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US War On Iraq

21 March, 2003

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Without UN approval, US and Britain have launched attacks on Iraq. In his speech to the nation, President Bush said "We will meet that threat (Iraq)now with our Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines, so that we do not have to meet it later with armies of firefighters, police and doctors on the streets of our cities."

This has triggered two important questions,

1) Right of 'Preemptive Attack' where one country invades the other on the basis of information that the later is preparing for war against the former and
2) The effectiveness of UNO which in this case has failed to stop the war.

In all other cases, when a country is attacked by another, the country who launch the attack is called aggressor and is condemned by the rest.

What do you think how should the countries of the world including Pakistan, respond to US attack on Iraq ?

Should the invaders be called aggressors and be condemned?

Reader Comments:

We are Doing Saddams Killing

If we can believe that Saddam is even half as bad as the big propaganda machine in the US tells us, then why isn't Bush just as bad as Saddam? He is
giving the orders the past two weeks to kill Iraqi citizens, as well as British and American troops. Bush the Infidel.

gypsirodes, United Kingdom - 03 April, 2003

Proud American

Perhaps Gypsirodes, USA would like to move to Iraq? If Bush is an infidel, what pray tell, is Sadam? Or Osama, for that matter? We did not go to Iraq nor Afghanistan to fly planes through their buildings, nor do we wage war without provocation. Unfortunately, fanatics like Sadam & Osama ruin the world for the majority who only want to live & let live. I am proud to be American & proud that my president has the "stones" to do the right thing. Perhaps if your loved ones were victims to these lunatics, you would feel differently. The fact that our military is selectively choosing targets speaks volumes in & of itself.

Gail, United Kingdom - 04 April, 2003


This is for the people who think so bad of the U.S.A. Don't be mad at us and our troops because we have morals and we care about people. The only thing Bush is tring to do is help the poor people in Iraq. My heart goes out to the civilians in Iraq because they do not have a clue about living a life not in terror. I stand behind Bush becuase he is only tring to help and I stand behind our troops. I hope Saddam gets it because someone like him do not deserve to breath in AIR.


Stacie, United Kingdom - 04 April, 2003

read and learn

The ignorance of some people is quite astonishing. Have neither of you read the thread? Instead of considering the many hypocrisies - which undermines any suggestion that the war could credibly be for liberation/ morality, you choose to voice an official - and fundamentally flawed (as well as rhetorically unconvincing) Bush/ Blair line. This is quite patently a demonstration of just how some people have resigned themselves from the pursuit of knowledge (to be informed) and therefore incapable of making a sound judgement.

To reiterate, Iraq/ Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11 (or was it 7/11 ?...). Realise this - and you are one little step further on the track to enlightenment - although for Stacie and Gail it is probable that its grasp will forever evade you.

Jason J, United Arab Emirates - 04 April, 2003

a reply to 'Al Gore'

The concept of sovereignty means that the people of a country are responsible for making their own destiny. If oppressed it is for them to overthrow the oppressor and no doubt they would if they were disenchanted and left alone to do it. Whilst Americans et al - are in disagreement about the war, all are united insofar as they have various interests in the spoils of war (of a nation). When a foreign nation is invades another nation it is patent nonsense to suggest that it is for the brotherhood of man. It is an affront to the Iraqi peoples right to self-determination and an attack on their status as human being worthy of respect. Take a look at Hegel's Master and Slave dialectic.

John J, United Arab Emirates - 04 April, 2003

Furthermore, Mr Gore

Your idea of 'humanity' treats the concept as synonymous with victim-hood and impotency. Fundamental to being human is our ability to rise up and determine our own history. In the US/UK the bizarre Oprah/ Kilroy culture is ubiquitous - the only thing worth celebrating is just how pathetic 'we' are - a real exportation of the crucifixion logic into cultural/ political discourse. Apropos of the war, the only way that 'humanity' comes into the equation in its loss. It is neither humane/ courageous to invade and control a poor country - and neither is it to project the quite regressive Western imaginary on a nation of people.

It would also be wrong to misread an attack on this war as anti-American.

John J, Pakistan - 04 April, 2003

Stacie, my heart goes out to self-deluded missionaries like yourself. If there ever were a country on the earth whose population were living what Marx called a 'false consciousness' - it is the good ol' USA. Sit back and count yourselves as lucky - lucky to be enjoying 'freedom' - and know it your hearts that you are the patrons of it. But always avoid looking beyond Disney, for your precarious position on the threshold of fantasy may prove fatal. One such wake up call could have been 9/11 - but it was wasted, as it forced an aggressive re-affirmation of your collective dreaming. When in fear, lash out and avoid reflection, as it might mean the end of your complacency...

Jeannine, United Arab Emirates - 04 April, 2003

May UN rest in Peace !

United Nations was borne to carry Peace
and she could not bear the burden.This
resulted in her sad demise at the hands
of those who implanted their seeds.With
great regrets and deep condolences,we
hope Annan gathers the pieces and allows UN to rest in Peace -Amen.

Khalid Rahim, Pakistan - 04 April, 2003

Wake up America

While the attention of the United States is focused on the perceived problems of other countries, American civil liberties are being quietly rolled back. The real battle is here, in the United States. Fraser Tyler said (almost two hundred years ago) "The average age of the world's greatest civilization has been two hundred years. These nations have progressesd through this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependency, back again, into bondage.

