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US War On Iraq

21 March, 2003

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Without UN approval, US and Britain have launched attacks on Iraq. In his speech to the nation, President Bush said "We will meet that threat (Iraq)now with our Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines, so that we do not have to meet it later with armies of firefighters, police and doctors on the streets of our cities."

This has triggered two important questions,

1) Right of 'Preemptive Attack' where one country invades the other on the basis of information that the later is preparing for war against the former and
2) The effectiveness of UNO which in this case has failed to stop the war.

In all other cases, when a country is attacked by another, the country who launch the attack is called aggressor and is condemned by the rest.

What do you think how should the countries of the world including Pakistan, respond to US attack on Iraq ?

Should the invaders be called aggressors and be condemned?

Reader Comments:

Nathan J, United Kingdom

Nathan, with respect, you are ignorant of all that's going on around you. What's the point of highlighting the truth if you are not open to seeing it. Carry on with your blindness.

Danny Grant, United Arab Emirates - 07 April, 2003

Arabic People

We Americans sometimes have a hard time understanding your resentment for us.

We struggle to keep our government morale,honest, servents of the public. We elect new
officals often , and we have freedom of the press ( which brought down Nixon). We are ever vigilant before throwing public support behind any war.

We would not be in iraq without the support of surrounding countries.

I think many of us fear you. Does that surprise you. Think about it.

You have thousands and thousands of young, strong, good men willing to die young for your countries.

All we have is a bunch of kids who have been taught to get an education and make something of themselves for a happy life and a secure family.

To brotherhood.

USA, United Kingdom - 07 April, 2003

reply to Stacie/ Kelly

Gail/Stacie et al - It is no surprise that you couldn't detect the irony in my 9/11 / 7/11 comment... We'll leave that aside. Apropos of my accusation that you attribute blame to Iraq for 9/11, it clear in your tirade that you see them as inextricably linked. That link is not only ill founded but leads to what others on this site have quite rightfully pointed out as an alienating gesture to the Muslim world. Samuel Huntington would no doubt be impressed at the speed at which his TOT (theory of trite) – the 'Clash of Civilisations' has been taken up by certain fools. It is not only lacking in serious academic merit – but highly reductionist. But then the latter translates as 'easy to comprehend in the land of the free', which is surely good...

As for being proud of your president - never mind. I suppose its similar to the injunction that you should always support your family – even if one of its members is a child molester. Such patriotic zeal should be deeply concerning to all who understand the nature of the fascist regimes in the 1930s. Nationalism is a dangerous an irrational force - and is used by leaders at times when they need their workers to fight unjustifiable wars. That is the reason I suspect that many troops are questioning why they are out there - esp. when they are aware that support is given by the mere fact that they have been ordered by their far from democratically representative leaders to do so.

Finally, I would make sure that you are aware of the facts of history before entertaining patriotic-psychosis. Apropos of WW2, the US initially wanted nothing to do with an affair that involved us 'violently disposed' Europeans. Instead - they supplied, (on the quiet) military equipment to the UK - to which they were paid handsomely. This goes some way in explaining the demise if the British Empire - and the boost that the US economy subsequently achieved. The US only entered the war when they were attacked by the Japanese. More importantly, if there is an important contrary to speak of in the defeat of Germany – it is the Soviet Union (yes - the 'evil' communists). They destroyed over two-thirds of the German Army (and lost the most lives).

Jason J, United Arab Emirates - 07 April, 2003

Unfortunate Destruction

As I read many of the comments from around the world I agree with information from both sides. However, I also strongly believe that all of these things that are happening are and will eventually come to this earth and are destined to happen. Why? because the Lord will come very soon. If people around the world are shocked and terrified of the things that they are seeing they have no idea of what is in store in the next following months. What all of us should be doing is developing a personal relationship with Christ as he will be our only salvation in the destruction of the World. God Bless us all and especially the civilians in Iraq and all over the world who are suffering from the injustices brought on by all sinners.

rehab, United Kingdom - 08 April, 2003

Arab Law and Strong-man rule?

It seems that most of the Arab world apparently sees nothing wrong with the Saddam government and must approve of their brutal control of the Iraqi people. The methods of the secret police used by his regime are perfecly normal to 90% of the Arab world, it seems. Law and order is only found at the end of a sword or gun, executions are the solution for all crimes. But then is that the Arab way of life? or is that the Muslim way, or are the the same? The rule of Law seems to be foreign to all these countries, so why are we there?

Doug D., United Kingdom - 08 April, 2003

The dumbfound Game !

