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US War On Iraq

21 March, 2003

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Without UN approval, US and Britain have launched attacks on Iraq. In his speech to the nation, President Bush said "We will meet that threat (Iraq)now with our Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines, so that we do not have to meet it later with armies of firefighters, police and doctors on the streets of our cities."

This has triggered two important questions,

1) Right of 'Preemptive Attack' where one country invades the other on the basis of information that the later is preparing for war against the former and
2) The effectiveness of UNO which in this case has failed to stop the war.

In all other cases, when a country is attacked by another, the country who launch the attack is called aggressor and is condemned by the rest.

What do you think how should the countries of the world including Pakistan, respond to US attack on Iraq ?

Should the invaders be called aggressors and be condemned?

Reader Comments:

US war on Iraq

The US and its military allies invaded and occupied Iraq on the pretext that the Hussein regime had vast stocks of “weapons of mass destruction,” and that it refused to cooperate with UN inspection teams or abide by a series of UN resolutions stretching back to 1991.

Instead, the Bush administration is now doing everything it accused Saddam Hussein of. It is refusing to abide by the terms of UN resolutions on Iraq. It has arrogantly rejected calls by Russia, France and other countries for the return of UN inspection teams. And it baldly declares that its officials and scientists should be believed without independent corroboration.

The only difference is that Iraq, which was in no position to militarily challenge the US, acceded to the demands of the UN Security Council, provided voluminous documentation to back its claims and allowed UN inspectors to scour the country. Relying on its armed might, the Bush administration, in the manner of Mafia gangsters, lays down the law and proclaims to the world: stop me if you can!

Rambo, United Kingdom - 29 April, 2003

Liberate US

The occpying armies of US and UK have failed to find any WMDs in Iraq. Wasn't that the excuse used by those thugs to invade that country. They will soon have to plant evidence to complete the story. The fact is that Bush is only a puppet and the people of US are being taken for a ride by that mafia whose members identify themselevs as neo-conservatives. The US administration seems to have been infiltrated by this gang whose real loylties lie not in America but somewhere else. Wake up America before its too late. Your own freedom is at risk not from outside but those who are hiding in your ranks.

Munsif Khan, Aruba - 29 April, 2003

The Good Life

USA enjoyes the good life because it uses the rest of the world for its own those people who say USA manufacture goods, the tag might say made in USA its probably made in some sweat shop in asia for a bowl of rice
I hate the USA because it tell other people what to do but does the opposite
it talks about democracy and freedom
then dictates their rules.

Get out of other peoples lives USA
You can't even run you own country

steve, Aruba - 01 May, 2003

To those across the world who know that Bush is a dangerous, half-witted warmonger:
Please also know that half of Americans agree with you!!

Sue Bickford, United Kingdom - 12 May, 2003

a correction

A correction for Sue Bickford. Actually, less than 30% of Americans agree that Bush is a war monger. Seventy percent of all Americans are in support of Bush's war on terrorism. Many American presidents have spoken out against facism. Bush is actually doing something about it.

Al Gore, United Kingdom - 15 May, 2003

Don't you think Bush is an economic dictator? If they say Saddam is a politic dictator who uses religion to dictate, he is no diferent who uses global peace to tap into other countries' resources, and now with PNAC, the U.S. want every countries to bow to them through promoting global American leadership, with his 4 thugs all have something in common (greed, lust and green). Like father like son, this is a genetic problem.

Anonymous, Aruba - 18 May, 2003

The United States: enemy of Peace

Of course the United States has become an aggressor nation and a threat to the world. The American Leader, Bush, is a right wing religious fanatic who has greedy eyes on the property of others (their oil). He is using the US military to loot the countries of his choice. If the world does not wake up, especially Islam, it will find Jesus hiding under its bed and the CIA in the toilet.

Adrian Stanson, Costa Rica - 12 June, 2003


When are Pakistan and all the other Muslim nations going to join forces to obliterate Israel? Geeze i think Palestine has been waiting long enough for it, c'mon people! HELP PALESTINE!!!