Kelly Asher, United Kingdom - 04 April, 2003

More on Wake Up

I am frightened for my complacent, apathetic countrymen, for myself, and for my children. Turn your faces back to America, study the US Constitution and its many "Ammendments", The Declaration of Independence, The ridculous "Contract With America", and teach your children how to think instead of what to think. Shame to those so busy sticking your nose into the business of others that you are too busy to see that your own house is falling down behind you. Al Gore your patriotism, intelligence and energy would be useful fighting the American battle than wasting it on Iraq.

Kelly Asher, United Kingdom - 04 April, 2003

Cooler Heads Prevail

Thank you, Stacie, for your heart-felt words of support for President Bush & all he is trying to accomplish. GOD BLESS those who have put their own lives on the line so total strangers may live & prosper. That is the most UNSELFISH act of all & no one had to put a gun to their head to make them do it either. As the world watches, thousands of Iraqi citizens who have been liberated are taking to the streets in joyous celebration, as they enjoy true FREEDOM for the first time in their lives. It truly is a sad state of affairs to see the UN shirk their responsibilities in this issue, or put monetary gain ahead of innocent lives being lost. SHAME OF YOU! Even so, we would STILL defend them should they, too, fall under attack. Why? Because we believe in FREEDOM. Nothing more, nothing less.

Gail, United Kingdom - 04 April, 2003

Foolish comment

The mere fact that Jason J of the United Kingdom doesn't even remember whether our tragedy was 9/11 or 7/11 speaks of his own ignorance. Nor did I say that Sadam was responsible for 9/11. Just remember, if the USA didn't come to YOUR country's defense, you may have grown up speaking German & saying: "Heil!

Gail, United Kingdom - 04 April, 2003

Civil Liberties

Kelly Asher of the USA should remember that although our own civil liberties may be up for discussion, OUR COUNTRY allows the discussion in the first place! As for Al Gore, he is a true patriotic statesman & I am proud of his service in the White House. However, even though not elected last time around, he is also intelligent enough to recognize tyranny when he sees it. You should try it some time.

Gail, United Kingdom - 04 April, 2003

Pax Americana

Who will be next on Bush's "hit list"? America has already demonstrated its courage by attacking such mighty military powers as Granada, Somalia, Nicaragua, Haiti etc. I note with interest that it never attacked, or even threatened to attack, the former Soviet Union, no matter how provoking the situation became. But playing the bully is possible only when you know your opponent is too weak to hit back; what fun is there when your victim can give you a bloody nose in return?

Congratulations, Mr. Bush. You have succeeded in alienating the Islamic world from the USA for a hundred years.

Alfonso Georeno
Mt. Laurel, NJ

Alfonso Georeno, United Kingdom - 05 April, 2003

"Innocent Civilians"

Every person who claims that the US is killing innocent civilians should realize that thousands of "innocent civilians" went to work on September 11th and never came home!!!! What goes around comes around....

Jimmy, United Kingdom - 05 April, 2003

Bush and Blair should both be tried for war crimes. The free thinkers among us know that Bush started this illegal war to steal Iraqi oil, not to free the Iraqi people. Even if Saddam is an evil dictator, how do you invade another country with the stated purpose of assasinating its elected leader?

tmichelle, United Kingdom - 05 April, 2003


I found these similarities pretty interesting.
Saddam Fedayeen = Germany's SS (down to the black uniforms), Tariq Aziz = Joseph Goebels, that cute little goose step march, Chemical Ali = Dr. Mengele, the hatred of Jews goes without saying, Saddam's gut = Hitler's paunch, gigantic morgues for those who resist the regime = concentration camps, saluting of the troops with the straight-armed extenstion = heil Hitler, intimidation of France = see Nazi occupation, requiring children to protect the regime = Hitler's youth group, hiding out scared in a protected bunker while the regime goes down the drain = having tea and sleeping pills with Eva Braun in the final days.

Does Saddam have the 'nads to off himself and repeat history?

abe, United Kingdom - 06 April, 2003

Bush is invading Iraq to steal oil? Did we steal Japan's treasures? Germany's?, Panama, Kuwait, Iraq in 1991? There is no British/American ploy to plunder the mid-east of it's wealth. We have already received the most valuable commodities of all from many oppressed countries. That is your former citizens that have managed to leave the country of their birth to come to a place of freedom.

marty, United Kingdom - 06 April, 2003

Are you kidding me

This is not a holy war. It is not an attack on a Muslims. What about the Kurds and how Saddam treated them. Millions killed. Millions!!!! Are you all so ignorant that you dont see the fear that the Iraqi people have of not only the US but also their own army. Why do you think that is? Because fear is Saddam's best weapon. It is many muslim nations who are afraid of him and are not willing to denounce Saddam in the name of their faith. When he says it is a holy war, do you think that Americans are fighting for that reason? Of course not. ...Private U.S Army

Dave, United Kingdom - 06 April, 2003

RE: Marty of USA---Iraq !

I agree it is not oil that you plan to steal! It is the pride of the people that you wrench from them,You want to cotrol their soul and mould it to your
desire.Can we then claim that you want to steal their greatest treasure the Will of the people.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 06 April, 2003

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