This entire game of attacking Iraq had
little to do with removing Saddam.The
Pentagon had to test their new HI-TECH
weapons against the people, as in their
dictionary were expandable.If Saddam is
not brought alive to THE HAGUE,Than we
know that these are CRUSADES against the MUSLIMS by JUDEO-CHRISTAINITY.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 08 April, 2003


I think it is hard for some countries to understand the USA. We are a diverse, multicultural society..a people of many backgrounds, shades of color and faiths, who live, work, play and intermarry. If we cannot live together in peace as brothers, we will die togther as enemies ( Martin L. King ). This war is being waged as humanitarian as possible. What army ever fought in such a fashion, avoiding civilians, saving the infrastructure and providing humanitarian relief all at the same time?

Sue, United Kingdom - 08 April, 2003

As soon as some of my fellow Americans who write and talk about the glorious deed we are doing to free these people .. I just want you to justify ... why our Donald Rumsfeld met and supported Saddam while he was gassing people, how the UN sanctions and the water treatment plants we bombed resulted in the deaths of 1/2 a million Iraqis and how we armed both sides of the Iraq/Iran war that resulted in the deaths of 100s of thousands. Until you can explain these matters you will continue to be the arrogant American who doesn't think this country has done anything wrong to the other inhabitants of the world.

Yes Saddam will be gone soon, the Iraqi people may be better off but our country (the US) had a huge role in the suffering of those people and many others around the world.

Brian, United Kingdom - 08 April, 2003

On America's precise, moral and humanitarian war - it is being fought like that because that is the best strategy for this particular war – with tits specific aims. Esp. if the primary aim is to create a protectorate (and it is looking like that). The invaders will have to be presented in the best light to gain the acceptance of the occupied. If the circumstance/ technology were the same at the time of the Vietnam war – they would have pursued the same strategy. The relevant question back then – as it is now: did the Vietnamese want the US interfering in their national struggle for FREEDOM? (and yes - it was for a brand of communism). I think not. The same goes for the Iraqis – despite all of the propaganda (selective filming) pointing to the contrary.

Jim-lad, Aruba - 08 April, 2003


Jeannine I do not think that I am a person to run around and save the world but I do have a couple of things to let you and everyone else who is jealous of Americans and our Freedom. We are not at war for the FUN of it. We are also protecting you and your country. But I can say one thing and this goes for everyone who is not backing Bush and our men and women YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF AMERICA AND NEVER COME BACK!!!!!! We help people not killing them just because we have nothing better to do. We are only tring to help not just AMERICANS BUT EVERYONE. Like I said Jeannine it doesn't hurt my feelings any to what you say because GUESS WHAT I AM A FULL BLOODED AMERICAN AND I HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!


Stacie, United Kingdom - 09 April, 2003

Retired Butcher?

UN = usually nothing!

The UN had a retired butcher overseeing the pursuit of hidden WMD and we are asking ourselves why the US had to invade. People, did you ever watch one of those UN inspections take place? We are talking about a convoy being led to a pre-determined location that had already been staged. The inspectors never got the opportunity to stray off the beaten path. What in the hell were we going to find? Saddam is a bad machine and he needs to be shut down.

Coalition forces have probably killed hundreds of innocent civilians since this war has begun and Hitler, Saddam has killed millions of innocent civilians since he has been in power. Pick your poison!

abe, United Kingdom - 09 April, 2003

My country is a place where people from all around the world are learning to live together in a cultural mosaic. It is a UN in miniature. Canada has refused to participate in this war because it is an UNJUST war. I am a practicing Christian and want to express my sympathy to all the Muslims of the world who feel this war is an attack on their culture. George Bush is NOT a Christian leader. The West has ceased to follow the Christian principles of its original founders. It has lapsed into decadence and immorality: the culture of money. I applaud the Muslims who resist this world-wide trend in a praiseworthy manner, NOT through terrorism. It is high time we Christians also joined in this cause, this Cause of God.

Raymond, Canada - 09 April, 2003

reply to Stacie

Stacie, the problem with some Americans is that they think the US is Messianic. What you say is laughable - especially that you actually believe that the world needs saving by the ignoramus collective. Does most of the US population even know where Europe or Iraq is on the world map? Believe me there is nothing to be envied about America except perhaps your profound stupidity. Little people like you and no one wants your 'help' in Iraq - least of all since you have helped caused so much of the situation in the Middle East. So shut up and rather read up on some historical/ current facts - get a pair of glasses and start seeing the truth.

Furthermore, I promise to never visit your redneck country if you promise to stay out of mine. We can see that your president is nervous enough about coming here! And on freedom of speech – my arse! Was it not so long ago that over 1500 demonstrators were arrested and an American journalist fired for telling the truth. You are an idiot and I can hardly believe that I took minutes to reply to you. Go and look after your dog, white picket fence and 7 children while baking apple pie for the army base around the corner - and remember to prey and thank God that he is on the side of the USA.

