad then stop playing in the hands of ur enemies and have control over the urge of amount of money they offer u everytime they want to kill a muslim. That's what is going to be a real jihad as it will stop the killings of muslims and obviously the muslim population will grow and we will be also known as the most peaceful muslim nation in the world. Stop blamming others and start thinking why others are taking advantage of us...what's wrong with us. Thank You.

N.Z. Mirza, Pakistan - 10 June, 2004

Karachi episode of killing&Police

Re: Manic India
I my last comments regarding killing, looting at the gunpoint in Karachi, Pakistan has proved that the thugs, the hypocrite who called themselves Muslims but don't follow Islamic rules and regulation are the terrorist. We are hunting terrorist in Wana but they are hiding in Karachi. Politically, Karachi is the target so that Pakistan should not succeed economically. Karachi was the Capital of Pakistan unfortunately, but no one deny it the still backbone of the country. Karachi is bleeding, how long these terrorist gona be working in the interest of unseen agents.

aabshaaraypakistan, Pakistan - 11 June, 2004

Violence In Karachi

The myth of a low cost "Jehad" in Kashmir has been exposed. The Jehadi element follows no laws, does not indulge in democratic debate and use any means they can to achieve their goals.
These means can be throwing a grenade at tourists in India or trying to indulge in terrorism in Karachi.
How can anyone expect foreign investors to invest in an area where even Generals are not safe.
The terrorists have to be made to gie up the gun and indulge in debate, contesting elections and working for change.
Pakistan cannot expect to provide security to a gas line from Iran to India, if Corps commanders are being attacked easily.
Either Pakistan controls these terrorists or they will severly undermine Pakistan's future, Pakistan's relations with India and Pakistan's very standing in the World.

Shobhan Paul, United Kingdom - 12 June, 2004

Karachi voilence

Terrorism in Pakistan is the creation of General Zia(former military chief of Pakistan army)and the Saudis govrnment. Because of poor leadership and using Muajahiddin for pernsoal gain, president and general Zia encuorage the Mullahs to preach extrimism and Suadis funded the Mudrassahs. Today, both countries are victims of terrorism and Pakistan is the most.
What could be done now to end this terror? Authorities has to answer and are responsible to provide safety and security to its citizen. There are dozens of intelligence agencies are working in Pakistan but still not able to root out the terrorism. It is understandable that to fight terrorism is not easy but not impossible either.
Government have to take an immediate action against terrorism and those who harbor terrorists. At this very movement the authorties must declare an emergency in Karachi and may impose section 245, and at meantime make police force more effective and corruption free through establishing anti corruption commission contain on honest people to moniter police's activities through out the conuntry.And more importantly, police force should bring under faderal government in order to improve their operation skills.

Zulfikar A Tanoil, United Kingdom - 12 June, 2004

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