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US War On Iraq

21 March, 2003

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Without UN approval, US and Britain have launched attacks on Iraq. In his speech to the nation, President Bush said "We will meet that threat (Iraq)now with our Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines, so that we do not have to meet it later with armies of firefighters, police and doctors on the streets of our cities."

This has triggered two important questions,

1) Right of 'Preemptive Attack' where one country invades the other on the basis of information that the later is preparing for war against the former and
2) The effectiveness of UNO which in this case has failed to stop the war.

In all other cases, when a country is attacked by another, the country who launch the attack is called aggressor and is condemned by the rest.

What do you think how should the countries of the world including Pakistan, respond to US attack on Iraq ?

Should the invaders be called aggressors and be condemned?

Reader Comments:

Boycott U.S.A,.?

If you want to boycott u.s.a.-made products, go right ahead! you're only hurting yourselves. we already buy our own products. any foreign products we buy are only "gravy" & not vital to our survival, unlike other nations. if the u.s.a. didn't balance their own budget in the allotted timeframe, it would start a chain reaction decimating the world's economies. like it or not, the entire world depends on us to keep them solvent! for the idiots encouraging war against the u.s.a., you'll just get the same as saddam. how stupid is that? anyone in the u.s.a. who doesn't like our policies, please feel free to leave!!! we don't need you either!

Gail, United Kingdom - 19 April, 2003

US facism

The primary reason for invading iraq was to loot its oil, the process has begun with the courtesy of bechtel corporation (an arm of the cia as most of its employees are ex-cia and defence department failures).
the erosion of basic civil rights in the us can easily be seen by the "racial profiling"of arabs and muslims and constant harassment. the looting of iraq and its artifacts by us "army" is a good testament to american greed and sheer vindictiveness.

Sal Condor, United Kingdom - 19 April, 2003

please reacts fast before it's too late,late,late.

First the un instructed the inspectors for wmd to leave baghdad.this already gave the coalitions the opportunity to attack on iraq-baghdad.will they attack iraq-baghdad if the inspectors are still there!!!even when the coalitions started to attack, why can't the un by giving the order,instruction or command to stop the attack and withdraw the coaltions from failing to do so may give the impressions that the attack had been that the situation in iraq-baghdad needs to be done some 'housekeeping',are we going to wait and see till the instruction given to the un get the job done.

jamal, Seychelles - 19 April, 2003

US facism

The domestic and foreign policy of the current facist us administration makes the old ussr look like benign liberal democracy.the kgb were rank amateurs compared to the suppression of dissent and racism practised by the bush thugs. welcome to nazi amerika.

sal condor, United Kingdom - 20 April, 2003

Was Saddam a Coward?

Saddam and hitler share many things but at least hitler didn't run and hide in the next country over when his military force was defeated. it's too bad simon wisenthal is retiring .........we could have used him to track down this coward.

my favorite saddam double was the groucho marx look-alike clown that kept flipping the pages of the big chief note pad while he was spouting off about the coalition forces' imminent defeat.

now let's see .........osama ran and hid like a coward and saddam is doing the same thing. what does this say about these once proud islamo-facists dictators?

much thanks to the euro-trash french and germans too. germany use to be a globe leading country until they began rubbing elbows with the socialist rainbow coalition of france!

abe parham, United Kingdom - 20 April, 2003

The Barmicide's Feast !

The world could not prevent the war on
iraq and neither the carnage of iraq's
rich and illustrious they
have to decide, if they should accept
the'barmicide's feast' offered by uncle we know the afghans are still waiting to be served,despite the menu
given to them in tokyo.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 20 April, 2003

Reason For War

Sal, you're wrong in your assumption that this war was for oil. the oil was simply a byproduct of the war. so was the liberation of the iraqi people, the search for wmd and the ousting of a dictator. this military action was to demonstrate to the fanatical islamo-facists that the us will not tolerate any countries that have relationships, harbor or assist terrorists. don't ever forget 9/11! we are still in the "payback mode" for this atrocity.

liberals haven't been this scared since the days of the reagan democrats!

abe parham, United Kingdom - 20 April, 2003

YOU HAVE BEEN THINKING WRONG, dear Stacie,United States of America

Dear stacie, united states of america, happy to read your nice comments, i would like to tell you that you have took me wrong or may be i could not convey my message what was in my mind, due to my poor english. actually boycott mean not permanent boycott of usa and its allied forces but it is only for a precautionary step to save the iraqi peoples from casualties and provide the world more time for the better solution of iraq crisis. you should keep in mind that pakistan is supporting usa to end terrorism from the world and in this situation, how we can think of boyctting usa and its allies. if you like, you can contact me to the following email (

CH JAMIL AHMED KHAN KAMALIA, Pakistan - 20 April, 2003

Two side of the coins?

You know, quite frankly, the issue here isn't about human life and all..its more about pride and lots of claim to tell that americans are being oppressive to iraq..well coming from the same words, of a country that persecutes..the shia minority..sounds its a zionist conspiracy..ever wondered how 300 million arabs got themselves victimised by just 15-20 million that inferiority you people say "infidels get out of muslim land"..well then, we should just kick all these pakistanis from christian lands since they persecute christians..and by god, justice will it was said...those who live by the sword..die by the sword.. :)

go figure

Raimond, Finland - 20 April, 2003

USA Exposed!!

