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Uprising in Iraq

13 April, 2004

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Approxmimately 600 Iraqis and 60 USsoldiers killed and over a third of the 200,000 residents of Falujah have fled the city, west of Baghdad during the uprising in Iraq by the forces of Muqtada Sadr and people of Falujah, Started on March 31, 2004.

So far, Iraqis have captured almost 30 coalition soldiers and workers of different countries including America ,Spain, Japan and China.Two US Apache helicopters were shot down in west of Baghdad and the rebellious Iraqis have taken control over Falluja, Kut and some parts of the town of Karbala. Moreover, a battalion of the newly build Iraqi army soldiers refused to go to Fallujah to support US forces fighting for control of the city. The Iraqi soldiers told the American military that they had not signed up to fight fellow Iraqis.

President George W. Bush admitted that the recent uprising situation had been tough for the United States and there priority is to capture Muqtada Sadr or kill him.

1.What would be the consequences of this uprising by the forces of Muqtada Sadr?

2.Is there any possibilty that coalition forces would leave Iraq in a near future?

3.Will United States be able to successfully establish a civilain government in Iraq amid on going civilian protest and uprise ?

Reader Comments:

USA and UK have failed to capture the WMDs. This whole war was for OIL and muslims have been targeted once again. Iraqis should unite and fight these occupation forces. Other muslim countries must take a lesson from this and use thier wealth to streangthen thier countries rather then living luxurious lives. We must have a strong OIC and strong trade relations within muslims countries. This should be an eye opener for all muslims.

Ali Malik, Pakistan - 13 April, 2004

history repeats itself

During first World War, the British empire took over Iraq and told the Iraqies that we are here to help you.But soon people of Iraq learned that British were looking their intrest. Iraqi fought and British rulers soon found out that Iraq will not surrender.They left and now we have American empire, who is trying the same game in Iraq.The world knows that this war was fought for the oil companies.There is no doubt in my mind that Saddam was not a good man bu so is the Husni Mubarik, so is the King Abdullah of Jordon,so is the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf States. But all these States are papput of USA.That is why , nobody believes Mr Bush. It was pure greed of US government to invade Iraq and it was the intrest of Israel.They destroyed all the infrastructure of Iraq, they killed thousands of innocent civilians and they are continuesly doing so. They tried to create Shia,Sunni clash but nothig worked. The people of Iraq will not surrender to Americans.Iraq will be free again,the reason is simple. the true muslim can not accept the slavery. The justice will be served and I hope that all those dictators
will realize too that their time is coming soon.The first step towards independece for Muslims should be removing kings and dictators from power.we should not blame the Americans are British for these invasions and crimes.The biggest culprits are these dictators, who created these terrior groups for their own benifits.The Iraqi struggle could bring all other regimes dawn. The united struggle by Iraqi muslim will make them winner in the long run.The world power can kill the people by 500 pound boms but you can never kill the idealogy of Islam.The people who believed the God Almighty as a supreme will never accept the commond of any body else.

Raja Muhammad Habib Jalib.

Raja Muhammad Habib Jalib, Canada - 13 April, 2004

I have noticed that majority of people submitting their views are American propaganda brainwashed idiots one who believe that muslim countries will go back to stone age without the help of U.S.A. and a Lieutenant who is parroting the same propaganda message of Bush blaming it all on madarsas.

These people talk about Islam and its interpretation without the proper knowledge and are happy with the American version of Islam.

2:120 Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with thee unless thou follow their form of religion. Say: "The Guidance of God,-that is the (only) Guidance." Wert thou to follow their desires after the knowledge which hath reached thee, then wouldst thou find neither Protector nor helper against God.

The news coming out of Falluja regarding American atrocities are no surprise because they have done the same in the past in Vietnam, North Korea, Japan without any shame. The lowest casualty estimates, based on the now-renounced North Vietnamese statements, are around 1.5 million Vietnamese killed. Vietnam released figures on April 3, 1995 that a total of one million Vietnamese combatants and four million civilians were killed in the war. The accuracy of these figures has generally not been challenged. 58,226 American soldiers also died in the war or are missing in action. Australia lost almost 500 of the 47,000 troops they had deployed to Vietnam and New Zealand lost 38 soldiers.