Al-Jaber, Guyana - 13 June, 2003

everyone loves to call our president a hate monger or dictator please i never hear these people speak of their goverment heads of state or their goverment period its greatr to hear how the us does these horrible things to other countries but they do nothing . the us may make mistakes but we try what does your country do for their people and their neighbors. all i hear is what the us does what about everyone else. also its cool how a person from a muslimj country takes aid ,protection and help from us ,what do you think your goverment is providing for you nothing but lies and passing the blame. i would love for the us to close its borders leave all other countries alone and work on our own countries problems. could most of these countries survive without the us no , your muslim brothers are not giving their wealth away., so now the us should be seen as aggressors how nice you hear for years how bad saddam was read about the torturing and genoicide everyone cries for help and the us does it now were aggressors i apologize for the us for not sitting by like other couintries and crying about how bad someone is and doing nothing. i guess if you keep complaining it will get better right. even on this forum some people hate the us but still want help. what do you do when people are crying for justice just listen. the us has the position of listening to one side cry and be punished and the other side say everythings okay in the same country what to do but the us has this dilemma every day and stay getting criticized. some people criticize our goverment because they cant talk about theirs is it jealousy. and the us citizens who call him a crimminal like before bush everything was perfect he may do thjings you dont like and its your right to disagree but people take it to far like hes a crimminal and doesnt love the us . do you really believe bush's every move is not to better the us in his mold right or wrong. but to assume hes a crimminal is just loser talk because your canidate lost even though most prople didnt even vote. it saddens me to see people act like children, what happened when you didnt agree with your teacher in school did you just switch schools

joe new york, United Kingdom - 16 March, 2006

Stop rescue the World USA

Its really a joke, what some people here say, sentence like *Yes USA do mistakes but they try to help Iraq* or *we must protect our Country the terrorist will attack us* Come on!!! you are stupid? you think Iraq feel free now?you think Afganistan feel free? You think your Army make the World save?look what you did all over the World Nations buy Weapons to not be Invated by America.Russia stop the Contract about weapons with America.China Doubeld his Military Power, more and more Nations want the AtomicBomb!!! Your President is stupid! Your Country is one of the most heated in the World. Dont take me wrong i like America, but what you do now is wrong and i wish we can stop you!

Mate, Georgia - 21 July, 2007


needed.After 9/11 the rules of the game changed. What was once tboarelle, is now intolerable.Saddam Hussein's Iraq was the equivalent of the crack house in the middle of the neighborhood that people just tried to ignore. But then Maybe it wasn't Saddam's crack dealers that broke into your house and murdered your wife and kids, but guess what, you are no longer going to tolerate those low lives anymore.That means you go and take care of it, because it is what has to be done.Yeah, there are going to be some messy points in that effort, but IN THE END, you are striving for a more peaceful neighborhood.Some relevant points: Gulf War One ended with a Cease-Fire, meaning it was NOT over. It was a Timeout . When a cease-fire is broken by one side, there need be NO justifications for the other side to resume hostilities as they have, by definition, already been resumed. On average at least once a day during Operation Northern Watch and Southern Watch, Saddams's military placed anti-aircraft assets into forbidden zones in VIOLATION of that cease-fire and then engaged Coalition pilots.Soundbite version: Iraqi troops fired upon or threatened to fire upon U.S. pilots on a DAILY basis, thereby violating the cease-fire from 1991. Thankfully for the pilots training and our advanced technology, no pilots were lost, even though Saddam placed bounties for capturing American pilots.I'm hoping no one will seriously advocate a position that demurs on taking action when our people in the US military are continually threatened and attacked by those who have a clear history of aggression, chemical weapons usage and support of terrorist organizations.Or is it the position of the AntiWar Left that that is ok?

Taoufik, Afghanistan - 20 September, 2012

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