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US War On Iraq

21 March, 2003

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Without UN approval, US and Britain have launched attacks on Iraq. In his speech to the nation, President Bush said "We will meet that threat (Iraq)now with our Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines, so that we do not have to meet it later with armies of firefighters, police and doctors on the streets of our cities."

This has triggered two important questions,

1) Right of 'Preemptive Attack' where one country invades the other on the basis of information that the later is preparing for war against the former and
2) The effectiveness of UNO which in this case has failed to stop the war.

In all other cases, when a country is attacked by another, the country who launch the attack is called aggressor and is condemned by the rest.

What do you think how should the countries of the world including Pakistan, respond to US attack on Iraq ?

Should the invaders be called aggressors and be condemned?

Reader Comments:

The actual american goverment is a group of criminals. I do not believe in their arguments. They are shaped of the same wood as Saddam.

P. Joos, Swaziland - 01 April, 2003

Hi Guys, Saddam is not Gandhi and Bush is not a hitler. Most of you are painting bad pictures.

Mahesh, USA, United Kingdom - 01 April, 2003

US war on Iraq

I am deeply ashamed of the unelected regime that is running my country. The "right" to invade another country that has not made a threat was last claimed by Hitler as he overran Poland and Belgium in the 1930's. I hope that all conscientious world citizens will work toward the nonviolent defeat of George W Bush the NeoHitler. We owe it to the children!

Mike Reaume MD, United Kingdom - 02 April, 2003

reply to Mahesh et al

I don't think that anyone is suggesting that. It is only the likes of Rumsfeld, Straw, Bush and Blair that would have us believe that the present political terrain is synonymous with pre and post WW2 (their pre-emptive justification). What this war demonstrates is the US/UK's ruling elites' lack of vision. What else can a Government do when left and right no longer mean anything – leaving the people nothing but bland consensus politics – the symptom of which is poor election participation/ personality politics? The elites are losing their democratic legitimacy and the only option left to them is to reflect on the past, create a bogeyman for the new - and instill fear among our populations, thence to re-present themselves as our guardian angels. The beauty of the bourgeois State...

John J, United Arab Emirates - 02 April, 2003

ALL: We must send email to every news organizations around the world pointing out the failure of the American Press. We must provide a list of stories that are not getting covered in the US, including every international treaty that we have withdrawn from, every detail leading up to the war that we have not been told, everything! Let the International Press tell our story!

Tom Guzzi, United Kingdom - 02 April, 2003

We Want The World To Know

Dismissing the idiotic (mostly pro-war) rants, most comments from Americans here indicate we are against this war and want the world to know. But we have no voice, unaided by the media which is not only in George Bush's pocket, but also has its own agenda. Whether you're for it or against it, war makes great news. The news outlets benefit enormously from 24/7 coverage, which translates into huge advertising revenue. Truth is out the window -- there's money to be made. I weep for the people of Iraq who are being slaughtered, and I weep for my country for the horrors being perpetrated in its name.

B. Leigh, United Kingdom - 02 April, 2003

War on Iraq

Okay Saddam is a tyrant to others but for his country and many muslims he is a saviour. The US of A cant help picking others noses, they havent learnt from Vietnam.If Papa Bush and his sibling have problems with Saddam,then the Hell with them, why let other people suffer if their pants leak on the name of Saddam...

Amit Isha, Hungary - 02 April, 2003


All the posts from US citizens calling Bush a criminal, or hitler....I assure you....they do not in any way represent the majority opinion in this country. Not even close! For better or for worse, Bush stated that if you aid or harbor terrorists, we are coming after you. Saddam is a madman; I have yet to see an Iraqi exile complaining about removing Saddam. The world will be a better place, I assure you.....

Al Gore, United Kingdom - 02 April, 2003

Tired of propaganda

I am weary and wary of the propaganda puked forth by this U.S. government. We have no right to invade a sovereign Arab Nation!!

What if the tables were turned??

Ron Michaelson, United Kingdom - 02 April, 2003

who has done more damage?

the US leadership used the excuse that they are trying to free the Iraqi people from. I ask, who has done more damage to the people of Iraq? Who has brought more destruction? Who has killed, maimed, injured more? I think the answer is obvious.

The recent killing of a family trying to flee to safety explains the evils of this war more than any other example.

I weep for the Iraqi people.

Pat, United Kingdom - 02 April, 2003

US Democracy

USA don't know the real democracy,they should Learn it from Islam. American only know the democracy of jungle, therefore they don't know humanright.