Korea was officially a police action not a war in US parlance. 600,000 Koreans had died and perhaps a million Chinese. US troops suffered about 50,000 fatalities, roughly equal to the Vietnam conflict but in a much shorter time. However later neglect of remembrance of this war in favor of the Vietnam War and World War II has caused the Korean War to be called the Forgotten War.

66,000 people were killed, and 69,000 injured.On August 9th, three days later, at 11:02 A.M., another B-29 dropped the second bomb on the industrial section of the city of Nagasaki, totally destroying 1 1/2 square miles of the city,
killing 39,000 persons, and injuring 25,000 more.On August 10, the day after the atomic bombing of Nagasaki,
the Japanese government requested that it be permitted to surrender under the terms of the Potsdam declaration of July 26th which it had previously ignored.

The number of civilians and Mujahideen martyrs will be very high in Iraq and Afghanistan but the result would be the humaliting defeat of superpower by these brave courageous Mujahideen equipped with outdated weaponry. inshaAllah.

Americans stupidity is to be blamed for the present unrest rather than calling it a uprising. The present American regime is the worst criminals ever come into power in history. Bush regime is mafia like group who are hypocrites claimed themselves to be democratic freedom loving who can't tolerate criticism of their wrong policies. Bremer sole governing authority in Iraq ordered to close down Moqatada Al Sadr newspaper which criticise American illegal occupation and this leads to fighting. American superpower had tasted the humiliation of losing control of Najaf, Kut, Karbala. Arrogant Americans have to agree on pulling out of Najaf to control the southern Iraq. That's it. Now the violence will subsides with occasional attacks on convey and patrolling occupied focres because Americans apply the imperialists tactic of divide and rule policy.

Americans have started their propoganda against Sadr that he do no have the backing of majority of Shiites and they are also playing this to create rift amoung Sadr and Sastani followers. Sastani sure is an old coward and an idiot who thinks that American will give Shiites power in Iraq.

Fulluja fighting started again with American propoganda of lies and deceits of taking revenge for four of their civilian killed by Mujahideen. The truth is that they were not civilian they were all the ex army personnel working for private secturity company and all of them were equipped with arms and weapons and were capable of killing hundreds of innocent Iraqis. American forces sieged Fulluja and martyred innocennt civilian including children. See the pictures of American cruelty at Al Jazeera. The result again is another humilating defeat. Americans have to accept the ceasefire and agreed to withdraw their troops from Fulluja.

This will calm down the situation in Fulluja as well for the time being. There is a new situation which is reported in media as kidnapping of civilians by Mujahideen. The fact is that these are not kidnappings Mujahideen have started taking the POW which is jutified in wars.


K, Pakistan - 13 April, 2004

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The occupied forces have no intention of leaving Iraq in near future or ever if not meet the forceful resistance. Read Bush regime statements which are very clear that they have no plans of leaving Iraq. They will inshaAllah run away when face fierce resistance which is not possible without the unity of Iraqis and presently small resistance groups are fighting the occupied forces indendently.

Bush regime is blocking all the efforts to create the civilian government which would be the true representative of Iraqis. All they are interested in to plant the puppets in the name of democracy and keep the control of all affairs in the hands of American ambassador.

Will they succeed? Absolutely not. The government which do represents oppressors and illegal occupied forces can't be acceptable for the true freedom loving majority of any country whether it is Iraq or Afghanistan.

K, Pakistan - 13 April, 2004


Muqtada Sadr is a terrorist and rebel that needs to restrained. The Us and Iraqi council are trying to forge an new government for the people of Iraq. This type of behavior, by Muqtada Sadr and other thugs and terrorist (I.E. al Qaeda, WHICH IS IN IRAQ), are a way for them to try and force their views into the forefront without a democratic or diplomatic format. This must be stopped for the Iraqi people and a government must be formed as soon as possible so that the collation may return to their own country and protect their own borders.

Chris, United Kingdom - 13 April, 2004

Replying Chirs!

Replying Chris: If I am not wrong Saddam with weapons of mass destruction was a threat to US - for that reason Bush approved the US attack on Iraq. So occupying forces (NOT coalition forces)did come to Iraq for removing Saddam and WMDs. The latter was a lie which has exposed Bush and Blair to their nations. It is proved that Iraqi people have not given any other role to US forces except removing Saddam. Now let the Iraqis with community of nations (UN) decide the fate of Iraq. The entire muslim world is thankful to your forces for eliminating Saddam that your government realized after several years that he is no more of a use.