1 World did not find WMDs in Iraq.

2 Iraqi people do not want USA presence in iraq

3 Saddam regime is removed.

4 No neigbour of Iraq (except Kuwaiti puppets) is going to accept any governement other than under UNO.

5 UNO must take control of iraq now with muslim peace keepers (removing the american asses out of Iraq).

Give me any reason for USA/UK to stay in Iraq now.
USA is run by democratic dictator!!

Sunny, Pakistan - 21 April, 2003

There is no need for our occupying Iraq as long as we did Japan, but it is now our financial responsibility to rebuild Iraq. Using people closely related to Israel to do this is a crime in itself. If we truly had a secular government (that would be nice) instead of a Christian one our leaders would realize that. Using the vice president's oil company should also be considered a crime.

There is no proof that Iraq had anything whatsoever to do with 9/11. Period!! If Saddam had WMD, he would have used them. These are the only reasons that could have been used to send our troops to Iraq, and they are both invalid. We need to clean up our mess, get out of Iraq as soon as a government chosen by their citizens (not by Bush) is in place, and hope the world forgives us.

Ricky, United Kingdom - 21 April, 2003


Gail i like you and the way you think. your so correct about everyone depending on us but they hate us. but guess what who cares what they think. they just wish they had what we as americans have. i just wanted to say i like you and glad to have you in the good ol usa.

Stacie, United Kingdom - 22 April, 2003

Ch jamil ahmed khan kamalia, pakistan
what is it that people don't understand we don't want to rule the iraq people or kill them. we just want to help them have a better life to live other than fear. i understand that people hate us americans, but that is fine. like i said we do not want to rule,harm,or kill the women children and men. we only want them to live the life that they deserve to live. we do not want to change them from muslims to what we think they should be,thats not true. we want them to live life not in fear of looking at saddam and his people the wrong way and getting beat to death. no one deserves to live like that no matter what race religon or sex that you may be.


STACIE, United Kingdom - 22 April, 2003

Time Will Tell

Hold on a minute people ......let's give our troops some time to find these hidden wmd. remember, the world gave the retired butcher and his inspection flunkies 13 years to play the cat-and-mouse game. why would we find so many chem. suits and masks if iraq did not have any chemical weapons?

the grand 'ol days for the islamo-facist fanatics of the world are coming to an end. why can't these cowards be martyrs themselves?

abe parham, United Kingdom - 22 April, 2003

No government is perfect. We do the best we can to make the world a better place for all. If you have a problem with the US government get out or atleast vote. The poll turn out is pitiful considering how many of you seem to have an opinion.

If no one seems to want our help to be free from the horific crimes commited by the dictators around the world, bring the troops home and close the borders. I would much rather have my little brother home than fighting for someone that would spit in his face for laying his life on the for them and their children. Freedom comes with sacrifice I know this as well the rest of the world needs to realize. God Bless America "A majority christian nation".

CINDY, United Kingdom - 22 April, 2003

Racial -greedy war

Have you ever noticed how the US only attacks countries that are defenseless and have people of a darker skin tone? A bully by another name is still a bully. George Bush and Saddam Hussein are very much alike - both have republican guards to protect them. Both of them kill and maim babies and children. Both are greedy and self-centered. This war is about oil, and greed, and persecuting racial minorities and other religion and I am a christian!!!!! it is time for regime change in America!!!!!

Joyce, United Kingdom - 22 April, 2003

I support

I am a child and i support the war. We are over there protecting people of Iraq because someone was terrioizing there countries and others. my dad is over there and has been since the war started and ended. I am proud because he is helping another country. He didn't go because he had orders, no, he went because he is a proud marine who wants to help.

KP, United Kingdom - 23 April, 2003

Here's a funny tale..

Now here's a funny tale: before the war, i was totally against pre-emptive strikes, but now, in the aftermath, i am totally for pre-emptive action and look forward to the day when another sovereign state, in the interest of justice and world peace, launches a pre-emptive strike and drops the mother of all bombs on bush and his cabal of psychopaths!

and if freedom - american style - means 40 million people without basic healthcare, 50 per cent of the population suffering from morbid obesity after being force-fed "happy meals" washed down by brain-rot-tv, and finally, thousands waiting on death-row courtesy of george dubya (simply because they can't afford a decent lawyer) then quite frankly, the americans can keep their gross parody of freedom!

India Juliet, United Arab Emirates - 23 April, 2003

Getting a job would be the first step in obtaing basic healthcare. There are programs for someone truly going through hard times and/or disabled to get the services they need. I also do not see Republican Guards force feeding Happy Meals at McDonalds. If obesity is a health issue there are ways to correct it otherwise it pure laziness. It is up to individuals to monitor TV time and programs for themselves and their children. No nation is perfect as is no government but, please correct your's before casting stones at ours. As for the death row issue, as is said no nation is perfect.

Cindy, United Kingdom - 23 April, 2003


They won; the colonizers in the New World won their independence from the rather oppressive rule of the English the USA was born; and the workers of Russia emancipated themselves from the grotesque absolutist Tsar regime in 1917.

So much for poor nations who cannot defend themselves.

Jason J, United Arab Emirates - 25 April, 2003

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