Wardak, Georgia - 03 April, 2003

Pat...sleep well

Pat from the USA...Sleep well, my friend. You can not be serious about your post. Who has inflicted more damage on the Iraqi people? Yes, the answer IS obvious: Saddam, of course!!! He has killed thousands and thousands of his own people. And it has been proven that the van of women and children were forced into the van, with a suicidal driver. Again, I have yet to see an Iraqi immigrant in the US who is against this war.

Al Gore, United Kingdom - 03 April, 2003

reply to Al Gore

Is war justified because expelled Iraqis believe that it is right? Reason for expulsion would be active opposition to the regime, perhaps fighting for a different one - just as 'democratic' as the Baath Party. To supplant one authoritarian regime by another should offend democratic sensibility.

Conversely, cannot those expelled Iraqis fighting for democracy see the contradiction inherent in 'democratic imposition'? Here again, the principle of sovereignty and self-determination is paramount. The Iraqi people would have overthrown, by whatever means, a regime that they became extremely disenchanted with. You might want to re-visit the history of the French, American and Russian revolutions.

Addendum: evidence of Iraq harbouring terrorists? - about as much as against the UK…

John J, United Arab Emirates - 03 April, 2003


People believe that because Saddam Hussein could be a 'madman'- it is justification enough for the removal of a regime. Leaving aside that one would then have to brand the whole of the Baath Party as madmen and women (highly improbable), I recommend a closer look at home. Dubya, to me is madness personified. Not only does he have an immense intelligence deficit - but also exhibits the schizophrenic symptoms of 'disorganized speech' and 'poverty of affect'. Furthermore, his 'born again' affiliation is yet another indication of his instability (and stupidity). Indeed, a return to religion is characteristic of both schizophrenics and convicts. I feel nothing but sympathy for the progressives in the US who live under this kind of tyranny - but it is for you to remove him....

Anthony, United Arab Emirates - 03 April, 2003


John J and all. Now that the rats are scurrying from the sinking ship, you will see more coalition vindication in the coming days. As it turns out, the US has a bigger case against Saddam than even I had thought. Yes, itwill be a sad day for all who hate America, and a glorius day for the future of humanity.

AlGore, United Kingdom - 03 April, 2003

Reply to Dany Grant

Your initial comment on 'magick' and your reply to Dominiq are quite laughable. The problem with conspiracy theory:

· CT starts with the premise that the system is beyond reproach;

· unable to accept that the system itself is not working, the contradictions manifest themselves as suspicion of ill-intentioned agency;

· suspicion requires an object of blame – in Nazi Germany: the Jew and in the US: the terrorist and/ or Government.

In psychosis, paranoia arises through the inability of the individual to accept the contingency of the world outside h/er. The fleeting world around us (i.e. others living their lives) is brought together and given a determinate meaning and intention. Hence the coincidence of meeting an old friend becomes in part of an elaborate plot..

Nathan J, United Arab Emirates - 03 April, 2003

Reply to Danny - Cont...

Your jump from the 'magic lantern' to evil plot to control the globe is quite in keeping with the psychotic mindset. Wouldn't it be better to take a look at the reason why freedom of speech/ the war, etc. have arisen vis a vis the internal contradictions of liberal democracy/ capitalism and the global system? If you take the system seriously - you will realise that it can never live up to its own ideal – and neither is it being hijacked by enemies from within. Perhaps then you could move beyond the unquestioned terrain instead of misplacing your 'faith' - which quite evidently turns many into paranoid and irrational wrecks. That is what the 'guys in charge' want…

Nathan J, Pakistan - 03 April, 2003

Where The Reat Terrorists Are

Far from fighting the terriorists, Bush and Blair ARE the terroists. Not since Hitler in the second world war has there been such blatant erosion of human rights and removal of liberties. Watch out America; first it is the "war on terror" then it will be the "war on you". You know it is happening but refuse to believe it and it will cost oyu dearly. Evil rules the White House!

Danny Grant, United Arab Emirates - 03 April, 2003

The present USA administration should be condemnedand and boycotted by the whole world because of what it did to Iraq. They have killed a lot of civilian Iraqi people who were just mere bystanders doing their daily routines. I wonder how would other nations reactions to this atrocity. Sometimes being a friend of a capitalist nation makes one's ideas muzzled.

Eijneb, United Kingdom - 03 April, 2003

Saddam Hussein is a coward

The world should back the U.S.A. & the U.K. in their efforts to rid the world of this COWARD & all others like him, including Osama. These countries may not exist in the near future if these maniacs are not stopped. Terrorism is UNACCEPTABLE. How can you possibly excuse this nutcase when he bombs & tortures his own people? WAKE UP!!!

Gail, United Kingdom - 03 April, 2003

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