Sunny, Pakistan - 15 April, 2004

Re: Uprising in Iraq.

Muqtada AlSadr is a patriot of Iraq.Who wants Iraqis to decide their fate.He along with other Iraqis is happy and thankful for Saddam's removal.But to dictate terms to his nation,how they should
who should govern them is not
acceptable by him,along with
the majority of Iraqis.If US
tries to harm or kill him it
will create more tension and
have far reaching effects on
establishment of peace.Bush lacks worldly acumen and now
that he put his hand into the
Scorpion's nest,he does not know how and when to extract.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 15 April, 2004

I am an American, and I do not follow the present administrations views. I believe that they have been caught with their lies and should humble themselves and ask the U.N. for help. It is NOT up to us, to form a government, where the majority of people are Muslims, and we are a majority of Christians. The two obviously conflict. If the U.N. would be of assistance, I believe Iraq, and it's people, would be far better off, and more open to reform.

Tresha, United Kingdom - 16 April, 2004


Go back to the stone age? The Iraqis never left it....Saddam made sure of that. We are trying to help the Iraqi people develope a free government and people like Sadr are only trying to place roadblocks for fear of loosing power. If the clerics dont want their mosques bombed back to the dust they are built from then maybe it is time that they take responibility and take care of THEIR problem! The US has never built an uncivilized backwater into a country before so ...yes....we make mistakes but I see no other nation willing to take on that job. We will do the best we can and if you think your country can do it better then step up to the plate. As for the people who claim to be Americans and bash my country....France and Canada need more cowards and I will send you a one way ticket if you ask!

Linda, United Kingdom - 16 April, 2004


From K in Pakistan:
> The fact is that these are not kidnappings Mujahideen have started taking the POW which is jutified in wars.

Kidnapping aid workers, executing some, and offering the rest for bounty or exchange is now taking POW's huh? Simply outrageous, but what's new with muslim terrorists, we're used to it now and prepared to go all the way to ELIMINATE this evil from the Earth.

You are either with us, or the terrorists. And if you are with the terrorists, you won't be living too much longer.

J Phelps, United Kingdom - 16 April, 2004

K, Pakistan

What you Muslims don't seem to recognize, is that America is not a religious nation - and we're proud of it! Only 33% or Americans consider themselves religous -- a sharp decline since 1990. Most Americans don't really care about the petty squabbles between you Jews, Christians, and Muslims. We love this life and the good things that it has to offer. And we'd like everyone to share in the good life available in a secular, democratic society. We respect your right to live as you choose. But if your governements and religous institutions cannot police your crazy fanatics or keep dictators from siezing power, then we have some crazy American Marines and Soldiers that will come over and clean up your mess. And they'll be happy to come back to the USA where we we police our own whackos and occationally vote some shrub into office. But at least we can vote them back out after 4 years. If you would just hold your own leaders accountable instead of blaming America for all your problems, then we wouldn't have any reason to be meddling in your affairs. You've been working on your institutions for almost 1400 years, and we've only been working on ours 230 years. It seems to me that you guys are a little slow when it comes to learning how to manage a country. Maybe, you should try a different approach. Secular, liberal, democracy works! Only a fool continues trying the same approach but expecting a different result.

Larry, United Kingdom - 17 April, 2004

From K in Pakistan:
>these brave courageous Mujahideen

Yes, it takes a lot of courage to murder a hostage with his hands tied. Congratulation to the heroic muhajdeen for showing their sense of honor to all the world.

If the brave courageous muhajdeen feel like murdering some other Italian civilian may I recommend the Italian Red Cross in Baghdad. They volounteered to remain in Iraq to help the population (yes, even after the glorious muhajdeen bombed the Red Cross offices), and they managed to cure 55.000 Iraqi civilians in one year. By the way, the staff of the Italian Red Cross consists in only 39 unarmed men and women, so the heroic mujahedeen will not be facing any danger there.

Andrea B., Ireland - 17 April, 2004

First lets check the reason why Iraq was invaded.