Yours VERY sincerely

Jeannine, United Arab Emirates - 09 April, 2003

The UN and Law

I would have to disagree with that because the last two 'humanitarian' wars (Kosovan/ Bosnian) were sanctioned by the UN and had significant UN involvement. What we need to ask ourselves, however, is if the UN is a legitimate entity in such matters as deciding war. International laws are agreed upon - and only legitimate if a sovereign state accepts that the body that created it has a right to create it. If the French government tried to impose a 'law' on people in Britain, for example, we would not describe it as law at all, because France has no authority to impose laws on another sovereign state. All of this is especially visible in the debate about whether the action in Iraq is legal or illegal.

The UN and Law: Continued
The fact of the matter is that it cannot be proven to be legal or illegal by law - it is simply beyond the remit of law. No sovereign state signing up to international laws on say –self defense, would subscribe to the idea that self defense should become a matter aggression through fear/ suspicion ('pre-emptive strikes'). Cuba would have ample justification to attack the USA in this instance. Lets not try to legitimate political decisions with the fantasy of legality – of the presence of law (in its distinct absence) - but let us expose that all these decisions are political – and that the our Governments that carry them out are democratically accountable to us.

Jason J, United Arab Emirates - 09 April, 2003

Its amazing to see how freedom rings. How incredible it is to see that people can disagree about things. Something only we in the "free" worlds can discuss. How can anyone have an opinion about whether or not the Iraqi people want to be freed or not? They've never been given that freedom. It's ironic how people can detest the american government, and detest the war, but the very right they're expressing, is because of the American government and what it stands for...liberation of all to make their own choices. To support or denounce with the freedom to express themselves. Let freedom ring. To bad we are unable to poll the Iraqi public on their views of their current government. But they don't have the right of freedom....yet.

Michelle, United Kingdom - 09 April, 2003

don't be hypocrite

it seems alot of anti war citizens may change their mind and attitude when they saw the coalitions entered baghdad.just to remind that those we saw in the media showing cheering,jubilation and welcoming coalitions doesn't reflects the entire iraq can be another propaganda.those supporters could from the oppositions members that only celebrated for the return of their leaders in iraq.can this assure that there will not bloodshed in iraq among the iraq tribes,clans or politcal group that are trying to make use of the opportunity in the struggle for political power!power!power!

jamal, Seychelles - 10 April, 2003

hollow victory

To those who are gloating over the outcome - you need not bother as many of those who are a part of the anti-war movement were under no illusions of the out come of this farce of a war. From the outset it was pointed out that the enfeebled Iraqi military would be no match for what could only be described as a play-ground bully - and one trying to externalize its domestic crisis of legitimacy by stirring up fear and loathing on the international front. Tish - as if Iraq was ever a threat.

But then we came to the reasoning that we were liberators - and therefore no longer scared of fighting for our brothers in Iraq. Since when did the ruling elites in the west give a damn about foreigners?

They have trouble caring about their own as it is - hence the unabated increases in poverty - and the widening gap between the rich and the poor in the both the US and UK. What I think will be interesting is to see just how far the British and US governments are willing to take this freedom thing – like, for example, in canceling the estimated $390 billion debt that has been run up by the regime (and not by the Iraqi people - who are quite evidently separable as victims…) - and in ensuring that the further guestimate of $400 billion for reconstruction is available for that end.

It has now transpired that a variety of oil companies are pushing for the US to make sure the oil industry is privatized, rather than kept on a licensed basis for all Iraqis to share. In that case the country's reconstruction and the provision for Iraqi's to live even as they did before this war is unlikely to happen. What is freedom - when one's country is occupied – and its reserves controlled and dished out to every country that has a stake? Indeed - what is freedom when one has to sing the praises of the victors to try to fill the gap in one's stomach - whilst having lost all pride in oneself.

Perhaps we should all keep an eye on the situation - and watch the faces of those who did not attend the rather limited number of people that we have seen in the Baghdad streets – joyous of their freedom…

John J, United Arab Emirates - 10 April, 2003

Response to Raymond

Oh, Raymond of Canada...PLEASE!!! Your country is a place where cowards run to & hide! Yet, God forbid, should some terrorist fly a plane through one of your buildings or attack any of your citizens, who do you think your government would go crying to? Besides the U.K., you'd be crying to the good 'ol U.S. of A. So, please don't give us this nonsense of being Christian...remember the last time? Canada went to Iraq to do what? Humanely kill the Iraqis with a Christian touch?

Gail, United Kingdom - 10 April, 2003

Arab Leaders

If Iraq falls to the coalitian forces it will prove that most all the arab leaders are nothing more than whipping boys for the U.S. how sad the Arab people must be to have spinless leaders doing nothing to help there brothers.

Jim, United Kingdom - 10 April, 2003



MICHELLE, United Kingdom - 11 April, 2003

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