* Saddam Hussain has WMD. False. Not true. Lie.
* Saddam is developing Checmical and Biological weapons. False. Not true. Its a lie again.
* We have accquired the intelligence that Saddam Hussain has purchased large quantity of urananium from Africa. Lie. Not truth.
* Iraq has capability to launch a chemical attack on Britain and USA with 45 minutes. Lie.
* Powell UN presentation with the bottle of anthrax and mobile labs. All fabricated lies. Absolutely no truth infact dramaticzation of lies.
* Saddam try to kill my dad. This is the only reason I can't verify. Maybe true.
* We are going to liberate Iraqi. The majority of Iraqis never asked USA to invade their country and liberate them. Iraqi criminal exiles like Chalabi were the only few Iraqis interested USA to invade their country so they can grab the power.
* Saddam Hussain has ties with Al Qaeda. Lie.
* Saddam Hussain will provide biological, chemical weapons to Al Qaeda. How Saddam Hussain provide something he he himself don't have?
* Saddam Hussain was involved in 9/11 attack. Lie again. CIA, FBI did not find any evidence that Iraq was involved in 9/11 attack.
* Saddam Hussain gased his own people. Yes true when dad Bush had provided these weapons to his buddy Saddam Hussain.
* World would be more safe after the removal of Saddam Hussain. The events are proving this claim to be stupid.

The Iraqi resisitance who are fighting the occupation army to liberate their country are intelligent brave kind harted people.

The only POW who is executed is the Italian private security guard. This security guard can't be termed as civilian. He was there to protect the interests of occupation forces. Iraqi resistance has so far killed one releasing almost all the rest of civilian who were in Iraq for peaceful purposes. There is no evidence or proof of these POWs were taken for ransom. The released Chec openly said that he was released without any ransom. Iraqi resistance has realeased French, Canadian, Japanese and are now holding American POWs which is very much justified in wars. Iraqi resistance has not declared these Americans as "Enemy Combatant" like Americans who are holding over 600 people without any trial or charges with inhuman conditions in Guantanamo.

Iraq went back to stone age because of the cruel sanctions imposed by UN on the wish of Americans. These sanctions which inflicted huge suffering on common Iraqis and innocent childrens.

Post war realities.

* The puppet government imposed by occupation can't bring peace and stability to Iraq.
* Americans can't prolong the occupation at the cost of over 100 billion dollars per annum.
* Bush regime which dumped UN is now begging to intervene and bail them out.
* The present situation has not become grim for occupation forces because the resistance is fighting in small independent factions which can become uncontrolable if they kill or capture Sadr.
* There is no peace and stability in Iraq.
* Iraiqis are not better off today after the removal of Saddam Hussain. They are living in worst conditions.
* American bombers and helicopters are bombing and firing machine gun fires and rockets killing civilians including civilian. CNN showed a kid who has lost one leg and one arm from rocket fired by American.
* Bush stupid invasions has provided a huge boast of popularity for Osama Bin Laden.

There will be no further replies to redneck Republicans because they do not have any sense of justice and they are not ready to face the truth and realities.

Stupidity in White House is the only reality show which I always love to watch where our hero Bush provide a lot of entertainment with laughter. It is also fun to watch the confused freighten idiotic expressions. The prime time news conference was super hit. The irrelevant answers were great for intelligent American to judge the credibility and intellect of Bush.

K, Pakistan - 17 April, 2004

Its a pity!!

Its a pity that almost none of the so called "Muslim countries" are democratic countries.Its shocking to see that 99% of current international problems are caused by who?.. Muslims. I urge all Muslims to be more cultured and educated so that they can make this world a better place.

Eric, Ukraine - 17 April, 2004



PEDRO L. PRADO, United Kingdom - 17 April, 2004

We should get out of Iraq, But.....

If Iraqi's really want the American's to leave their country, they should stop the terrorist activities and let the U.S. see a peaceful nation. This is what the U.S. is after. If all of the idiotic "Clerics" would stop trying to prove the are mightier than the U.S. and just let the people of Iraq stand for themselves and not feel like they (the Cleric's) have to try to rise up and take the place of Sadam (Mad Man) Husein, then the U.S. would leave Iraq sooner. America is just trying to make sure that another Sadam doesn't end up in power again and that is exactly what this Al-Sadar is looking like. He is a youthful idiot. He doesn't have the know how to run a country correctly. He just knows that he wants to be in power. No I don't feel like President Bush is doing the right thing and maybe we should just give the people of Iraq a chance to prove themselves. But if they don't prove they can stand up for themselves and start running the country in a way that will benefit the masses and not just the GREEDY CLERIC'S, then the U.S.should just go back in and deal with Iraqm the same way we dealt with Japan and bomb the hell out of you! Just quit terrorizing people. This will make the U.S. happy. We don't want to see our son's going to war. We would rather have them in the U.S.A. where it is peaceful and the chances of them getting killed are far less. We want PEACE! What do you want? Another SADAM? That is exactly what these CLERIC'S are! If these people just want peace, then have them lay thier weapons down and talk with the leaders of the US forces and come to an agreement that you will remain peaceful and not let another SADAM take power and rule as your "KING". You say the other countries have Kings and you don't want to be ruled by kings. Well, a DICTATOR is what you have been ruled by and that is worse! GOD IS LOVE! NOT KILLING! GOD IS PEACEFUL! NOT MURDERING IN ORDER TO BE MARTYRED! That is STUPIDITY! WAKE UP IRAQ AND SMELL THE ROSES! We want our people out of Iraq worse than you do. LET THE PEACE REIGN AND WE WILL LEAVE. President Bush will probably not be in power much longer. If he is indeed just after OIL, then you will see an end to this after he is out of office. My GOD is a GOD that tells us to love one another. He tells us to teach others about his word of LOVE. We are to show GOD in our daily lives by showing others that we are not selfish and don't just have our own interests in mind. Live is precious! We don't want to take yours. We want to be able to show you that we love you, our fellow man. God doesn't want you to kill us just because we don't believe the same way you do, he wants you to try to teach us his (GOD'S) ways so we can have a chance at a better life. That is what I would like to be able to do. Show you how my GOD loves you and me both and wants us both to go to HEAVEN. Not murder us so you can go to heaven and have sex with a thousand virgins. I want Peace for you and peace for the U.S. Please give it to us and we will leave your country!


Mike, United Kingdom - 17 April, 2004

From K. in Pakistan
>The only POW who is executed is the Italian private security guard. This security guard can't be termed as civilian. He was there to protect the interests of occupation forces.

First, he was NOT a POW. If you want to know what a POW is read the Geneva Convention. The "brave" mujadheen only selected Fabrizio Quattrocchi for kidnapping because they needed someone for their little dirty snuff movie that even Al-Jazeera was too ashamed to broadcast, and killing a real soldier would have probably been too dangerous.

However, let's assume for the sake of discussion that he was a legitimate POW according to the terms of the Geneva Convention: SINCE WHEN IT IS OK TO MURDER PRISONERS OF WAR ? I was under the impression that the Iraqi people was more civilized than that, thanks for showing me my error.

Second, there are thousands of Iraqi in Italy, who are more than welcome to live and work here, and I am pretty sure that some of them have a job as security guards. Please be assured that they will always be treated as friends and honored guests, and none of them will be rounded up and murdered because of some imaginary charge. We consider kidnapping and killing human beings a vile, coward and shameful act, no matter what the circumstances.

Andrea B., Ireland - 18 April, 2004

Shias: Out of control

Where were these Shias when Sadaam was in power. Only Sadaam knew how to control these Shias.

Sammy Jabareen, Canada - 19 April, 2004

if american marines are so brave as described by the USA guys in this forum, then why are they begging other countries to come to thier rescue. Now they want pak soldiers to come and help them. And those idiots who think we couldn't learn to run a country in 1400 yrs must know that Islam does not support the type of democracy that exists in the world today. Muslim countries are stuck back cuz they are not fully following Islam. And wht did u learn in 230 yrs?, to produce babies whose father's name is even unknown to his mother. Islam has got the best civilization, and that is the reason, it is the fastest growing religion in the world. Iraqis don want this nude civilization where old parents live with animals rather then thier childern. USA had no reason to attack Iraq, as proved by "K Pakistan" (great work man) other then OIL (Operation Iraq Liberation).

Ali Malik, Pakistan - 20 April, 2004

If You Really Want the Coalition to Leave

If the real agenda is to get foreign troops out of Iraq (including the foreign "insurgents", stop attacking Coalition troops, and shortly the country is run both locally and nationally by iraqis. Within months the Coalition troops will move to the borders and leave. BUT, I believe that is not the agenda. The real agenda is to try to repair low feelings of self worth for allowing themselves to be conquered by the BAAthists and controlled by thugs.Try acting like adults and talk your way to independence.

Jim Eaton, United Kingdom - 23 April, 2004

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